Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bad on me

It's in my head but not in my actions. So many one liners are lurking in my head, born from so many thoughts and experiences. Many are funny and usually, am on the throne when they come to me and I end up chuckling to myself, appreciating my own wit. But when I exit the loo, they have left my head.

It's in my head but not in print. I have so many little things I want to write about and they are roaming around in my head but I do not actually sit down and write them or type them out.

It's in my head -- all the things (mostly nice) that I want to say to people -- close pals or relatives and they are kept inside my head safe, since I do nothing about them.

It's in my head -- my imagination and creative ideas, because I am not implementing them.

It's in my head -- imaginary conversations that I should have had. (Conveniently blocking out whatever 'loser'-conversations I ended up having).

It's in my head that all this holding back and non-action is very wrong and a colossal waste...

The one good thing I have deduced from all this introspection is ...there is SOMEthing in my head. And it's working. Now for the rest of the body to follow suit.
Ahh. That's another matter altogether. Or is that the main matter?