Sunday, November 08, 2009

Fair, fair, fair! It's just not fair.

All the time and everywhere, there are ads for fairness creams. More ads, newers ads, new-concept ads...!!


Why, why, WHYYYY?

What is this maddening want for being fair all about? Do people care about really being FAIR? No...

It's just skin-deep.

Are n't there enough attractive, DARK people to prove the point? But no, they want 'Nalla colour' ('good' colour) or 'maaniram irundhaa kooda podhum' (at least the colour of a deer). Yes, the colour of an animal is attractive apparently! Why not be the colour of an elephant? or a hippo? or a ...crow? Who decides brown is better than black?

It's all a matter of personal taste. But just as we appreciate nature in all her colourful glory -- various hues, why can't we look upon ourselves-- humans, in the same way? It becomes a matter of acceptance does n't it?

And why is the general preference for skin colour always tending towards 'fair' anyway? Is it the influence of the whites who invaded us? Or deeper seated than that? Have blogged about this fairness business before, but I find it as appalling now as ever.

Ideally, it's Ok to say 'fair' or 'dark' whilst describing someone, but now, I have to think twice before I classify someone as 'dark' lest they take offence.

Can't it just be a matter of FACT?



Shyam said...

Fair comment, Tees :)

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