Sunday, August 31, 2008

Keep it on your head!

So many motorcyclists around me. They weave in and out, zig and zag, fast and aggressive or slow and wobbly. And so many of them have no helmets or worse, have their helmets attached to the handle at the rear of the seat. What is that about?Are these characters in so much of a hurry that they forget their heads? Literally, they can forget their heads. Ha , ha. Morons. I feel even those with no helmet in sight are ...well, as stupid and careless. They obviously don't care if they may at any point become brain dead -- well, then if that's the choice, HMPH.

Those who ride their bikes and hang their helmets around them -- oh please! I want to shriek at them, I want to intercept them, put my hazards on, get down and go and shake the twit's shoulders and yell into his face "WHY DO YOU HAVE YOUR HELMET BEHIND YOU IF YOU'RE NOT GOING TO WEAR IT?" Obviously, he has taken the pains to buy his fat head a helmet. What for, then?

Please one of you idiot bikers, have mercy on me and tell me what it's about. Is there some funda my small brain is not able to fathom?

Going crazy with this here.

And another great man or woman will say "I am only going a short distance so I do not need a helmet". Or, "Mine is only a scooty. It does not require a helmet". I salute you, dumb sirs and madams. Your logic is astounding.

Perhaps I really don't know better.

Oh and don't even get me started on all those who let their small kids hang out at various angles from their motorbikes.

That deserves another special post...later. I am all wrung out now.