Friday, July 04, 2008

Serious Question (perhaps morbid too!)

Ok, so we all have to go one day. But where do we go? Heaven, hell, space... cyberspace? True, I am sadly ignorant since I don't read books on spirituality or LIFE or certainly not on life after death. Still, the question persists in my mind and I now insist on asking it. What happens after?

I asked a dear friend this question soon after my father died. Since this friend is definitely older (just a tad) and always seems wiser than most people I know, I remember I posed the question to him in utter grief and frustration: "But WHERE do they go? Can you tell me?" I vividly remember that his answer was equally helpless but deep. I say deep because....I dunno. It sounds deep, at least in this context. Shaking his head decisively he replied "I don't know. I just don't know." Clearly, most people don't know. Perhaps even the ones who die will not know. Hah. How weird is that thought?

I think we also on some level may not want to know because we then will invariably think of death itself and then spend some feverish and paranoid moments wondering how that fellow will greet us! Ugh. The 'how' puts me off it even right here and now.

Right. So, since I am too lazy to read any of those 'telling' books, if anyone knows, please feel free to enlighten me... perhaps as briefly as you can because lengthy explanations are the reason I don't wade through them books. I could not even finish The Monk who sold his Ferrari because of the long, rambling and seemingly similar stuff about some things that I just found blah. No offence to the book or its author because: (a) It is a bestseller (right?) and (b) I could also see on some other level, how it could be useful to one in a similar or close-to-similar situation. I personally own no expensive car leave alone a Ferrari (hmph.) for it to make a world of sense to me and bring that damn elusive halo closer to my fat head. back to my question: Twinkle twinkle little star, how I really do sometimes wonder what you are. Ok, ok, I know you must be a celestial body or something but... are you more than that???

P.S. Please do NOT teach this version of the rhyme to any child, thank you;)


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umm oviya said...

you know O has these nightmares then she asks me stuff on death. and i used to be like that. for me, what's easy to explain and believe is that you actually become a star... there are billions and billions. there has to be a reason right? i just feel you float around as a star, benignly smiling down at all...