Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Scratching the itch

Don't get all excited. This is only about scratching of the head. It makes a statement. Well, probably any scratching makes a statement...forgot to have a bath?

Coming back to itchiness on the head, first of all, when my scalp itches, it is too close to my brain I suppose and so, the urge to scratch it is immense. Also, I cannot hide my head under a piece of clothing (like other unmentionable, itchy parts of the body) and in the guise of adjusting the cloth, furtively scratch away to glory. I cannot wait for the itch to go away since as I have already said, the brain's signal is very strong.

Moreover, any chance of NOT scratching an itch and instead making friction address the itch is non existent, unless I rub my head against the wall or worse, against another head (eeks). For instance, if I had an itch on my wrist, I could easily rub it against my clothed thigh or something, with the friction taking care of the itch. Perhaps embroidery and other embellishments on the cloth will enhance the 'frictioning'!

But the head? It stands out. And UP. So, no choice but to go up there.

What it signals to the other party could be any one of the following: -
1. I have dandruff
2. I have lice
3. I have a sweaty scalp
Heyyy. Don't judge. All this can happen to you too!
4. I want money
5. I want a favour
6. I am going crazy (very likely!)
6. I have not washed my hair in a while (at least a week) --heyyy. It does n't happen, OK?)
7. It's one of my bad habits. (Now, this we can believe -- quite like nose digging)
8. I am THINKING (... yeah, right!)

So, you see, head scratching is not just a simple action as it is too noticeable! And the reaction is almost always the same -- an Ugh expression followed by nervous observation. Even if you masked it, your eyes would show that you are on the look out.

Now, c'mon, it's not just me. I was being polite and going 'I, me, my itch'. I too give the masked ugh expression from time to time. Not that I am tolerant about other scatchings. Except maybe the back. I mean how can you help it if your back itches? (I bet you can help it by bathing regularly!)

This post is causing some amount of itchiness now, so I shall stop here with this sori story!

Gyan No. 5

Religious Fanatics -- Are they happily insane or insanely happy?


This whole class business makes me very uncomfortable. Should a person's money-status determine how high or low in class he is? Is that finally....IT?

Poor people supposedly form the lower class or worse, as some people put it -- 'Low class', then lower middle class (whazzat?), middle class (Ok, much mentioned and branded), upper middle class (you know those who are really middle class with a bit more money, but not enough money to get into the HIGH class bracket) and...high class (too much money and all that). Then there are probably kings and queens (the whole born-with-a-golden-spoon business)...

Have I missed any classes out?


We must divide. Always. Religions, nations, colours, castes, races, communities, sub-communities even, languages, sexual preferences...and so on. (Please tell me there are n't any more).

What's with all the division?

Does n't 'United we stand, divided we fall' mean anything? Or is that only within the divisions?