Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Ring Ring

One of those 'chargrining' things is when the phone rings just when...

You drop off to sleep in an 'anandhamaana' (blissful) way and then...ring ring
You postpone a trip to the loo because you were...just postponing it and then as soon as you hit the pot...ring ring
The door bell rings on one of those mad days when it just rings too often and then comes the phone simultaneously...ring ring
You are on your cell phone having a scintillating conversation with someone when your landline goes...ring ring
You are reading a fabulous book and are totally into it; it is that unputdownable stage of the story and then...ring ring
You are watching an interesting film and not in the mood for any conversation when...ring ring
You are enjoying the most wonderful hair (or body) massage ever and drifting into space when...ring ring

OK, ok, I have nothing great to post. But feel I must. So, this;)

Friends, please continue calling me, this is just a post!