Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tuesday, 08.05.2007 -- Thinking and Talking

so, my blog seemed so full of my articles that i though I would write about something else. Like what i did today. A LOT of cooking and one paatu class which was severely interrupted by Tara. She was using my lap as a slide (!) during class when i sang Samba shiva (our favourite) and then tried to catch my hand as I attempted to put thaalam. Since she is not even three the whole thing was funny and unfortunately for my pleasant teacher, I got the major giggles inbetween!!

I also got a fantastic compliment from an old family friend who said that she loved my writing so much that had I been her daughter, she would have been sending everyone she knew my writing samples as she would have just burst with pride. naturally, i am aware that i am not SUCH a great writer but the fact that someone so staunchly vouches for my writing makes me puff up a bit!:)

Speaking of puff, any fat people out there who are trying to lose weight? Help! I have n't seen my gym for over 2 weeks (domestic reasons)and while I managed to lose 1 and a half of the 3 kgs i put on (holiday in Goa) WITHOUT working out, I really want go downhill on the weighing scale!!!

But now, I think I must start introspecting on whether I REALLY want to get rid of the excess weight enough to stop enjoying goodies....ahhh the familiar sinking feeling that I don't want the weight off as badly as i want the food in.

I guess 'Old habits die hard' if at all you manage to kill them in the end!