Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Lizard Poo

I made a very idle observation today, just now, on Christmas eve, as I lifted a jug of water up to my mouth. My head naturally tilted back and my eyes fell on the ceiling as I began a glug-glug.

Then I noticed it -- lizard poo (lizard shit) or palli-pee (Tamil) in all its black glory with an 'ivory tip' (sick!!)...on the ceiling!

Certainly, an 'ugh' topic. But managed to spare it a thought(!). It was on the ceiling, which means it was sticking to it -- OR beating gravity. Naaah. It was sticking to the ceiling apparently perhaps because there is some sticky quality about it. I mean, people talk about shit hitting the fan but clearly, shit cannot stay on the ceiling.

Therefore, the lizard can do something we cannot -- shit on the ceiling and make it stick there!

I actually wanted to incorporate an image of a lizard and perhaps its poo here on this post, but just looking at a lizard's picture gives me the heebeejeebies. Ugjdkfsdfjjfh!