Friday, April 11, 2008

Excuse me?

So, I met this older lady at some dinner at someone's house (don't ask me whose cos I cannot remember -- new acqaintances, part of some rotary club) maybe a couple of weeks or more ago. At the dinner party, we sat next to each other for at least a good twenty minutes and even were on the same team of three that played a very funny game.

Then, today at a wedding reception, I saw her again. Frankly, I did a spot of feverish thinking to place her and once I did, I went up to her and sai 'hi! Do you remember me? From that rotary dinner party?'

Vague smile at first turned to bewilderment and then recognition. This was sadly followed by a 'i must recover by blabbing' statement. She said to me" Oh, you were wearing another dress that day no? That's why you looked different then".

I agreed with her. Yes, I was INDEED wearing another dress. "Which dress.....????" she pondered to me. Yes, she actually did ask me this.
I said happily 'I have NO idea whatsoever'. I think she realised that I thought there was something quite wrong with her and her statements because she stood just one foot away from me for a full ten seconds (it seems longer during awkward pauses) looking ....silly.

(After such statements, am sorry to say, my saying 'silly' is quite polite).

Beaming I said 'ok, bye then'. Clearly, I was not gunning for a bosom-friendship with her in the near future. Ta ta.

Did she think i wore only one outfit to all parties? Was that the problem? The i-did-not recognise-you bit in a conversation should be breezy right? But here, it was the focus. And it was MY fault. For not wearing the same outfit and making it easy for her to recognise me.

Excuse me.