Thursday, May 10, 2007

Talking the Walk

Hmph. Another day of not working out AND a packet of salted peanuts thrown in for good measure! I would like to take this opportunity to blame my genes for my love for food. It is indecent, this love is.

However, no matter how many people tell you that good health means being the right weight or gives um , let me say, further blood pressure-raising advice, the fact is any move towards weight loss MUST come from within. Outside help can only take you so far. Even if outside help (say a motivating relative, friend or parent) takes you to your ideal weight with nagging, pleading, threatening, cajoling and encouragement, you have to STAY there right? Who can handhold you for THAT long? That is, forever?

No one, that's who. "I came into this world alone and I have to go it alone" (except if I were a twin!) Very nice words but what's the bottom line? Bottom line is YOU decide (I read I decide) Also, I say if someone tells you that you have put on weight, ask them to go jump (they might lose a few calories that way!). They ain't bin there and have n't a clue. However, if they have been fat, then hear them out. You never know when you might be listening!

I love JK Rowling for ...not JUST Harry Potter. (although, I do, I do love her for it)She says that she finds this weight and appearance talk to be very superficial and trivial. For example, she says somebody met her after a long time and the first thing she (the person) said to JK Rowling was, "You have lost weight". JKR's point is, "I have written these books, they are made into movies and all she can talk about is my appearance?" Well, this vein from JKR ought not to have surprised me (ARDENT HP fan) because her HP books hit all the right notes emotionally. Mind blowing characters and conversations and expressions; and to think that it is all fiction!

Ok, got sidetracked there with HP...but more on the HP books is BOUND to find its way into my blog. SUCH is my love for them.

Fat is a condition that's all. As with most 'conditions', I hope it is temporary and changes at some point. Hope. What would I do without it?