Sunday, August 03, 2008

Catty talk, but heartfelt;)

Oh God. This Kollywood place is full of them. Heroes, heroines, comedians, villains, monkeys, donkeys and more (last three are mostly wannabes). This post however, is only about heroes, not heroines -- heroines are quite a separate chapter. No, wait, I may mention them too.;)

Coming back to heroes and the sheer numbers out on the loose...

Agreed -- with all this knowledge and information explosion, more is 'in'. Gone are the days when a handful ruled the roost. MGR, Shivaji, Gemini, Muthuraaman, etc. followed by the nextgen Kamal, Rajini and more recently Suriya, Vikram, Vijay, Ajit...but does it stop there? We got Arya, Vishal, Simbu, Dhanush, Prasanna, etc. also on the scene and admittedly, doing quite well for themselves. Okay. BUT. but, but but.

There are also all kinds of new faces that honestly, I don't GET. Oh, how do they think they will make it as heroes? Beats me. Now, am not going to name those who just are not going to sell, because quite frankly, I don't even want to KNOW their names leave alone, remember them. Even some heroines...ugh.

Okay, I AM all for 'beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder' (um, kinda my point) and high self esteem, etc. Being a wannabe is also very important because what's life without some hopes and dreams? But there is a LOT of over-confidence and blind faith in one's saleability as a filmstar, and these are often but not always limited to, sons and daughters of the who's whos in the industry. Romba Dhayariyam (lot of courage) for some, I must say. But I call it Ashattu Dhayariyam (silly courage). And who suffers? People like me of course, who might chance upon such movies with such actors. Even if such characters ASPIRE to become film STARs, it can ruin the moment. (not my life, nope...always the silver lining!;))

Just reading about these characters bothers me...enough to write this post! At the very least, I would ask people interested in Kollywood adventures to gaze for LONG at themselves in the mirror and analyse what roles they would be best suited for, if any. Good looks alone are not enough although they are of course, necessary. If not GOOD, at least some arresting characteristic, please. And if nothing's there, how about some talent? Huh?

Analyse, analyse's not just for your own sakes, please!

So, wannabes of Kollywood, I say, please rethink and get objective opinions before launching your mugs out there. There is only so much the world can tolerate.