Monday, July 30, 2007

Laugh and grow fat...then what?!

Laughing and growing fat is all very well...if at ALL there is a proverb like that. But what happens therafter? telling you, you cannot 'CRY and grow thin'. I have tried it and can tell you for a fact it does not work!! So what happens? Endless hours of hating yourself, crying, feeling hopeless, eating for the MIND, eating for the soul, eating, eating, eating. There are certain kinds of 'eaters' who, no matter how much they work out, cannot do much good in terms of weight reduction unless they cut the eating. Because, therein lies the problem. Food. Not just for can be for fun also. Or, like when some one (someone famous am sure, but forgot his name!) retorted when asked about why he wanted to climb Mount Everest ..."Because it's there".

Yes, I also eat because 'the food's there'.Somehow I am aware that MY smartass line will not be received with the same applause or smiles!!Ha, ha. After all, who is interviewing ME for eating so? Heck, I don't WANT to get to the stage where I will be interviewed for my EATING of all things...OOPS! Where am i going with this? Nowhere good. I believe this whole 'i am losing weight by exercising hard and eating healthy' thing has to come from within. Does n't it sound too good to be true?!

Well, I ain't producin' that feelin' by the dozen...yet. But you NEVER know. When pigs fly? Hey...then there's a chance! Cos I, my friends, have flown! (Well not with my own Anyway, as that famous favourite poem of mine said "If hopes were dupes, fears would be liars". So we shall have hope, eh?Think the poem is 'Say not the struggle not Availeth' -- in retrospect, a very corny title!

Sigh. Well, tomorrow I have plans to go eat Chinese with another friend of mine. See, that ALONE is not the problem. A girl's gotto have lunch somewhere right? But it is the bigger picture one has to look at. Health and all that good stuff. The picture in the meanwhile, is getting bigger and bigger! Will blog again if and when progress is made towards getting fit...or simply when I feel the urge to. This post for the record, is coming on popular demand! At least I have some ol' pals asking me to blog...sniff, as long as...sniff, SOMEONE wants me...:(, not really... I am :) now.

After all, "tomorrow is another day"!