Sunday, May 25, 2008

Those one-offs

Ever notice how chance buys end up being great buys? You shop and you shop, thinking you know what you want -- you may even have a list. Then, you see something that you kind of take a fancy to and voila, you have paid for it thinking that you don't REALLY need it. But then it turns out, that you REALLY do and it soon becomes a much-used item and eventually, something you treasure. For me, it has been a pair of earrings, a pair of trousers (for that great fit), a tray, a penstand or even underwear. (There's more on the list but my hotshot here-and-present memory only allows for these) It's that one-off buy that brings the greatest satisfaction despite not having got that coveted place on your to-buy list!

The downside to chance buys is that you cannot, often, repeat them. The thing becomes elusive -- usually, just after it has been established that it was a great buy. Try as you might, you may never be able to get your hands on quite that kind of similar item. No new ones for old ones on chance buys. It's the ONLY one. I have finally resigned myself to this (all good things must be tough to obtain more than once) and after one attempt to repeat, I move on to something else. I figure if the last great chance buy was a T shirt, this time, it might be...sommmething else...