Friday, November 28, 2008


When is it going to be enough? Why should we take this? Am talking about Mumbai of course. Where is it all going wrong?

Right from the top. That's where.

Who wants politicians and leaders who don't have an effective security system in place for a huge wonderful country with so many people and a vast vulnerable coastline? Honestly, I think politicians can safely STOP being guarded. Even the terrorists don't want them and they do not seem to be trying to assasinate anyone 'important'.

We (common people) also don't think they are important anymore. They are making a nuisance of themselves. Actually, me thinks both terrorists and our politicians have many points in common: -

1. People are wary of them

2. They are selfish and self centred

3. They lack compassion (oh c'mon!)

4. They are seem to be delusional and this is proving dangerous to society

5. They indulge in anti social activities (oh yes, corruption and misuse of power for personal advantage is definitely anti social, apart from murdering folks of course!)

6. Nobody cares if they die (quite quiiite true)

7. By and large, they do not serve any people (and if they think they do, see point 4.)

8.They have hidden agendas

9. They demand attention

10. In the name of one thing, they justify doing EXTEME wrongs.

Wow. SO much in common. They should meet. And leave us 'common folks' out of it.


umm oviya said...

one thing in favour of the terrorist. at least he thinks he believes in something. the politicians don't even have that.

gils said...

//at least he thinks he believes in something//!!!!enna koduai ithu..velayaatuku kuda ipdilam yosikatheenga. however just their cause maybe..their mean/mode/median is unacceptable.this is wat they want. acceptance from people. athu kandipa avangaluku kedaikakudathu.

Teesu (very very Indian, very very good) said...

Terrorists are the worst and insane and dangerous. Do I have to say it? Is it not obvious? This is supposed to be my rant on corrupt and useless POLITICIANS...