Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Things that I wish were not associated with me -- TAG!

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1. Snoring -- I believe so. Or rather, I don't. Need to see / hear some proof. So, can scratch this.
2. Temper Loss -- Less said about it, the better.
3. PMS (Really bad sometimes)
Oh and yes, Temper and PMS are only sometimes one and the same thing!!
4. Over-eating although by MY standards, this is better now. Er, less over-eating I mean. Cos the self-loathing kicks in soon enough!
5. Tardy waking up syndrome. This is the usual thing. However, I do wake up when necessary -- even at 4 am! (There IS such a thing as self-awards!) But I dream of a day when I wake up singing with the birds...
6. Fusspot No.1 in so many areas and am no longer very apologetic about it! My fussinesses are all base-full! So love me or leave me. No, really, I am ok with it. Love my fusses:-)
7. Sitcom-watcher. Can't help it. Would like to experience some laughter even if it is just recorded laughter.
8. As much of a nose-digger as some others, but usually only in private;)
9. Mood-oriented. If I don't feel like, I just would rather not, unless I feel VERY obligated in which case, the crankiness goes up some notches.
10. Nail biting. Why is it so hard to stop?
11. NOT a morning person. SUCH a nasty non-morning person thou shalt not find. Look no further then.
12. PARANOID. And what's more, I think I have a valid reason for every one of my paranoias.
13. Messiness. I like to say only those with big hearts will make big messes. It's better than 'building character', eh? (For Calvin and Hobbes fans)
14. Laziness. But c'mon am still better than some others.
15. Opinionated. Nope, ain't gonna be sorry about it.
16. Not always fair. With those I love, I can be mostly only subjective...

There are more, but I think I have damaged my persona enough in one shot with this.


Note: I tag my namesake and cousins here as well as blogeswari. But, really, it's up to you.

Reverse of 'Do unto others...' please!

You don't have to like everyone. Liking or disliking someone is a personal thing. But do you have to do what you have to do regardless of likes and dislikes? Well, yes, you do. It's called being civil. Also because you really have no right to be rude.

I, like most others, have my own likes and dislikes. Especially when they are baseless(!), I try to be as objective as possible when dealing with um, 'dislikees'. Therefore, I expect 'to be done to as I would do unto others'.

There is a certain someone out there (quite inconsequential me thinks -- er, so the dislike is mutual, eh?) who I feel deliberately does subtle things to irritate or snub me. When I feel indifferent, I do let it pass, but being female, the hormones kick in soon enough, and then I retaliate.

Changing things I write, leaving out my name, etc. do NOT go down well with me. This is crossing the line. No matter that this is not my dream publication that I am writing for or anything...!!!


P.s. Am not 'chicken' about letting this character know -- have done so, but thought it worth a rant here!;)

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Fair, fair, fair! It's just not fair.

All the time and everywhere, there are ads for fairness creams. More ads, newers ads, new-concept ads...!!


Why, why, WHYYYY?

What is this maddening want for being fair all about? Do people care about really being FAIR? No...

It's just skin-deep.

Are n't there enough attractive, DARK people to prove the point? But no, they want 'Nalla colour' ('good' colour) or 'maaniram irundhaa kooda podhum' (at least the colour of a deer). Yes, the colour of an animal is attractive apparently! Why not be the colour of an elephant? or a hippo? or a ...crow? Who decides brown is better than black?

It's all a matter of personal taste. But just as we appreciate nature in all her colourful glory -- various hues, why can't we look upon ourselves-- humans, in the same way? It becomes a matter of acceptance does n't it?

And why is the general preference for skin colour always tending towards 'fair' anyway? Is it the influence of the whites who invaded us? Or deeper seated than that? Have blogged about this fairness business before, but I find it as appalling now as ever.

Ideally, it's Ok to say 'fair' or 'dark' whilst describing someone, but now, I have to think twice before I classify someone as 'dark' lest they take offence.

Can't it just be a matter of FACT?