Friday, November 28, 2008

Enough! cont'd

The other important common point is that they are both cowards. Filthy cowards!


When is it going to be enough? Why should we take this? Am talking about Mumbai of course. Where is it all going wrong?

Right from the top. That's where.

Who wants politicians and leaders who don't have an effective security system in place for a huge wonderful country with so many people and a vast vulnerable coastline? Honestly, I think politicians can safely STOP being guarded. Even the terrorists don't want them and they do not seem to be trying to assasinate anyone 'important'.

We (common people) also don't think they are important anymore. They are making a nuisance of themselves. Actually, me thinks both terrorists and our politicians have many points in common: -

1. People are wary of them

2. They are selfish and self centred

3. They lack compassion (oh c'mon!)

4. They are seem to be delusional and this is proving dangerous to society

5. They indulge in anti social activities (oh yes, corruption and misuse of power for personal advantage is definitely anti social, apart from murdering folks of course!)

6. Nobody cares if they die (quite quiiite true)

7. By and large, they do not serve any people (and if they think they do, see point 4.)

8.They have hidden agendas

9. They demand attention

10. In the name of one thing, they justify doing EXTEME wrongs.

Wow. SO much in common. They should meet. And leave us 'common folks' out of it.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata

Even if you don't like the piano or Richard Clayderman, do listen to this piece. Else, you can just look it up on google or youtube. Soul stirring composition. But don't listen to it if you are in the mood for 'Appadi Podu' Dappaan Koothu numbers or Western pop/hip hop/heavy metal. That would be an insult to this great composer. The best mood for it would be unhurried or with at leat a willingness to close your eyes for two minutes.

Me, I can drop whatever I am doing to listen to this gorgeous piece.


Ok, so many people know that this Bollywood film is about two guys pretending to be gay in order to share a beautiful apartment in Miami with a beautiful gal. John Abraham and Abhishek Bachchan with Priyanka Chopra. Sounds like a winning love triangle. Then in comes the droll faced Bobby Deol (seriously, huccome he is the still-hot Dharmendra's son?) -- supposedly straight and suave.

Most of the film makes fun of gays and their supposed body language and behaviours. I can't say I care too much really, about making so much fun of the gay community. But it has to be said that the very hot and happening John Abraham and truly attractive Abhishek Bachchan have 'gaily' done a good job of it. They are funny and do look good together! Abhishek has been clever by not taking off his shirt as John Abraham in this film was wont to doing. Why compete 'out of area'?;) There are many slapstick moments and in true Bollywood style, many unbelievable moments too. If you really have time to spare and don't mind watching a time pass movie that is essentially a spoof on homosexual men, you can watch this.

There are some quite-funny moments in the film though what irritated and disturbed me was the behaviour of the crowd watching the film at Sathyam cinemas. They laughed at so many unfunny things and it was shocking to note the number of young guys (teenagers) who were watching this film and laughing raucously. Something about it really bothered me. There were moments during the film when, as I was watching it in all seriousness, there would be laughter erupting further along the hall and I was like 'What THE?"

Personally, I felt the guys and Priyanka did a good job with the acting while Bobby Dobby Deol disappointed big time. There were simply too many silly moments in the film and happy as usual was I that I had 2 cartons of popcorn -- one salted and one caramel, to munch through this no-brainer.

Having gone ten minutes late (that is what you get for waiting for 'thozhis'), I missed the 'item number' with Shilpa Shetty. All things considered, I have no issues about that.

BUT, it was sweet to see real, platonic, 'buddy-buddy' man-woman friendship-love in Dostana. That was perhaps the best part.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


I have now decided that cooking may not be for me. I lack the interest to get into the kitchen except of course to eat. However, it is true that I make some dishes that turn out well or even better than most people's (Ahem -- a leak in modesty!).

The 'some dishes' I refer too are (don't hold your breath): -
1. Aloo kari (potatoes as a dry, vegetable side dish)
2. Yam -- masala fried yam
3. Curd rice (!! -- It's a dish, ok?)
4. Stir fried vegetables in gravy -- Chinese style(although have not made this is 2 years)
5. Vendakka Poriyal (lady's finger dry veg side dish)
6. Colocasia (Arbi-yam) as a dry veg side dish
7. Paneer Pulao
8. Raitha with onions, tomatoes, green chillies and cucumber.
9. Rasam
10. Onion, tomato, garlics in a masala.(!)
11. Aloo mutter gravy
12. Kadai Paneer -- my version.

This pitiable list has my best, giving evidence of my poor achievements in the field of cooking over the last 12 years. The good thing when it comes to cooking is that I have more knowledge than I use! But, not in the mood means not in the mood. I cannot bring myself to cook well unless my heart and soul is in it. Like for instance, if I am cooking for friends I KNOW are looking forward to my cooking. Else, perhaps, if I am hungry, the food will turn out fine. Otherwise, I actually want to abandon my efforts midway.

But I cannot bear average tasting food. So, when I am not in the mood, I just don't cook. Period. Will adopt this tactic as far as possible. Once impossible, I again hopefully to report that I am an enthusiastic cook.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Quirks and me

I have been tagged by Umm Oviya ( to reveal five of my quirks...I guess she thought this would be easy for me, which is saying sommething that I am not going to delve into!

Without further ado, here we go on then, to them 'quirkies': -

1. I have to keep my cell phone near me overnight, but afraid of the radiation to the brain cells or whatever(!), I keep it under a pillow near my head so that I can hear it ring & pick it up AND, this way, the pillow I thinnnk, may block the harmful effects and prevent them from reaching my brain. Yes, am serious.
2. I have to check and recheck (perhaps 2-3...4 times MAX!) whether all taps and doors within my vicinity are off/locked respectively before I go out, or, go to bed. Alright alright, it applies to car doors too when am out, though I only 'recheck' it once.
3. Whenever I wake up in the night or before I fall asleep, I have to closely observe people sleeping in my vicinity to ensure that they are breathing 'smoothly'. Oh yes, if I walk into any room with sleeping beings, I have to check if they are breathing normally too!
4. I have to ensure that switches are on or off properly as in firmly ON or firmly OFF because I believe without basis, that any aberrations to this may cause a short circuit which can burn the place down!
5. When I drink from a bottle (like whilst on the road or out), I have to take 4 -- yes, four mouthfuls exactly, each time. It has to be four. Cannot be one. Mayyybe two. This is I understand(!), due to my partiality towards even numbers. Cos you know, don't want to go with the ODD numbers...;)

Geeez. Feel like I have been stripped of some clothing and need to cover up.

Basket case indeed.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fine dining

Why is it such a 'feel good' experience to enjoy a sumptuous Italian meal accompanied by some red wine? Are Italians really as romantic as widely believed?Is that what makes Italian food so...smooth and 'flavoury'?

Sigh. Burrrrp.;)

Excuse Me!

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Bike Folks

Hey people, if you are transporting kids from one place to another by motorbike, please check if the kid behind you with his or her arms around your midriff is asleep or awake. I don't know/care how you will accomplish this, but since kids are more likely to get into DEEP sleep quickly, it is imperative that you know what the child behind you is doing. I cannot bear to think of the possible consequences...

I saw a girl of around 12 hanging on to her dad on the bike whilst riding on the pillion. She was either quite asleep or very sleepy indeed and the man was clueless, zooming through the traffic.

No helmets for anyone of course.

Certainly, there is a God out there blessing many.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Chennai Roads

What prompted my previous post is actually this one...which I did n't write first.

The roads in Chennai as we know, are far from perfection. A couple of days ago, whilst driving, I thought to myself that I should crib about the state of Chennai's roads in my blog -- the potholes, the pits, the sudden speedbreakers, the general unevenness, the spectacular patchwork and more.

Then, yesterday as I was driving on Velachery Road, I noticed that some road 'pit-bumps' were patched up and the road on both sides looked kind of decent. Done overnight, probably. I was impressed and heartened.

Today, I realise that it was done overnight all because Kalaignar (Chief Minister of Tamilnadu) would be driving on Velachery Road today for ...whatever.

Angry is what I got...and that's when I imagined a scenario that may be prevailing today, my imagination helped quite a bit by films like Indian and Anniyan, which I really loved.

That made me think that those in charge of this nation -- be it in bits and pieces or the whole country, need to come CLEAN. Power means serve the nation or some people. Otherwise, do 'your people' a favour and ...'make like a tree and leave'! I wanted to actually say 'and...get lost', but then I always wanted to use the above words;)


I want to start an anti-corruption campaign for India. Ok, ok, lofty maybe.

Ok, so for Tamilnadu then.

Very serious. There are plenty of causes to adopt I know, but this one to my limited knowledge may well be the starting point to addressing every woe.

What a culture, what traditions, what an intelligent people...BUT...

What corruption.

Without it won't there be the progress we deserve?

Any ideas? Oh, go on then...:)



Not that I am obsessed with the US, but I now feel that there is sommmme hope for that country after all!

Let's see.


I am no expert on fashion. In fact, am so far from it that I am closer to the times of ...the garden of Eden! Ahem. Leetle beet exaggeration.

Anyway, since I know not so much about fashion (except a bit about the glamour dolls that are models and how they have to be ultra thin by not eating enough, gay designers, party scenes, etc.), I went for the film 'fashion' with a bunch of ladies whose common interests are aerobics and watching movies. A Hindi film and a Madhur Bhandarkar film, it stars Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Ranaut and some fairly cute / nice guys whose names I am not even going to pretend I know

The movie takes its time. Maybe the whole tone of the film is in keeping with the subject -- fashion, except that it is not so much about fashion as about models, but I'm sure the title FASHION sounds more glamourous than the word MODELS (Hmmm....says something, huh?). It's not boring if you have enough time to kill and are not the 'fidgety' types. The girls really acted well.

There are some puns on the fashion scene too like some 'Muahs' (kisses in the air) as is probably true of the Mumbai fashion scene. Drugs, 'mathlabi' relationships, real friendships, which by the way, are portrayed heartwarmingly...perhaps a little too heart warming. I seriously wonder if these kinds of friendships are true today especially in this industry. I am a great fan of the relationship that is friendship and so, I did believe it.

'Fashion' is about a girl (Priyanka Chopra), who goes to Mumbai to become a supermodel and has the looks, so carries it off and lands herself some plum roles with much of her charm being her innocence and the stars in her eyes. This charm bit is MY understanding! Once she reaches the top, she falls prey to the very things everybody is supposedly afraid of getting into. How she picks herself up is cool to watch. Kangana Ranaut plays another supermodel who too goes completely beserk at the top, but founders.

Their paths become entwined at some point and the story is actually very simple, but the performances all around are good, really.

Still, is it worth watching? Well, only if you are not looking for action -- and by action, I mean fights, songs, major romances etc.

I liked it.

Oh and the gay guys as portrayed in this film are really adorable. What a waste, I say! Actually almost all the male characters in 'Fashion' come across as wonderful people.

WHAT a wonderful world that would be!!;)

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Aegan (Tamil film)

I don't think this film even deserves a review leave alone a detailed one.

What is the word for the opposite of substance?
That word would describe this film.

Of course if you like Ajit (the hero) you can manage to enjoy the film and even find him cute. For me, not only has he grown (nice little paunch and all), he has grown on me. I am not an Ajit fan though I do like to keep tabs on him!!

Liked him in this and it was quite interesting to see him attempt comedy of sorts. But then I had DECIDED to sit through the film even before I booked the tickets knowing well enough that it was not really worth watching.

Otherwise, I guess the director (Raju Sundaram I think) or whoever else in charge forgot that we moviegoers have brains. (Or, perhaps HE does not have any?) And the heroine Nayantara wears a bikini top for a blouse and she is a COLLEGE PROFESSOR??? Teaching the students whilst wearing that skimpy piece of underwear masquerading as a blouse? A Sigmund Freud moment, I think. They (director)could have allowed her to wear normal blouses to college and reserved the bikini ones for the dream sequences. (Hrrrumph)

Forgettable music. Think Yuvan Shankar Raja.

Most irritating of late is (especially in the film Seval which I noticed from a clip on TV) bad dubbing. The heroine especially is not Tamil, does not know Tamil and does not even lip synch properly. ARGH. drives me crazy. Slipshod for Rs. 120/-!

Coming back to Aegan, this film was more like a bad Hindi film than a bad Tamil one! By that I mean the silly comedy, ridiculous logic, etc. Besides, I seriously think that the days of the larger-than-life hero are numbered.

Thank God the popcorn was outstanding!