Friday, October 01, 2010

Ada Bosse...


Heard it wasn't good. Heard it was a bore. It LOOKED somewhat different (from trailers) and seemed rather casual and funny. So, went for it.

The usual high as I pull into Sathyam cinemas' parking lot. I really appreciate that theatre. They know movie-lovers and have really gone after their hearts.

This film has Arya and Nayantara in the lead, but only after watching it did I realise that it has Arya, Nayantara AND Santhanam (comedian) in the lead! The film begins in a chirpy, simple gathering this is going to be Arya's way of distinguishing himself from the usual stressed-out crowd of filmmakers -- you see, he is also the film's producer with his company 'The Show People'. Good job.


Carefree guy still pursuing a degree with many an arrear meets lecturer on bus whilst enroute to exam hall to write his arrears...and falls in love. Fate has his older brother marrying lecturer's older sis soon after. When guy wants to marry lecturer, his bhabi/manni/anni says no, get 'useful' first. So guy leaves home and starts business with his best friend. Somehow makes it work...almost. Then, lecturer's Dad gets mad, guy's progress notwithstanding, cos guy's best friend has publicly insulted him (the lecturer's Dad)under the influence of alcohol. How guy gets past his girl's Dad's anger is the end.

Arya, the hero

Usually...Casually in character

Arya is an averagely hot 'guy'. Moderately good body for a hero, pretty good for 'just' a guy, casual, good looks with the rugged, half or un-shaven look suiting him, and an actually-not-strong-enough voice for Tamil cinema. Still, overall, he is attractive in his own way.

In the film, he delivers comfortably as the happy-go-lucky Bhaskaran alias Boss. Boss is casual and funny from the word go. And 'go' is how the film starts. Arya has managed to stay the hero despite giving a heavy role to comedy-actor Santhanam who plays his best friend. Arya also has a knack of casually stepping into his characters I feel (noticed this across films), so this was a treat in spite of his close-to-dumb expressions. They were quite cute actually and so very believable -- guy next door types. His character too seems real and many can identify with his viewpoints like neither appreciating advice nor advisors! 'He is like that only' describes Baskaran's character well.


Usually...I refer to her as SMUG MUG.

Nayanthara was a nice, fresh face when she first started. Then she became sloppy, flabby whatever. (Who am I to talk, eh;)) Then she ....PSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSST!supposedly had some liposuction thing or whatever and became svelte, and thereafter terribly sought-after. THEN, she acquired what I gleefully refer to as the smug-mug. Annoyingly highly made-up face, a smug smile always in place and so on. Idle thoughts included a temptation to smack the smug mug. Pretty face alright. Hidden behind the mug. So, I was going to see BEB because... I like Arya, looked forward to Santhanam's bits, and IN SPITE of SMUG MUG.
Pleasant surprise.

She has not only acted well, she is nice looking except for some frightening closeups which, frankly, noone over the age of 23 is able to carry off these days. Her quick, hidden smiles and humourous twitching and affectionate looks are very well done. Happy with smug mug, I say.


Modern Day Koundamani, Youngsters' Delight.

Santhanam is simply brilliant. His timing, his dialogue delivery and the on screen rapport between Arya and Santhanam is something to talk about. As two friends, they have made the phrase 'Nannben Da' a part of Tamil cinema's popular-dialogues-in-history list. Loved it.

Music and Dance

It was fine. Suitable. 'Ada Bosse' is cute, the steps are generally funny throughout all songs, and the costumes, good, actually.

The film:

Could have been better TECHNICALLY and scriptically I suppose, but how I laughed. It was a wonderful thing to see a movie so carefree, so upbeat, so conversational and casual. This film had no tension; it aimed to relax, destress and let you guffaw at the Boss' and his friend Nallathambi's antics. The narration was just right. The end could have been better but by then you are in such a great mood, you happily accept that all good things have to come to an end, so who cares how!

I laughed so much I coughed and coughed! Actually felt like giving Arya and Santhanam a big hug in appreciation. *sigh* maybe some day :D

The supporting actors are ALL very good. Noteworthy that.

But this film is just timepass, feel-good, and NOT for those uptight or overly-critical or non-Tamil speaking sorts. It's not for those who look high and low for faults, gab endlessly about scripts, locations, cinematography, costumes yand all. Not for those in pursuit of sophistication. BEB surpasses all that. But you need to KNOW and love Tamil, Tamil cinema and have a sense of humour -- oh, that's very very important, to love this film.

Ah, then, enough said about me, eh? ;)