Wednesday, December 31, 2008

End of years

The last day of 2008 deserves a post, me thinks. I sat down to think about what I have achieved this past, actually, I am only now sitting down and thinking about it...hmmm. Ok, no major achievements! It's not like I am Vishwanath Anand or something, that I can talk about the latest feathers in my cap. ('PJ'* on feathers later below.)

Still, I must say I seem to have enjoyed myself for the most part of 2008. Lack of Vishy Anand-like achievements leads me resign myself to listing out some personal, interesting experiences of 2008: -
1. I have started writing for a newspaper supplement -- still freelance, but nevertheless...
2. I began writing restaurant reviews for a Chennai based magazine -- this happened quite by chance but since it's right up my alley, I now revel in it!
3. I have enjoyed the company of my friends (3 different groups) even more this year! One group of school pals, one of college and the third group I got to know through my gym and they are what I call my 'womanly' friends -- I became thick with them only a couple of years ago, but they are FUN.
4. I went to Singapore, where neither the zoo nor the shopping disappointed me! The cable car ride too was awesome.
5. I went to Perth, where a visit to an animal farm was cool, as was a 'seaworld' experience.
6. I 'irregularly' worked out but enjoyed it anyways! ;)
7. I made some new pals in June but no clique formed as yet!!
8. I made plans to do something 'on my own' and nearly implemented it, but did not. Only because when it came down to it, I did not believe it was going to work out. Am still pretty sure I was right. (oray the opinionated!)
9. I did No.8 TWICE!
10. I came to the realisation that I cannot diet. (Ha, haaaa.Better late than never). I am not into depriving myself!
11. I also came to the realisation that I had better work out and at least consider my food / plate before I eat it. (Vaat ya dollop of wisdom, eh?)
12. I simply 'mindblowingly' enjoyed 2 reunions with friends -- one for an evening out with two school friends to celebrate 30 years of knowing each other (went pub hopping) and the other with five college friends for a 3 day getaway to Pondicherry to celebrate 16 years of being friends.
13. I have begun to recognise certain signs of maturity and immaturity in me...and others too. I don't think I had the power to recognise such things before!! (My 'wold yage' is the reason!)
14. I cried and laughed almost as well as Sivaji Ganesan when I was watching the film 'Abhiyum Naanum' last weekend. I cried at the father-daughter senti stuff and laughed at the STUPIDITY of the film in many other places. Came out of the movie hall very much like I had downed a few pegs, helped by a certain college pal who has an impeccable timing in and an incredible sense of...humour. (B is her name)
15. I found out that with close friends, bickering is normal and healthy!! Annoying too!
16. A favourite cousin got married.
17. I found out that some things just don't change. (Nice things:)
18. Restaurant reviews did not make me gain weight -- in fact they reduced cravings and binges, he he, since I get my fill at the restaurants ...and variety too, what with all the la di da sampling!
19. Somebody somewhat famous who was seeing me after 18 years recognised me!! Either his memory is very good or I still look 'eng'. I choose the second likelihood, thank you!
20. I have been photographed a LOT this year and taken quite a few too!
21. Many people have been highly encouraging about my writing.
22. I regained a couple of ex-friends.
23. My sister has almost become a friend-like person!! (ha ha yakkao...akka, akka, yelakka)
24. I have watched more movies in the theatre and at home on dvd in 2008 than in 2007. (yenna oru achievement!)
25. I met Priyanka Chopra (this one is for the guys)
26. I met and interviewed Khushboo, Anu Hasan and Radhika (certainly not achievements, I know, but...)
27. I spoke with Chiyaan Vikram on the phone a few times (ok, obviously I am a fan, but c'mon, it's an achievement cos this guy is cool. Anyway, which celebrity bothers calling back interviewers?)
28. I have learned to put my foot down with some people without even consulting some best buddies on how to!! Especially with pseudo celebrities.
29. I have started bragging about how 'I am a trained pilot but without a valid, current license' ! (cheap thrills;)) 12 years old this news is, but...feather in my cap indeed!
30. I have started wearing bigger earrings than ever before and dressing up like never before!

Ok, enough already! (stupid American phrase).
Oho. It looks like friends have played a huge role this past year. I am not complaining...

Regarding the PJ which means Poor Joke, there was a pompous boy who went away from home to make some money after ruffling his dad's feathers. Every week, he would write home to his father bragging about some thing he had achieved that week and finishing off with "...this is another feather in my cap". This went on for a few months.

Then one day, he wrote home to say he had lost this, that...and everything and 'Daddy, could you please send me some money so I can return home?'.
His Dad replied : "Use all those feathers and fly back!".

Ha ha. Really not so funny in today's world of 'aaapus' and 'aruvaals', but still...

The above points are a general fairly vetti personal reminiscing to salute 2008.

Happy New Year to my handful of readers and may your dreams come true at least this year! Here's wishing you a happy and healthy and PROSPEROUS 2009 minus the paunch that goes with 'prosperous'!


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year!

'Jobless' thoughts must intrude during the end of the year's supposed usual introspection... (uhhhuh! Ahem!)

We shout "Happy New Year!" to each other every year, when the clock strikes 00:00 on 31st December. That thought got me thinking (read: vettiying). So, this seems to mean that a new year is born at that time. This then means that it is the year's birthday, right? Then why don't we say 'Happy Birthday, New Year'?

Oh dear! what a vetti post this is. I shall stop now. Even I cannot bear this!:)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Lizard Poo

I made a very idle observation today, just now, on Christmas eve, as I lifted a jug of water up to my mouth. My head naturally tilted back and my eyes fell on the ceiling as I began a glug-glug.

Then I noticed it -- lizard poo (lizard shit) or palli-pee (Tamil) in all its black glory with an 'ivory tip' (sick!!)...on the ceiling!

Certainly, an 'ugh' topic. But managed to spare it a thought(!). It was on the ceiling, which means it was sticking to it -- OR beating gravity. Naaah. It was sticking to the ceiling apparently perhaps because there is some sticky quality about it. I mean, people talk about shit hitting the fan but clearly, shit cannot stay on the ceiling.

Therefore, the lizard can do something we cannot -- shit on the ceiling and make it stick there!

I actually wanted to incorporate an image of a lizard and perhaps its poo here on this post, but just looking at a lizard's picture gives me the heebeejeebies. Ugjdkfsdfjjfh!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


This is a vice. Procrastination is.

I am guilty without having the need to be charged, of procrastination.

Clean the room -- another day
Meet a deadline -- tomorrow (After all, tomorrow's another day)
Clean the cupboard -- tomorrow
Phone to catch up with (some) relative -- tomorrow (not in the mood right now)
Start on a diet -- tomorrow (IF tomorrow comes)
Stop losing temper -- soon (!Yeah right)
...and so on

Why do I do it? Hmmm... lousy habit I guess, garnished with laziness and served with a blob of LACK OF DISCIPLINE on top. That would be my dish of procrastination. No need for recipe cos nobody ought to try it.

I believe it runs in the family, on top of everything. But...does it run in many or most families? I hope so because misery does love company.

Am debating on how to handle it...oh well, I won't think about it right now. Will introspect ...TOMORROW!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Forget fashion, trends, style, blah blah. I think the best thing to have happened in recent times is the accessories boom. 'Fashion jewellery', as it is fashionably called and 'fancy jewellery', as it is locally called. By the way, I love this word: fancy. To be honest, I have taken a fancy to fancy.;)

har har.

Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la la la la la.

So, coming back to it, I love shopping for fashion jewellery. I think it is completely worth the money since it is quite reasonable and suits most occasions. I am not at all hung up on gold, silver, platinum, diamonds and so on. (Mostly because there is a limit to affording these heavy metals!) With fashion jewellery, you don't have to worry about fluctuating gold prices, the weight, the size, losing it, breaking it or be organised about stashing it in a locker after use.

And then there is the variety in the colours to consider...

Oh yeah, fancy jewellery is definitely this girl's best friend;)


It is sometimes referred to as chappu chavaru (little bits of rubbish -- fondly speaking) and the action of shopping for these is sometimes called pee porukkal (no kind translation available with me!).


December in Chennai is generally very busy. It sometimes feel like the whole year inches along (although time flies as usual) and then suddenly, come December and the year seems to be hurtling along at full speed towards the next year. Can't hang on to anything. It's like quick, quick, quick and another year is all over!

Or it just me?

Also, December is perhaps the coolest month (or least warm!) in Chennai and so it seems short and sweet perhaps. Whatever the reason, December is fifth gear -- fast lane! Music season, NRI visits (ahem) - friends, relatives and so on. Socialising, eating out, Christmas hols for the

I love December be it at home or anywhere else in the world! A very happening month!


Saturday, December 13, 2008


Public Relations...
What must it be like to have to smile all the time? To be polite always and observe all ps and qs allll the time?

I am all for smiles -- folks who smile 'with their eyes' and whole face (!) really appeal to me. But I cannot begin to imagine what it must be like for people in the PR line...oh not so much the HOT SHOT areas of PR. I am not referring to the creme-de-la-creme PROs. Those don't have it quite so tough. They don't have to be polite when they feel like throwing things. I am talking about the PROs of 'ordinary' companies. I have met a few and just watching them putting on a bright and cheery front sometimes gets to me.

How do I know that it is a front? Well, I sometimes like to watch people as they talk to me and make mental notes about some things;)

I think this post was prompted by a recent PRO I met whose smile did not reach her eyes and her cheery tone seemed an effort for her. Felt a bit bad. For her.

Still, I'm sure most PROs suit their roles -- outgoing, thoughtful, hard working with a sharp memory. Speaking of hard working, as far as i can tell, being in PR is really HARD work! Keeping odd hours, meeting weird people, remembering seemingly unimportant stuff, talkign when you don't feel like and of cos, smiling when you feel like baring your teeth and growling!

Imagine having to be NICE all the time. Me, I like my grumpy, cantankerous, moody or irritable (do they all mean the same?!) moments too much. They are must haves -- only now and then of course! I need 'me' time. Being in PR means you have to be on your guard a LOT and on your best behaviour. With all that smiling, I am sure amajor pain for PROs is aching cheek muscles!

So, I guess PR is not an option for me.;)

Monday, December 08, 2008

On the phone

The telephone is super. Chatting with people over it is the best. I especially, was not one for particularly short phone chats. I have talked hours on the phone the same person(who obviously, was as into the phone as I was) . The longest would be a chat with a friend that lasted overnight -- maybe 6-7 hours, and then there were those other times when I have chatted with some other friends regularly, for three hours -- give or take an hour...and so on.

45 minutes was nothing.

But today, I had a 25 minute phone chat with a friend and I was tired at the end of it. I chose to end the chat and hang up. I cannot today believe my earlier phone conversations lasted hours. Of course, I did not have so many things on my hands those days as I do now... Those days were basically footloose and fancy free. Such a condition is given to change! He he. Just 11 years ago!

Phone chats were and still are (despite tiredness and all!) so FULFILLING and de-lonely-fying (!). Not to mention convenient...

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Simple Pleasures

Life is full of simple pleasures -- as it should be! Over the last few days, I have been observing the simple, seemingly real pleasures in life that have come my way...

1. Anticipating a fun evening out with my gal pals as I don't like to call them! Just friends. Just talking. Just having a good time. And then of course, actually experiencing the evening.
2. Waking up late on a Sunday morning. It never fails to please me, this.
3. Waking up to a wonderful cup of coffee, perfectly made (irrespective of who makes it)
4. Enjoying a slow breakfast of dosas and sambar -- now why does that particular combo appeal so? Comfort food, I guess.
5. Watching some really funny clips and/or melodious songs from films on TV.

There are many many more simple pleasures, but these here have been recently enjoyed and so this post.

Cheers to the next week ahead.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Be Punctual! Or at least, TRY.

I recently had to meet somebody for an interview about...this and that. First of all, this person postponed the meeting by an hour -- we were supposed to meet at 2 but at 1.30 I get the message that it would have to be an hour later. First bit of irritation.

Once I got to the meeting point, this person kept me waiting one hour and during that hour, I had to call the person twice or thrice to figure out what was happening. Finally, I just said "If you are not here in ten minutes, I am leaving." I meant it. Needless to say, this worked. Adi odhai udhavuraamaadhiri annan thambi udhava maataanga.

This person had the cheek to tell me soon after late arrival, that celebrities always kept people waiting and that people 'here' anyway don't have a sense of time. I coldly informed THE PERSON that I have had no such problems with celebrities, OR with any others because everybody's time is precious and most people know it.

Well, despite all this, it's a different matter that the interview went on smoothly after all.

The thing is, this is something that has ALWAYS bothered me -- when people are not conscious of other people's time, and not even at least TRYING to be punctual, etc. Sometimes, when even the intention is missing, it's VERY annoying.

What if?

What if I was having dinner at the Golden Dragon at the Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai that fateful evening? (very likely mind you, given how much I love that cuisine and the restaurant too).

What if it was I who got the shock of my life in the middle of a forkful of noodles on hearing gunshots or on suddenly seeing a terrorist with a machine gun barging in? Would I react fast? Would I chuck the fork, plate and everything else and dive for cover? Would I react fast enough to escape bullets and/or notice? Would I keep my cool? Would I even remember to take my loved ones (dining with me) with me under the table assuming I was fast and quick-thinking enough to spearhead any 'diving' operation?

Or would I gape and die with a fork in my hand and some uneaten food in my mouth? (NOT a pretty sight.Oh, am not trying to make funny of the situation. These are real thoughts.)

I thought these terrifying thoughts (even the THOUGHTS are creepy) and decided to come up with a plan. I would stay ever watchful through every single meal at every single five star hotel I visit and at the first sign of terror, I will yell 'get down' and yank my neighbours down with me. God forbid there will be no child in the vicinity. Then once under cover of hopefully the table, I will feverishly think up some plan to get out of the situation and perhaps valiantly try to help others...

Enough. I doubt that any amount of planning will ever help in certain situations. For example, we all know that certain diseases can strike us any time. Cancer springs to mind. So, will understanding the effects of the disease and treatment for it and the possible successes and failures of such treatments, (blah blah) EVER prepare me for that moment If I were to get the crushing news" "You have cancer."? I doubt it. Nothing can prepare you to condition your reaction to certain things...

A terror attack especially, is probably just that. One that causes extreme terror. Bombs, grenades, bullets, whatever. Who the hell can prepare for it?

It amazes me that people out there want to kill others with such horrific fury. But then I try chiding myself: "Hello, you are privileged. You have not experienced any extreme misery (grief of losing a loved one aside) like poverty or hunger or extreme physical / mental/emotional abuse.So you cannot even begin to judge the less fortunate who have gone astray".

True. But if a privileged soul like me does not question evil then who will? Surely not the warped-minded terrorists.

I guess I digressed again. But 2 whole days + (and still going on) of watching the relays on the informative and sometimes irresponsible TV channels has affected me quite a bit it seems.

Coming back to 'what if', I guess I don't know what I would do and definitely, I don't REALLY WANT to know, since the truth is I would hate to be in such a situation.

Still, the thoughts linger...What IF?

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Moral Science

Moral Science was actually a subject to study in the convent school I attended for fourteen years and I think they even tested us on this rather vague subject.

I say vague because I really don't remember what exactly we studied in those classes. But I do I remember quite looking forward to it mostly because it was fairly light and there was also a great deal of interaction.

The Moral Science period coincided with the Catechism (spelling?!) period. Perhaps Moral Science as a subject was introduced in the convent school to keep the non-Catholics busy in pursuit of goodness? Whatever. It was a good idea. It's always nice to reinstate certain values repeatedly, especially at impressionable ages...and even when older. (Today, it would seem however, that certain OLD people desperately need moral science classes.)

Kindness, goodness, sincerity, honesty, sense of duty and so on. There has never been a greater need for moral science classes than today, if you ask me. Do schools have it these days? I have no clue. Will find out ...

Apparently many people today do not seem to have even heard the word moral. And these days, even when used, it's like 'moral' is a bad word. Ugh types. 'Non-classy and a drag', to quote the unquotable.

Well, I am no holier than thou. I have enough badness in me to justify those two horns growing out of my head. Still, I have not sprouted that proverbial tail, so that is a good sign!!Certainly, my moral science classes have helped me!

The mere fact that I enjoyed them is saying something, right?

Cynically Me

Ok, so there is much talk about politicians resigning, others taking over, etc. Some sort of upheaval is happening...NOW. But how long until the rest of the world (other than those injured and the family of the dead) forgets about the enormity of the situation? Rather, until the news-hungry news channels get tired out and move on to juicier stuff that life is sure to throw up?

Will this incident really make a difference?

Will the audacity of those crazies with guns get the real attention it deserves?

Are our leaders going to actually pull up their socks and do something?

Or will this drama die a natural death -- the kind of death those 200+ poor folks caught in the gun fire were not allowed to experience?

There have been some chilling emails that talk of certain gangsters, Bollywood connections, etc. The old saying: "Panatha paatha ponam kooda vaaya polakkum" (When shown money, even a corpse will get up to gape) is true then finally, is n't it? As long is you can make money, who cares about anything else?

It begins with: First of all, you have a family to feed (sounds like a good cause to me), and then, you have fancy clothes to buy (I see), and then fancy cars (I SEE), and then fancy underwear (I don't want to see)...OKAY! So the money is never going to be enough. Therefore, the ethics once compromised are never going to come back to you.

This is how the common man and the gangster get involved. Or one converts to the other. Now, talks say that a politician is probably both a common man AND a gangster. So, if these semi gangsters are running India, what else do you expect?

Moreover, in that case, our troubles will begin at the top and everybody from up there needs to be stripped to clean his or her act...

I think it would be enough if these so-called representatives of us commonfolk at least clean their current slates and start afresh with an overdose of 'Moral Science'.

Least they can do considering how well their %^&* are protected!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Enough! cont'd

The other important common point is that they are both cowards. Filthy cowards!


When is it going to be enough? Why should we take this? Am talking about Mumbai of course. Where is it all going wrong?

Right from the top. That's where.

Who wants politicians and leaders who don't have an effective security system in place for a huge wonderful country with so many people and a vast vulnerable coastline? Honestly, I think politicians can safely STOP being guarded. Even the terrorists don't want them and they do not seem to be trying to assasinate anyone 'important'.

We (common people) also don't think they are important anymore. They are making a nuisance of themselves. Actually, me thinks both terrorists and our politicians have many points in common: -

1. People are wary of them

2. They are selfish and self centred

3. They lack compassion (oh c'mon!)

4. They are seem to be delusional and this is proving dangerous to society

5. They indulge in anti social activities (oh yes, corruption and misuse of power for personal advantage is definitely anti social, apart from murdering folks of course!)

6. Nobody cares if they die (quite quiiite true)

7. By and large, they do not serve any people (and if they think they do, see point 4.)

8.They have hidden agendas

9. They demand attention

10. In the name of one thing, they justify doing EXTEME wrongs.

Wow. SO much in common. They should meet. And leave us 'common folks' out of it.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata

Even if you don't like the piano or Richard Clayderman, do listen to this piece. Else, you can just look it up on google or youtube. Soul stirring composition. But don't listen to it if you are in the mood for 'Appadi Podu' Dappaan Koothu numbers or Western pop/hip hop/heavy metal. That would be an insult to this great composer. The best mood for it would be unhurried or with at leat a willingness to close your eyes for two minutes.

Me, I can drop whatever I am doing to listen to this gorgeous piece.


Ok, so many people know that this Bollywood film is about two guys pretending to be gay in order to share a beautiful apartment in Miami with a beautiful gal. John Abraham and Abhishek Bachchan with Priyanka Chopra. Sounds like a winning love triangle. Then in comes the droll faced Bobby Deol (seriously, huccome he is the still-hot Dharmendra's son?) -- supposedly straight and suave.

Most of the film makes fun of gays and their supposed body language and behaviours. I can't say I care too much really, about making so much fun of the gay community. But it has to be said that the very hot and happening John Abraham and truly attractive Abhishek Bachchan have 'gaily' done a good job of it. They are funny and do look good together! Abhishek has been clever by not taking off his shirt as John Abraham in this film was wont to doing. Why compete 'out of area'?;) There are many slapstick moments and in true Bollywood style, many unbelievable moments too. If you really have time to spare and don't mind watching a time pass movie that is essentially a spoof on homosexual men, you can watch this.

There are some quite-funny moments in the film though what irritated and disturbed me was the behaviour of the crowd watching the film at Sathyam cinemas. They laughed at so many unfunny things and it was shocking to note the number of young guys (teenagers) who were watching this film and laughing raucously. Something about it really bothered me. There were moments during the film when, as I was watching it in all seriousness, there would be laughter erupting further along the hall and I was like 'What THE?"

Personally, I felt the guys and Priyanka did a good job with the acting while Bobby Dobby Deol disappointed big time. There were simply too many silly moments in the film and happy as usual was I that I had 2 cartons of popcorn -- one salted and one caramel, to munch through this no-brainer.

Having gone ten minutes late (that is what you get for waiting for 'thozhis'), I missed the 'item number' with Shilpa Shetty. All things considered, I have no issues about that.

BUT, it was sweet to see real, platonic, 'buddy-buddy' man-woman friendship-love in Dostana. That was perhaps the best part.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


I have now decided that cooking may not be for me. I lack the interest to get into the kitchen except of course to eat. However, it is true that I make some dishes that turn out well or even better than most people's (Ahem -- a leak in modesty!).

The 'some dishes' I refer too are (don't hold your breath): -
1. Aloo kari (potatoes as a dry, vegetable side dish)
2. Yam -- masala fried yam
3. Curd rice (!! -- It's a dish, ok?)
4. Stir fried vegetables in gravy -- Chinese style(although have not made this is 2 years)
5. Vendakka Poriyal (lady's finger dry veg side dish)
6. Colocasia (Arbi-yam) as a dry veg side dish
7. Paneer Pulao
8. Raitha with onions, tomatoes, green chillies and cucumber.
9. Rasam
10. Onion, tomato, garlics in a masala.(!)
11. Aloo mutter gravy
12. Kadai Paneer -- my version.

This pitiable list has my best, giving evidence of my poor achievements in the field of cooking over the last 12 years. The good thing when it comes to cooking is that I have more knowledge than I use! But, not in the mood means not in the mood. I cannot bring myself to cook well unless my heart and soul is in it. Like for instance, if I am cooking for friends I KNOW are looking forward to my cooking. Else, perhaps, if I am hungry, the food will turn out fine. Otherwise, I actually want to abandon my efforts midway.

But I cannot bear average tasting food. So, when I am not in the mood, I just don't cook. Period. Will adopt this tactic as far as possible. Once impossible, I again hopefully to report that I am an enthusiastic cook.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Quirks and me

I have been tagged by Umm Oviya ( to reveal five of my quirks...I guess she thought this would be easy for me, which is saying sommething that I am not going to delve into!

Without further ado, here we go on then, to them 'quirkies': -

1. I have to keep my cell phone near me overnight, but afraid of the radiation to the brain cells or whatever(!), I keep it under a pillow near my head so that I can hear it ring & pick it up AND, this way, the pillow I thinnnk, may block the harmful effects and prevent them from reaching my brain. Yes, am serious.
2. I have to check and recheck (perhaps 2-3...4 times MAX!) whether all taps and doors within my vicinity are off/locked respectively before I go out, or, go to bed. Alright alright, it applies to car doors too when am out, though I only 'recheck' it once.
3. Whenever I wake up in the night or before I fall asleep, I have to closely observe people sleeping in my vicinity to ensure that they are breathing 'smoothly'. Oh yes, if I walk into any room with sleeping beings, I have to check if they are breathing normally too!
4. I have to ensure that switches are on or off properly as in firmly ON or firmly OFF because I believe without basis, that any aberrations to this may cause a short circuit which can burn the place down!
5. When I drink from a bottle (like whilst on the road or out), I have to take 4 -- yes, four mouthfuls exactly, each time. It has to be four. Cannot be one. Mayyybe two. This is I understand(!), due to my partiality towards even numbers. Cos you know, don't want to go with the ODD numbers...;)

Geeez. Feel like I have been stripped of some clothing and need to cover up.

Basket case indeed.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fine dining

Why is it such a 'feel good' experience to enjoy a sumptuous Italian meal accompanied by some red wine? Are Italians really as romantic as widely believed?Is that what makes Italian food so...smooth and 'flavoury'?

Sigh. Burrrrp.;)

Excuse Me!

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Bike Folks

Hey people, if you are transporting kids from one place to another by motorbike, please check if the kid behind you with his or her arms around your midriff is asleep or awake. I don't know/care how you will accomplish this, but since kids are more likely to get into DEEP sleep quickly, it is imperative that you know what the child behind you is doing. I cannot bear to think of the possible consequences...

I saw a girl of around 12 hanging on to her dad on the bike whilst riding on the pillion. She was either quite asleep or very sleepy indeed and the man was clueless, zooming through the traffic.

No helmets for anyone of course.

Certainly, there is a God out there blessing many.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Chennai Roads

What prompted my previous post is actually this one...which I did n't write first.

The roads in Chennai as we know, are far from perfection. A couple of days ago, whilst driving, I thought to myself that I should crib about the state of Chennai's roads in my blog -- the potholes, the pits, the sudden speedbreakers, the general unevenness, the spectacular patchwork and more.

Then, yesterday as I was driving on Velachery Road, I noticed that some road 'pit-bumps' were patched up and the road on both sides looked kind of decent. Done overnight, probably. I was impressed and heartened.

Today, I realise that it was done overnight all because Kalaignar (Chief Minister of Tamilnadu) would be driving on Velachery Road today for ...whatever.

Angry is what I got...and that's when I imagined a scenario that may be prevailing today, my imagination helped quite a bit by films like Indian and Anniyan, which I really loved.

That made me think that those in charge of this nation -- be it in bits and pieces or the whole country, need to come CLEAN. Power means serve the nation or some people. Otherwise, do 'your people' a favour and ...'make like a tree and leave'! I wanted to actually say 'and...get lost', but then I always wanted to use the above words;)


I want to start an anti-corruption campaign for India. Ok, ok, lofty maybe.

Ok, so for Tamilnadu then.

Very serious. There are plenty of causes to adopt I know, but this one to my limited knowledge may well be the starting point to addressing every woe.

What a culture, what traditions, what an intelligent people...BUT...

What corruption.

Without it won't there be the progress we deserve?

Any ideas? Oh, go on then...:)



Not that I am obsessed with the US, but I now feel that there is sommmme hope for that country after all!

Let's see.


I am no expert on fashion. In fact, am so far from it that I am closer to the times of ...the garden of Eden! Ahem. Leetle beet exaggeration.

Anyway, since I know not so much about fashion (except a bit about the glamour dolls that are models and how they have to be ultra thin by not eating enough, gay designers, party scenes, etc.), I went for the film 'fashion' with a bunch of ladies whose common interests are aerobics and watching movies. A Hindi film and a Madhur Bhandarkar film, it stars Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Ranaut and some fairly cute / nice guys whose names I am not even going to pretend I know

The movie takes its time. Maybe the whole tone of the film is in keeping with the subject -- fashion, except that it is not so much about fashion as about models, but I'm sure the title FASHION sounds more glamourous than the word MODELS (Hmmm....says something, huh?). It's not boring if you have enough time to kill and are not the 'fidgety' types. The girls really acted well.

There are some puns on the fashion scene too like some 'Muahs' (kisses in the air) as is probably true of the Mumbai fashion scene. Drugs, 'mathlabi' relationships, real friendships, which by the way, are portrayed heartwarmingly...perhaps a little too heart warming. I seriously wonder if these kinds of friendships are true today especially in this industry. I am a great fan of the relationship that is friendship and so, I did believe it.

'Fashion' is about a girl (Priyanka Chopra), who goes to Mumbai to become a supermodel and has the looks, so carries it off and lands herself some plum roles with much of her charm being her innocence and the stars in her eyes. This charm bit is MY understanding! Once she reaches the top, she falls prey to the very things everybody is supposedly afraid of getting into. How she picks herself up is cool to watch. Kangana Ranaut plays another supermodel who too goes completely beserk at the top, but founders.

Their paths become entwined at some point and the story is actually very simple, but the performances all around are good, really.

Still, is it worth watching? Well, only if you are not looking for action -- and by action, I mean fights, songs, major romances etc.

I liked it.

Oh and the gay guys as portrayed in this film are really adorable. What a waste, I say! Actually almost all the male characters in 'Fashion' come across as wonderful people.

WHAT a wonderful world that would be!!;)

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Aegan (Tamil film)

I don't think this film even deserves a review leave alone a detailed one.

What is the word for the opposite of substance?
That word would describe this film.

Of course if you like Ajit (the hero) you can manage to enjoy the film and even find him cute. For me, not only has he grown (nice little paunch and all), he has grown on me. I am not an Ajit fan though I do like to keep tabs on him!!

Liked him in this and it was quite interesting to see him attempt comedy of sorts. But then I had DECIDED to sit through the film even before I booked the tickets knowing well enough that it was not really worth watching.

Otherwise, I guess the director (Raju Sundaram I think) or whoever else in charge forgot that we moviegoers have brains. (Or, perhaps HE does not have any?) And the heroine Nayantara wears a bikini top for a blouse and she is a COLLEGE PROFESSOR??? Teaching the students whilst wearing that skimpy piece of underwear masquerading as a blouse? A Sigmund Freud moment, I think. They (director)could have allowed her to wear normal blouses to college and reserved the bikini ones for the dream sequences. (Hrrrumph)

Forgettable music. Think Yuvan Shankar Raja.

Most irritating of late is (especially in the film Seval which I noticed from a clip on TV) bad dubbing. The heroine especially is not Tamil, does not know Tamil and does not even lip synch properly. ARGH. drives me crazy. Slipshod for Rs. 120/-!

Coming back to Aegan, this film was more like a bad Hindi film than a bad Tamil one! By that I mean the silly comedy, ridiculous logic, etc. Besides, I seriously think that the days of the larger-than-life hero are numbered.

Thank God the popcorn was outstanding!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Scratching the itch

Don't get all excited. This is only about scratching of the head. It makes a statement. Well, probably any scratching makes a statement...forgot to have a bath?

Coming back to itchiness on the head, first of all, when my scalp itches, it is too close to my brain I suppose and so, the urge to scratch it is immense. Also, I cannot hide my head under a piece of clothing (like other unmentionable, itchy parts of the body) and in the guise of adjusting the cloth, furtively scratch away to glory. I cannot wait for the itch to go away since as I have already said, the brain's signal is very strong.

Moreover, any chance of NOT scratching an itch and instead making friction address the itch is non existent, unless I rub my head against the wall or worse, against another head (eeks). For instance, if I had an itch on my wrist, I could easily rub it against my clothed thigh or something, with the friction taking care of the itch. Perhaps embroidery and other embellishments on the cloth will enhance the 'frictioning'!

But the head? It stands out. And UP. So, no choice but to go up there.

What it signals to the other party could be any one of the following: -
1. I have dandruff
2. I have lice
3. I have a sweaty scalp
Heyyy. Don't judge. All this can happen to you too!
4. I want money
5. I want a favour
6. I am going crazy (very likely!)
6. I have not washed my hair in a while (at least a week) --heyyy. It does n't happen, OK?)
7. It's one of my bad habits. (Now, this we can believe -- quite like nose digging)
8. I am THINKING (... yeah, right!)

So, you see, head scratching is not just a simple action as it is too noticeable! And the reaction is almost always the same -- an Ugh expression followed by nervous observation. Even if you masked it, your eyes would show that you are on the look out.

Now, c'mon, it's not just me. I was being polite and going 'I, me, my itch'. I too give the masked ugh expression from time to time. Not that I am tolerant about other scatchings. Except maybe the back. I mean how can you help it if your back itches? (I bet you can help it by bathing regularly!)

This post is causing some amount of itchiness now, so I shall stop here with this sori story!

Gyan No. 5

Religious Fanatics -- Are they happily insane or insanely happy?


This whole class business makes me very uncomfortable. Should a person's money-status determine how high or low in class he is? Is that finally....IT?

Poor people supposedly form the lower class or worse, as some people put it -- 'Low class', then lower middle class (whazzat?), middle class (Ok, much mentioned and branded), upper middle class (you know those who are really middle class with a bit more money, but not enough money to get into the HIGH class bracket) and...high class (too much money and all that). Then there are probably kings and queens (the whole born-with-a-golden-spoon business)...

Have I missed any classes out?


We must divide. Always. Religions, nations, colours, castes, races, communities, sub-communities even, languages, sexual preferences...and so on. (Please tell me there are n't any more).

What's with all the division?

Does n't 'United we stand, divided we fall' mean anything? Or is that only within the divisions?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Slam, wham, no thank you sir / mom / dad!

Yesterday afternoon, the lady who does the domestic chores at home did not show up for work. Today, when she came in, I asked her what happened. She said her husband was (a) drunk and (B) sitting outside his mother's house (with whom they don't even get along)

So, she had asked him why he was not at their own home. He simply got up and thrashed her so hard, she fell to the ground. Then, by-standers and her mother in law (!) intervened and the assault stopped.

This is not new in this world. Wife-beating (in most cases, it IS the wife who receives -- the weaker sex and all that) is supposed to be 'quite normal' and not restricted to certain sections of society.

What amazes me is the tolerance of the women at the receiving end and people around. How come there are no rage murders by the wife -- when she is assaulted, loses it and finishes her husband off for good? I am sure there are a few such cases but only a few. Amazing that there are so many many women out there who think it is ok to be hit. Even educated ones!

Of course, that brings us to the uncomfortable topic of violence in general.
Anyways...sticking with the heading 'domestic violence', even whacking kids is domestic violence, right? But then how about the old saying ' spare the rod and spoil the child'? Does that mean that kids can be whacked now and then in order to discipline them? Is that OK?

Perhaps one of the first things we should be taught in school and the same reinforced in college, is that we should not hit anybody at all. Period. No raising of hand. I really don't remember having learned such a lesson, but perhaps it is much more relevant today with flying tempers, stressful lives, nuclear families and terribly intelligent and aware children?

Such a thin line between a whack and a wham. Such a thin line between irritation and rage. Such a thin line between sanity and insanity. And such a thin line between verbal assault and physical abuse.

Gyan No. 4

In today's world, nothing lasts...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Goofy Grin Vs Stupid Look

Goofy Grin:
At home yesterday, along comes a guy from the bank to pick up a cheque for deposit into my account. A seemingly boring and routine errand for him, and a necessary one for me. I open the door and am taken aback at the open smile he gives me. Now, I am aware that I don't react very well when I am taken aback. So, I tried smiling back in what I hoped was in a perfunctory way. I asked him his name, who sent him, etc. as part of an identification-check process that perhaps was not terribly necessary. Paranoia in full swing as usual!

Wonder of wonders, as he answered, he continued to smile and me, I have never been known to control my smiles, grins ...or indeed giggles and guffaws. I just grinned back. Quite disarming the chap was. But me, I was beginning to feel plain goofy and I knew I looked it. It was a meaningless smile, you know. And for NOTHING. But I could not help it. Amazing what a smile can do! I tried hard to finish the conversation as this mutual grinning was getting ridiculous or perhaps I had found a person quite as mad as I am! When I finally closed the door, I kicked myself (mentally of course, since physically kicking oneself needs a high degree of agility, am sure) for my goofy behaviour.

Now, this is not to be construed as flirting. It's just that I experienced SUCH an infectious smile after so long that I thought it worth blogging about!

Stupid Look:

The gym is a great place for stupid looks. Probably, this is unique to India? Hmmm. Whether I lose any weight or not, I manage to notice and experience weird things at the gym. Kind of keeps the interest and enthusiasm up! Furtive looks and sidelong glances are also quite common at the gym...and not just by ME, thank you very much.

The same day as the goofy grin, I went to gym and as I was working out, a guy I had never seen before finished his workout on the treadmill in front of me and turned and looked me straight in the eye. I have had quite a few strange experiences at the gym especially with the opposite sex so I was not about to honour him with one of my smiles, leave alone goofy grins. I just looked back and he looked quite expectant for a second -- like he thought I would smile. My earlier goofy grin flashed through my mind and I decided I could not afford to have my carefully maintained not-so-friendly 'gym image' ruptured and so, I quickly turned away. That split second in time just BEFORE a smile, has the face set into an expectant, curious expression which frankly looks less cool than it sounds. Quite stupid really. So, the stupid look. His, I mean.;)

A penny for my expressions, I say.

Sadly even I am not willing to spare the penny!;)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Two worlds and foodie thoughts.

The two worlds I refer to are food and fitness.

These two worlds go together IFF the food is healthy and by healthy, I mean low fat and perhaps taste-free! But my current experience of these two worlds under one roof happens as I try to 'frequent' a gym located in a posh office building with a Food Court almost adjacent to it. The options for food in that food court are by Planet Yumm and yum the choices certainly are...Noodle House (Chinese), KFC (Fried Chicken, basically), Palimar (Indian vegetarian), Qwiky's (coffee and snacks place), Sam's Kitchen (biryanis, etc.), Pathankot (Parathas), Pizza Corner and as a saving grace, Subway. I am not even sure if this is the right list nor am I sure whether there are more eateries inside the Food Court, because, I have not yet set foot in it! This is not to say I don't gaze longingly at it or kick myself for not throwing caution to the winds (as I am prone to doing often!) and just GET it out of my system, eating at this food court.

It's not as if I don't eat out. But, this proximity kills me what with the gym being situated right next door to the Food Court and all. Got me thinking I need to blog about it and feel less GRR.

Both these worlds are good. Here's what stares me in the face all the time...

1. Good facilities at the gym, good options at the Food Court.

2. You can buzz in and out of the gym anytime including during odd hours, you can do the same at the Food Court.

3. You can enjoy the ambience at the gym, and so also at the Food Court!

4. You can experience some of the best equipment at the gym, you can savour some of the best delicacies at the Food Court.

5. You can get aches and pains after visiting the gym, and so also after the Food Court.

6. You can pour out the stuff at the gym, you can pour in the stuff at the Food Court.


6. You can burn calories at the gym and earn calories at the Fooc Court.

Ok, ok, it goes downhill from there I know. THIS is why I have steered clear of it. The thought of burning all those calories and then 'earning' them back a mere stone's throw away is too much for even me to bear. So, this is what I have decided...when I finally cave in to my deep, dark desire that haunts me during every gym visit, I will strut in to the Food Court, pack up some food and leave with it...Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Yes, so THEN, when the calorie-earning begins, I will be far away from the gym and it will be like I have visited any other eatery. Hah.

It's a different matter that the end result will not change. Not relevant to this post, you see.

Until then, everyday, I think to myself...Soooo near and yet soooo far.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bad moods

This ought to sum up the bad mood situation but I have more to usual.
Poster 1:
"Nothing helps a bad mood like spreading it around".

Years ago, I picked up a poster with these wordings on it and really enjoyed it. Now, I realise how true it is. And not in a good way. The bad mood hits, you snap, perhaps you snap at the person who gave you the bad mood and then ...also at others who did not! Then those others get into their own bad moods and then, I guess they pass it on. Maybe after it reaches the 3rd or 4th person on the path, your own bad mood is quite on its way out. Kind of interesting and...can make you feel satisfied if only for a minute and feel quite quite small. Regret takes over sooner or later. Sigggghh.
Personal pearls of wisdom??!

Poster 2:
"I might as well exercise. I am in a bad mood anyway."

This poster too I picked up many years ago. Quite funny I thought, since I was not into exercising at alll then. Now that I am far more aware of exercise and its wonders (Hrrrrrrrrrumph!), I am not as full of 'josh' about this clever poster. Still, for a lazy, the thought of getting off his or her butt and getting to exercise is probably enough for a bad mood to set in. The exertion and all that good stuff! BUT, I can definitely say that exercise does help a bad mood cos, after all that pounding (feet) and huffing (breath), there is not much energy left for a bad mood. No wonder, exercise is also a cure for depression.
Argh. Don't I sound preachy?! WEll, as long as it's common knowledge that I don't all the time practise what I preach;), I won't be made out to be a holier-than-thou character -- the type I sincerely dislike! On second thoughts, I suppose I am more the eviller-than-thou types...

Poster No. 3:
Oh and speaking of posters, there is one I love even today....the one where Garfield stands on a weighing machine and goes"Liar!" at it.
That is still so great! Unfortunately, the one thing that has changed about this poster is that I have finally realised that the weighing machine does not, in fact, lie. Sooo sad, no? Worse, it is also quite unforgiving. Crafty thing, really and a serious bad mood-causer!

More posters coming up...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My First Solo

One thing I will never tire of talking about is my romance with flying. I can't say I don't harbour hopes of ever flying again...but of course, right now, I don't have anything to do with flying except as an occasional passenger. Sigh.

One of 'those times' I will always cherish is when I learned to fly a small airplane. Cessna 172, single engine, propellor driven.

It was October 13th and a 1995. Yesterday was October 13th and brought up this memory. But that October 13th was special. It was also Friday, the 13th! I knew it but did not want dwell on the horrors it bespoke*, because my flying instructor Joel Rogers finally said to me that day, "Ok, Su, I think you are ready for it." I was quite ready -- for the previous few hours of flying, I had felt an impatience. I directed this to my instructor (whom I quite respected -- read: was afraid of -- although we were almost the same age!) and fiinallly, he got the vibes / confidence.

So, he signed me off, wished me luck (looked nervous, he did). I was later told by a friend there at the flying school in West Virginia that he was certainly nervous as hell and even said once: "I can't look" and walked away. Well, in Charleston, WV, there were very few students at the flying school. And, I was the only foreign one and perhaps a bit more exotic than the average foreigner! (Naane sollikiren / even if I say so myself!)

As an Indian student, I was supposedly given the most 'stable and mature' of the 3 available instructors who were all in their early twenties and trying to make it as commercial pilots by building up flying time and experience by teaching flying.

So I jauntily walked up to the airplane. Took my time (as my paranoid, usual self) with the pre-flight inspection of the aircraft, perhaps slightly delaying the actual flying on purpose! Just some nerves and all, mind you. Finally, I taxied out, and took off down the runway.

Taking off is always easy, it's the landing that's tough! SO much like life, eh?;)

A first solo, I think, usually consists of the student pilot on his or her own handling the airplane and doing 3 takeoffs and landings, going around the airport to do so. Now, the airport I was training at was on top of two mountains. Two mountain tops were cut off and the area flattened, to make the airport and obviously, there were many up and down drafts of air that could buffet the small airplane about a bit etc. Yeah, baby, 'Almost heaven, West Virginia', indeed!Of course I was not THIS wise on my first solo and after the first take off, coming in to land, I started singing Dum Maro Dum, giggling feverishly. I still remember how idiotic I felt...and how exhilarated. My second take off was ok too, but during the landing, I was a bit 'off'.

The runway has lights that guide the airplanes but they also indicate whether the pilot is making his or her descent within safe and permissible limits. The easy-to-remember code for the two pairs of lights on either side of the runway was...
White over white = too high (need to descend faster / sharper)
Red over white = You are all right (maintain that descent and you will probably land OK and stay alive!)
Red over Red = You're dead. (nothing more needs to be said!)

So, on my second landing approach, I saw red over red. (This was probably when my instructor turned away feeling queasy!) Trying not to think about crashing into the mountain side and ending up dead, I increased power to get up higher and then landed sharper. My third take off and landing were far as memory serves me!

It felt so good. It just did. It still does, I think. Unforgettable.

After all, what's life if not for memories?

*p.s. Have always wanted to use the word 'bespoke';)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Life's all about ultimatums

Ultimatums follow us from babyhood to 'deathhood'!

If you don't eat your food, you can't play with your favourite toy.
If you don't drink your milk, you cannot watch your favourite TV show.
If you don't finish your homework, you cannot chat with your friend over the phone.
If you don't come out of your room when guests come, you will not have a room.
If you don't study well and get good grades, you will not get that birthday present.
If you don't come back home by 10 pm, you are grounded for a month.
If you don't get a job soon, people will label you a loafer.
If you don't get married soon, people will label you a spinster / bachelor. (Now, why does 'bachelor' sound so much more cool than 'spinster?' Or is there a better word these days?)
If you don't have a baby soon, you have a problem.
If you don't admit your child into a 'good' school, you are a careless parent.
If you don't get your 'kids' married early, you are not a responsible parent.
If you don't babysit your grandchildren, you are not a good grandparent.

If you...
then you...

Where does it end?

Oh, and there are more...
If you don't exercise and diet, you may get some terrible disease.
If you drink and smoke, you will die young.

Now, don't even think that you can do good for the sake of doing good. Noooo. You have to do it so you are not perceived as BAD. Cool, no?

Observation: If you are given an ultimatum...the job will be done!

Inference1: Adi Odhai udhavaraa maadhiri annan thambi udhava maatanga. (Whacks and kicks help shape a person better than even your own siblings' support!(??)
Inference2: We are not just God fearing, we are MUCH fearing. Or are they branches of the same tree?
Inference 3: If you want someone to 'be good', you have to threaten him BE good...or else.
Inference 4: Nobody is free from ultimatums...???

If I don't make another inference...

nothing will happen. Therefore, I will NOT make it.


Monday, October 06, 2008

What I REALLY wannabe and oughtabe...

1. Less paranoid
2. More happy
3. More funny
4. Less fussy
5. More loving
6. More patient
7. More physically active
8. More positive
9. Less fat -- eeks this comes everywhere and then...goes nowhere!!
10. More strong -- mentally and emotionally
11. Less snappy
12. More quiet
13. More caring
14. Less in-charge
15. More 'musical'
16. Less curious about vetti things!

Oh dear. This seems more difficult than my wannabe list!;)

Saturday, September 27, 2008


This is what I call a real Tamil Nadu dance. This super dance style lays maximum emphasis on the beat. The best thing about dappan koothu is that it is informal. Anything goes and this gives the dance a sense of freedom that cannot be matched. (Ok, maybe 'disco dance' is also like that...but this is so very local-Tamizh).

One does not need formal training in dance to do a dappan koothu. In fact, perhaps formal training will not help for dancing dappan koothu, since you need to let go. You just need to get with it, feel the beat, groove and MOVE. The moves can range from very stiff to very loose. Cool, huh?

Ideally, the dancer's back will be straight, with head held high unless the step requires you to bend a bit. The impression is one of confidence and mock seriousness. Then come the funny steps which make the others laugh and stop their dappankoothu for a bit. Seriously, life does not get more fun than the uninhibited dappan koothu. 'Koothu' itself was (I think) derived from a sanskrit word meaning dance, but is also loosely used to describe a fun scene or incident with some amount of chaos in it. Dappan Koothu is for everyone -- those with grace and...those without.

Ideal film songs for Dappan Koothu of different types and moods (maybe available on youtube)...but hardly a comprehensive list:
1. Vaalameenu from the film Chithiram Pesudhadee
2. Jalsa pannungada from Chennai 600 028
3. Surangani from where I dunno (!)
4. Annatha aadurar from Aboorva sagodharargal (quite an orginal dappan koothu variety)
5. Appadi Podu from Gilli
6. Singari sarakku from Khakhi Chattai
7. Indadi Kappakazhange from Dhool (PUCCA dappan koothu beat)
8. Kathala Kannale from Anjadhey
9. Nakku Mukka from Kaadhalil Vizhundhen
10. Yennadi Muniyamma (remix version?) from Vaadhiyar -- stylish yennadi muniyamma

Some people look down at dappan koothu. They are the uptight la di da ones. Quite 'ignorable' folks, those, only fit for a cuppa and smooth, formal talk. Besides, who gives them right to look down at any folk dance?

The only thing is you have gotto be in the mooood for dappan koothu.

Dappan Koothu -- very very 'local' and very very good.


Quite idly only...

Not at all in order of priorities, I wannabe...

1. A music composer
2. A popular writer
3. A fabulous mother
4. A best friend
5. A pianist
6. A good entertainer
7. A good singer
8. An artist (woo hoo even I did not see this coming)
9. A model daughter (in law too;))
10. An aerobics instructor (in my cousin's words, BWAHAHAHAHA, I know)
11. A DJ
12. A pilot (finally, something you cannot laugh at!Yes, a PPL does count;)
13. Streetsmart
14.An excellent cook
15. A kind soul
16. A frequent holidayer;)
17. A strummer (guitar)
18. A modest know-it-all!
19. Less fat (very noncommittal)
20. A party animal...but only sometimes. Not as young these days, you see...

Monday, September 15, 2008

'BLEAH!' to the pseudostars, cos SAROJA does Kollywood proud!

SAROJA entertained me for three hours today. From the first scene, until the end. The movie refreshes Kollywood to say the least. Even though I am yet to watch 'Chennai 600 028', I did learn about this entertaining film from a friend ( and when I got the opportunity to spend my Monday midday with Saroja, I just upped and went.

The film is mainly about friendship between four friends. It is also about other things -- a missing girl, another friendship, unrequited love, and so on, and everything is the main plot! Yes, plot it is. Even if you did anticipate somethings in the film, which is unlikely, it is a very well taken film.

Now, I don't usually do film reviews, nor can I call this one. But, I so enjoyed it that I felt it deserved a post on my blog.

I enjoyed it because...
1. I was watching a film after a long time (3 weeks to a month;))
2. It was unscheduled...
3. I expected it to be good (weird logic I know, but it worked for me)
4. The friendship portrayed between the four guys was wonderfully painted and so realistic...such as fighting with each other in a crisis, finally standing by each other, working together against odds, showing weaknesses openly, sharing 'two-aside' secrets, inviting a spouse's irritation by 'just being' , etc.
5. The fights seemed real, unlike in most films when the hero lifts a leg and sends the opponent flying through a glass wall, or he punches / gets punched fifty times and the fight still stays fresh with the fighters quite unscathed. Also, the fights did not have the hero (es) fighting gunmen with his/their bare hands, oblivious to lethal weapons. Oh and people got hurt even when you did not want them to...
6. The songs were pretty good and entertaining with one song showing Macarena-like steps, except it was just A step;) Cute and ...doable. Watch the film and go back and try the moves. Hoo hoo. and upload to youtube or at least pass it to me for MY entertainment.
7. Imagine, I was not even interested in my popcorn and cold coffee. The film was enjoyable enough. Now, that's a first!
8. The dream scenes were scarce, but when they appeared, they were as funny as they ought to be.
9. There were no idiotic duet songs with a couple dashing around or rolling around.
10. The pace was racy.
11. The actors all delivered. Except perhaps for Prakash Raj (who was average), whom the other actors with less experience, simply outshone!
12. Because of one of my favourite actors' presence -- Jayaram. Now, HE delivered.
13. THERE ARE NO SIX PACKS! Whew. Relief. These guys look real and act it.
14. The girls look their age and part. AND, they are attractive; even the siren is super good looking.
15. THE HUMOUR in it...and not always from the designated comedian (although it seemed there was one*), but from the entire cast.
* The guy (Premji) truly brought out the full meaning of the phrase 'comic relief' with not just witty, meaning-to-be-funny remarks...he was funny as a person, and never-endingly so.Definitely a must-have guy in any gang of friends!
16. Fairly good looking villains;) (Sampath, his cronies, etc.)
17. It actually made me long to be part of the cast!
18. The 4 guys -- SPB Charan, Shiva, Premji and Vaibhav were all believable and likeable characters and not because of their looks or screen presence but because of how well they were 'in character'.
19. The film made me laugh heartily, loudly, scream in frustration or fear, yell suggestions and egg the characters on...basically, I lost myself in it and reluctantly found myself again at the end;) Even the end credits were entertaining with not unusual clippings of funny takes.
20. The background score...scores. Yuvan Shankar Raja I think. Damn good.
21...Oh, dear! I wish could go on, but the rest will be the story, which I ought not to divulge and rob anyone of their enjoyment. I will just stop now and say...FINALLY, it's not a bad thing after all that Rajini and Kamal, the original Kollywood superstars are getting old....cos there are some super duper films being made and excellent performers being served up. As for the pseudostars, even if you pull up your socks and work at those six packs to make them five and a half or whatever (Sheesh!), or deliver more of those lame punchlines, you DO have some great guys to compete with, who don't even have THE so-called LOOKS to brag about. Well, pseudostars, 'BLEAH!' to you!

It's a Venkat Prabhu film, by the way.


Yours truly entertained,

Friday, September 12, 2008

Bear Hugs

A bear hug is the best kind of hug.

I don't think I want to be hugged by a bear in real life although a bear hug from a human (wonlee a human I be liking very much;)), is great. We Indians -- oh, ok, we South Indians, tend to underestimate the hug as a gesture and often get embarrassed by them -- regardless of whether we are looking at people hugging or experiencing a hug.

Hugs are great. A hug is a gesture of affection really, and nothing more, nothing less.

I am not referring to the kind of pseudo hugs that are followed by one or two 'Ummm...uahs', which are kisses blown in the air by smacking your lips. Typically, these Ummuahs go with: "Hi, darrrrling" or "Oh, hellllloo sweetheart" and so on. That would be drip drip drip, my pseudo ship.

No, I mean the kind of hug you may give / get when you are meeting and greeting somebody after a long time (at least a month) and you have really missed and / or are REALLY happy to see him or her. The hug should be tight, warm, whole hearted, platonic (thank you) and feel-good. Ahhhh, yes. Such a hug is almost like therapy, I say.

Anyway, so, sometimes we may be a bit shy to hug someone or are put off by the false hugs. But I don't let such hang ups stand in my way these days. I was taught the art of great hugging by a friend from college and must remain thankful to her forever:). Before that, hugs just made me uncomfortable and conscious of onlookers.

Now, I hug like ...a bear. I do pseudos too sometimes(!), but cannot bring myself to Ummmuah anyone;)

Monday, September 08, 2008

Pommanaati (Tamil word)


I am sure there is something seriously wrong with this word. I love my mother tongue Tamil or Thamizh to be precise, but this word I strongly object to. It means woman -- general, just 'woman', but I sure cringe every time I hear it.

It is the sound of it being pronounced that sounds ugh. Somehow, even though it just means woman, it sounds like an insult. 'Pombalai' sounds better although am sure it came from 'Penn Pillai' -- quite charming then.

I am sure there are more words I dislike but for now, it has to be just pommanaati.

Pee in my pants!

Umm no, don't get scared. This is not actually about the pee in my pants, nor is it about me peeing in my pants (well, maybe a little about that!), because that is another story, he he. No, stories -- plural.;)

What I want to say is that I miss the pee in my pants. Er no, I don't want to suffer from incontinence or any other such embarrassing health issue, nor do I want to be in a situation where I am so scared I pee...but I want to laugh so hard that a little pee will make its way out.

For a really satisfying laugh, something has to tickle you. For a really hearty laugh, the laugh has to last. I want both obviously.I honestly think it's been a long time. I do of course laugh from time to time but not quite that way.

Oh, and when such a laugh happens, it is most enjoyable if it comes on in the company of your best crazies -- friends or friendly relatives(!). During such a laugh, you will laugh so hard you cannot stop, with belly shaking, eyes watering, stomach aching, a lot of noise making, looking at each other and shaking your heads, which will keep triggering off more such bouts and then finally for the grand finale, some pee will escape and you will think "uh-oh, I have peed in my pants and I had better stop now...". This thought itself can make you laugh even more a;though you will now be guarded (more pee = wet spot and all that). Sadly then, like all good things, the laugh too will come to an end.

Now that it's been such a long time, I really won't care if I do laugh and the grand finale happens.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Right here...waiting for you

The song. 'Right Here Waiting For You' by Richard Marx, whose songs all seemed to me to sound sommmmewhat similar! Yet I chose that song for my hitherto one and only solo vocal performance. Oh, yeahhhh, those were the days when i roamed around the campus with my guitar in hand. Heavy stuff.

The guitar, I meant. Definitely not my perfomance.

I chose that song in my final year of school in the inter house competition (Western Music category) precisely because it was not challenging and I would not easily make a fool of myself. Now, I don't normally sing soppy stuff, but this was an easy song, I say! So I went up there on the stage and sang my heart out. Closed my eyes and all. Really FELT the moment of waiting for 'you'. Thankfully, when I opened my eyes, the audience was still around. In fact I got them woo-hoos and cheers. Oh well, after 14 years in the same school (Rosary Matric. Chennai), I had better have been at least that popular!;) Although, of course, it was my big group of friends and acquaintances who rooted for me.

SIGH. In spite of all that, I did not get the best vocalist prize -- even out of 4 measly singers. Sour Grapes Inc.

But I contributed to my position too. Not by singing badly -- er, not that I sing great but my friends did tell me I sang SOULFULLY and was very impressive -- AHEM. The truth was, because of a misguided goodness of the heart, I went about coaching another girl (my at-that-point VERY nervous and high strung junior and my namesake) competing in the same category on how to sing 'Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You' and taught her to use her high-pitch moments beautifully. Stupid I was. I see it now. Only 16 years later.

Lost moment of glory.


Sunday, August 31, 2008

Keep it on your head!

So many motorcyclists around me. They weave in and out, zig and zag, fast and aggressive or slow and wobbly. And so many of them have no helmets or worse, have their helmets attached to the handle at the rear of the seat. What is that about?Are these characters in so much of a hurry that they forget their heads? Literally, they can forget their heads. Ha , ha. Morons. I feel even those with no helmet in sight are ...well, as stupid and careless. They obviously don't care if they may at any point become brain dead -- well, then if that's the choice, HMPH.

Those who ride their bikes and hang their helmets around them -- oh please! I want to shriek at them, I want to intercept them, put my hazards on, get down and go and shake the twit's shoulders and yell into his face "WHY DO YOU HAVE YOUR HELMET BEHIND YOU IF YOU'RE NOT GOING TO WEAR IT?" Obviously, he has taken the pains to buy his fat head a helmet. What for, then?

Please one of you idiot bikers, have mercy on me and tell me what it's about. Is there some funda my small brain is not able to fathom?

Going crazy with this here.

And another great man or woman will say "I am only going a short distance so I do not need a helmet". Or, "Mine is only a scooty. It does not require a helmet". I salute you, dumb sirs and madams. Your logic is astounding.

Perhaps I really don't know better.

Oh and don't even get me started on all those who let their small kids hang out at various angles from their motorbikes.

That deserves another special post...later. I am all wrung out now.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Arrey, baba!

The gym I go to. Yes, it is a very good one with very good facilities. That's why i go there. Point made.

Now, I am no GREAT writer but I am usually with it when it comes to writing simple sentences. I corrected a badly written 'thought for the day' kind of thing on this gym's notice board, which is visible to all members as they work out.

The weirdly written thought for the day glared at me for ten minutes until I could bear it no longer and summoned the one who wrote it and requested her to correct it at least to SOME extent. The whole thing goes something like this -- i.e. the corrected version: -

"Try to be unique in life the way 'SALT' is -- Its absence makes things tasteless / useless"

Right. Slightly more relieved though still not 100% satisfied, I continued with my workout, which was the purpose of my going to a gym! (Yeah, yeah and not to vettily / joblessly edit stuff, but mind YOU, I did not stop huffing and puffing all through my suggestions.)

Then I saw another member -- a guy whom I shall now unfondly call Mr. Know-it-better-than-you (who was watching all this), call another gym-employee and make a further (SNORT) correction to the above. Below, please find the wronged version...(Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)

"Try to be unique in life the way 'SALT' is -- Its absence make things useless / tasteless"

Yes, he removed the 's' so I now understand that 'SALT' is plural.
Soooper pa.

Arrre... arrey... arrrrrrrrey Baba. I really need to scream long and hard sometimes.

I still cannot bear it ("its absence make"...ARGHHHHHHHHH)...
You know these people can even have you doubting your own eenglees I say!With such confidence they go about wronging things!

Am sure tomorrow, I will wage a fresh war. Today, I managed to focus away from the damn notice board!

Is it just me?

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Catty talk, but heartfelt;)

Oh God. This Kollywood place is full of them. Heroes, heroines, comedians, villains, monkeys, donkeys and more (last three are mostly wannabes). This post however, is only about heroes, not heroines -- heroines are quite a separate chapter. No, wait, I may mention them too.;)

Coming back to heroes and the sheer numbers out on the loose...

Agreed -- with all this knowledge and information explosion, more is 'in'. Gone are the days when a handful ruled the roost. MGR, Shivaji, Gemini, Muthuraaman, etc. followed by the nextgen Kamal, Rajini and more recently Suriya, Vikram, Vijay, Ajit...but does it stop there? We got Arya, Vishal, Simbu, Dhanush, Prasanna, etc. also on the scene and admittedly, doing quite well for themselves. Okay. BUT. but, but but.

There are also all kinds of new faces that honestly, I don't GET. Oh, how do they think they will make it as heroes? Beats me. Now, am not going to name those who just are not going to sell, because quite frankly, I don't even want to KNOW their names leave alone, remember them. Even some heroines...ugh.

Okay, I AM all for 'beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder' (um, kinda my point) and high self esteem, etc. Being a wannabe is also very important because what's life without some hopes and dreams? But there is a LOT of over-confidence and blind faith in one's saleability as a filmstar, and these are often but not always limited to, sons and daughters of the who's whos in the industry. Romba Dhayariyam (lot of courage) for some, I must say. But I call it Ashattu Dhayariyam (silly courage). And who suffers? People like me of course, who might chance upon such movies with such actors. Even if such characters ASPIRE to become film STARs, it can ruin the moment. (not my life, nope...always the silver lining!;))

Just reading about these characters bothers me...enough to write this post! At the very least, I would ask people interested in Kollywood adventures to gaze for LONG at themselves in the mirror and analyse what roles they would be best suited for, if any. Good looks alone are not enough although they are of course, necessary. If not GOOD, at least some arresting characteristic, please. And if nothing's there, how about some talent? Huh?

Analyse, analyse's not just for your own sakes, please!

So, wannabes of Kollywood, I say, please rethink and get objective opinions before launching your mugs out there. There is only so much the world can tolerate.


Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What's a good word? Pang!

The English language maybe a bit of a puzzle sometimes and maybe 'other' things as well. But there are some nice words that really give the real feeling of the meaning behind them. One such word is 'pang'. There is a certain ring to this word. "He felt a pang" is self explanatory. To a Tamilian it means the 'dwainnngk' sound. It may be a pang of hunger (insistent ringing of the stomach for food) or a pang of grief (a DWAINNNGK dramatic sound) or just a pang. This last one would be a strong whoosh of feeling-feeling (will take a true Chennai-local to get this) -- an emotional pang, that is.

That's why I like the word pang. It means what is says.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Serious Question (perhaps morbid too!)

Ok, so we all have to go one day. But where do we go? Heaven, hell, space... cyberspace? True, I am sadly ignorant since I don't read books on spirituality or LIFE or certainly not on life after death. Still, the question persists in my mind and I now insist on asking it. What happens after?

I asked a dear friend this question soon after my father died. Since this friend is definitely older (just a tad) and always seems wiser than most people I know, I remember I posed the question to him in utter grief and frustration: "But WHERE do they go? Can you tell me?" I vividly remember that his answer was equally helpless but deep. I say deep because....I dunno. It sounds deep, at least in this context. Shaking his head decisively he replied "I don't know. I just don't know." Clearly, most people don't know. Perhaps even the ones who die will not know. Hah. How weird is that thought?

I think we also on some level may not want to know because we then will invariably think of death itself and then spend some feverish and paranoid moments wondering how that fellow will greet us! Ugh. The 'how' puts me off it even right here and now.

Right. So, since I am too lazy to read any of those 'telling' books, if anyone knows, please feel free to enlighten me... perhaps as briefly as you can because lengthy explanations are the reason I don't wade through them books. I could not even finish The Monk who sold his Ferrari because of the long, rambling and seemingly similar stuff about some things that I just found blah. No offence to the book or its author because: (a) It is a bestseller (right?) and (b) I could also see on some other level, how it could be useful to one in a similar or close-to-similar situation. I personally own no expensive car leave alone a Ferrari (hmph.) for it to make a world of sense to me and bring that damn elusive halo closer to my fat head. back to my question: Twinkle twinkle little star, how I really do sometimes wonder what you are. Ok, ok, I know you must be a celestial body or something but... are you more than that???

P.S. Please do NOT teach this version of the rhyme to any child, thank you;)


Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Tag on Page 123 of a book

This tag came from my cuz. Bit of a 'homework piece' for me and not the random sort of bullshit I usually like to indulge in;) Hence, the delay. But am still obviously OK to do it quite cheerfully and so here I am. Also, was a wee bit 'embraced' about the book am presently reading so the reluctance. Then I decided...what the heck?
(And now as I REALLY read the rules herein below I realise that it is the NEAREST book. All this while I had thought it had to be the book I am currently reading. OHO. )

Now, for the Page 123 tag.These are the rules:
1. Pick up the nearest book.
2. Open to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people, and acknowledge the person who tagged you.

Now, very revealingly, the nearest book to me all this while was the Gourmet Guide!! (Chennai's restaurant finder -- like I need one!) but then the book nearest me today right now is one MODERN Mills and Boon called The Billionaire Boss's Secretary Bride by Helen Brooks. It is rather boring (too much thinking on the part of the lovebirds and not enough conversation) though the theme was good since the usually skinny, svelte, slender and downright frail heroine has in this book been replaced by a curvy and rounded figure which although does not necessarily translate as 'fat but beautiful' (Ahem!), is still better than the 'I will huff and I will puff and I will blow this Mills and Boon heroine away' types;)

The necessary part from Page 123 for this tag is:
"She needed milky cocoa to help her sleep, she told herself firmly. And perhaps a couple of slices of buttered toast too. Her heart might be in shreds, she might be looking at an empty future devoid of husband and children and all the things she'd thought she'd have one day, but she was n't going to crumble into tiny pieces now or at any other time."

Now for tagging others. My cousin shyam tagged me and now I ain't gonna. Anyone wants to take this on, you can feel free. Cos am lazy to think of anybody now.:)

Oh and if I had gone with the Gourmet Guide, I would have landed on this supposedly snooty restaurant called Prego where a meal for 3 may cost Rs. 9000/- (hearsay) and this restaurant is located in the Taj Coromandel hotel in Chennai. The hotel's chinese is rather superb but that restaurant (Golden Dragon) is presently closed for renovation.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ten Secrets

Ten secrets about me (copied idea from my dear cuz's blog).
1. When I was around 4 years old or just over, I developed a major crush on MGR after watching him relieve a lion of it's pain (thorn in the paw) in 'Vettaikaaran'. So much so that I wrote feverishly on the walls of my home ..."MGR MGR MGR MGR" punctuated by the odd "Latha" who used to be his then heroine.
2. I wanted to become a vet until I realised I would have to treat pigs and cows too. (I had seen a vet put his entire forearm into the womb of a cow to remove the placenta after the calf's birth -- at least I think that's what he was doing!)
3. I was my older sister's 'fan' until I turned a teenager. I am not sure if fan is the right word. She was my master!
4. I was mortally afraid of my father until I turned around ten or eleven even though he never ever beat me even once! I was just shit scared of him. My mother did a good job of "Appa kitta sollatuma?"(Shall I tell dad?)
5. I am still a bit scared of my mother! (Though it does n't look that way)
6. Although I always wanted to fly, once I started learning, I was actually quite scared of the whole thing. Only through sheer will power did I get through my PPL course. But was not scared after the intial hours in the sky.
7. I am horribly afraid of natural disasters -- earthquake, tsunami, volcano eruptions, storms and even rain! I am paranoid too!
8. I am afraid of the dark.
9. I have once lied blatantly to a policeman once and pulled a fast and smooth one on him. He stopped me in my car once on Mount Road after midnight and asked for my license. I knew I did n't have it with me in the car (though I had/have a valid one) but I said "Sure, sir, RIGHHHT here" and leaned over to the dashboard. I was so convincing and dramatic that he quickly waved me off without checking!
10. I once stole (I was 8)my classmate's ruler from her and NEVER gave it back. I felt bad later but still did n't own up. Later that same year, I also stole a fountain pen. When i later discovered my then best friend crying and hunting for her new pen, I panicked, dropped it down somewhere and then pretended to 'find it' and pounced on it and triumphantly handed it back to her. I never stole anything after that!

How are my secrets?;)

Gyan No. 3

It's food that makes the world go ROUND.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


May as well say am a copycat. Nyooo problemo.


I think: too much about some things that don't deserve so much thinking.

I know: that my thinking is at least a bit impractical.

I want: to grow old looking and feeling GOOD.

I have: more body weight than I care to have.

I wish: I had more will power.

I miss: my childhood.

I fear: losing loved ones.

I feel: bad for the orphaned, old and lonely.

I smell: usually bad before a bath and good after.

I search: for misplaced bills mostly.

I wonder: who will read all this.

I regret: having regained much of the weight I lost.

I love: being in love.

I ache: in weird places at weird times...(eeks. too honest?;))

I care: too much about those who don't really matter sometimes.

I am not: a rule breaker.

I believe: in love, in music and in the fact that a healthy low fat diet combined with exercise is the ONLY good way to lose weight. (HMPH.)

I dance: a GREAT DEAL less than I want to.

I sing: these days better than I ever did before.

I cry : at movies very easily.

I don’t always : get my pedicures done.

I fight : sleep some days for no good reason.

I write: for deadlines that I have now come to dislike.

I win: when others lose to me.

I lose: quite easily, as history as shown.

I never: sleep at night without brushing my teeth.

I always: pray to God before I sleep.

I confuse: too easily for my liking.

I listen: to most people who want me to.

I can usually be found: if someone really wants to find me.

I am scared: of many things.

I need: a lot of love (high maintenance;)

I am happy about: my school and college life.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lofty twits

I had some handycam back-up to be taken pronto and it took me three phone calls to be convinced that Konica Nungambakkam would do it for me in an hour just as they promised they would and I convinced myself of this through my various cross 'qosteens'. Cos I needed it done in a hurry.

Then, I had all these great photo-stands and all these great snaps that I wanted printed and fitted into some nice stands and frames. So, I took it along to Konica Nungambakkam together with my handycam. Now, this place is supposed to be good, and the 'ultimate' Konica in Chennai. Whatever.

The reticent lady there first fumbled with my handycam and looked disbelieveing when I told her it was a hard disk camcorder -(bet she did n't know much about it -- well, i did n't either but SHE ought to have) . She coolly told me :
1. that it would take 2 days to get the dvds from handycam done
2. that TWO of the 3 photo stands I gave to her to examine would fit only ONE photo in each slot although I repeatedly told her the design was such that one could slide two in -- front and back. She steadfastly refused to agree and insisted in her reticent way that only one would fit into each.

Now, do I have some sort of anti-people personality that puts many people into some sort of loop where they feel giving me wrong or incomplete information gives them a sense of satisfaction?

Anyway, the person I am now trying to become, I told her in no uncertain terms...
1. that she had BETTER get me my dvds that day since I had spoken to that office the previous day and they had given me their word that they would do it in one she reluctantly made a show of consulting colleagues and said it could be done in 5 hours. (something is better than nothing)
2. that i wanted double the number of photos than was suggested by her despite her 'expert' advice, 'just in case' my idea about the photo stands worked.

Well, I got my DVDs ok that day and my photo stands are now proudly sporting all the photos I got printed and more. The words imbecile and incompetent come to mind when I consider this woman. Sure, it is no earthshattering mistake, but it was indifference mingled with lazily misplaced over-confidence. Had it not been for my inherently innocent-turned-suspicious nature that most 'service' people today don't give a damn and that I better look after myself, I would have had to make 2 more trips for this small job.


Make out list

Ok, another from my cuz where she listed ten literary characters she would totally make out with, but with whom she won't know. Now, I'm not as well-read as she is, and therefore cannot remember that many literary characters and so, I am going to change the rules slightly.

SO, mine will also be a list of 10-20(!) characters or actors;) , NOT whom I would 'totally make out with' (yedhukku vambu?) but er, those I was/am romantically or generally inclined towards, shall we say?: -
(Pssst! It means the same , does n't it?)
(Psssssst, cuz whom I copied from, forgive me, I know not what I do -- am going overboard as many literary characters went flying out of my head suddenly!)

1. Rhett Butler in Gone With The Wind. (oo la la anyday -- be he or be he not, Clark Gable)
2. Dick of Famous Five -- as a kid, was quite interested in this character with his humour and all that -- Julian was a bit of a bore. George of course was not a boy...SIGH;), Anne not an option.
3. Frank Hardy from the Hardy Boys -- again, WHEN I was a teenager, if you please. I think I liked his name and dark hair more than anything else.
3. Ned Nickerson, boyfriend of Nancy Drew -- Again during my early teens, and imaginary boyfriend-nabbing is/was no problem. Also, at the time, his surname did n't bug me as much;)
4. Cary Grant -- if I had been born at that time
5. Rock Hudson -- if he had n't turned out to be gay...and if I had been born around then
6. Karthik -- ONLY in Mouna raagam and Agninatshathiram
7. Kamal Haasan -- in Sathya and younger version in Nayagan and as Raju in Michael Madana Kama Rajan
8. Sirius Black -- Harry Potter's Godfather as described in the Books (not movies)
9. Severus Snape -- the supposedly mean ol' Professor in the Harry Potter Books, not films. As an adult, but after a good shampoo bath followed by conditioning of course.
10. Sylvester Stallone -- in Over The Top
11. Surya -- as police officer Anbuchelvan in Kaakha Kaakha
12. Vikram -- as police officer Aaruchaami in Samy
13. Vikram -- in Dhool
14. Sivaji Ganesan in his youth-o-youth, portraying ...some characters -- angry young man or stylish and suave 'eng' man!! (shocking, is n't it?)
15. George Clooney unless he is smaller made in real life
16. Michael Moretti -- the bad, powerful man in Sidney Sheldon's Rage of Angels
17. Rajinikant -- as the autodriver with the Don-past in Baasha
18. Laurie -- Little Women
19. Jeff Stevens -- the conman from If Tomorrow Comes
20. Superman!

Gosh if there's more, will add/replace. Not to mention many of the Mills and Boon heroes who have wasted my time...and still do!


Four-time movies

Young and impressionable days -- teenage is full of them. Much of my leisure time was spent with my gang of friends --chats, lunches, dinners, cuppas, sleepovers, spend-overs(!) and movies.

Movies we loved because
a) we loved the hero / heroine,
b) ONE of us loved the hero/heroine,
c) we or some of us loved the movie
d) we loved the experience of going to that movie together or simply
e) all of us loved everything about it.

I think the maximum number of times we have seen the same film on the big screen is 4. Four times! The films that enjoyed this, privilege are: -

1) Mouna Ragam -- deserves a mention even if we did not catch it 4 times on the big screen (we were around 13 then and probably not allowed out all that much!) but together, we would have seen it at one of our homes at least 10-12 times. And a few of us knew the dialogues to the 20 minute Karthik's part of the film BY HEART! Boy was he fab then!

2) Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander -- Aamir Khan, whom i did not much care for in QSQT -- uruchuvitta kozhi look (plucked chicken) and all that, as I was always after macho-er men in reel life. BUT in this film, he GAAAD. The film was great, had this whole cute love story thing going as well as great songs -- one in particular that triggered off this post is 'Pehla Nashaa' , which is still a beautiful song. Then there was the 'schooly' competition (bicycle race) thrown in. Wonderful experience although am pretty sure 4 times were warranted only because it had one of those first time kissing scenes (aamir khan and pooja bedi) that gave us desperate housegirls;) a major kick.

3) Agni Natshathiram -- because of Karthik, t'was a great entertainer and also because 2-3 of us liked Karthik while one liked Prabhu and the rest liked the fact that we liked them...oh, the joblessness of teenage...mmmmm. (Nostalgia bout)

4) Gopuravaasalile -- Karthik again. Just for him (although he was already beginnning to lose it then; his hair as well as his charm). And for the songs. Otherwise, a very sidey film I must admit. But 4 times we did see it on the big screen ...and in quick succession. HOW did our parents allow us to do so? Beats me!

Can't think of anymore although I did see Cliffhanger (Sylvester Stallone) 4times in the theatre -- once or twice with friends, once with my mom(!)-- yeah, ANYTHING to drool at the SLYman then! --and once with some other unsuspecting friend;)

Am sure there are more on the list. Perhaps some friend from that movie-hungry gang who reads this can help me out.

Those were the days!