Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Forget fashion, trends, style, blah blah. I think the best thing to have happened in recent times is the accessories boom. 'Fashion jewellery', as it is fashionably called and 'fancy jewellery', as it is locally called. By the way, I love this word: fancy. To be honest, I have taken a fancy to fancy.;)

har har.

Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la la la la la.

So, coming back to it, I love shopping for fashion jewellery. I think it is completely worth the money since it is quite reasonable and suits most occasions. I am not at all hung up on gold, silver, platinum, diamonds and so on. (Mostly because there is a limit to affording these heavy metals!) With fashion jewellery, you don't have to worry about fluctuating gold prices, the weight, the size, losing it, breaking it or be organised about stashing it in a locker after use.

And then there is the variety in the colours to consider...

Oh yeah, fancy jewellery is definitely this girl's best friend;)


It is sometimes referred to as chappu chavaru (little bits of rubbish -- fondly speaking) and the action of shopping for these is sometimes called pee porukkal (no kind translation available with me!).


December in Chennai is generally very busy. It sometimes feel like the whole year inches along (although time flies as usual) and then suddenly, come December and the year seems to be hurtling along at full speed towards the next year. Can't hang on to anything. It's like quick, quick, quick and another year is all over!

Or it just me?

Also, December is perhaps the coolest month (or least warm!) in Chennai and so it seems short and sweet perhaps. Whatever the reason, December is fifth gear -- fast lane! Music season, NRI visits (ahem) - friends, relatives and so on. Socialising, eating out, Christmas hols for the kids...wow.

I love December be it at home or anywhere else in the world! A very happening month!