Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What's a good word? Pang!

The English language maybe a bit of a puzzle sometimes and maybe 'other' things as well. But there are some nice words that really give the real feeling of the meaning behind them. One such word is 'pang'. There is a certain ring to this word. "He felt a pang" is self explanatory. To a Tamilian it means the 'dwainnngk' sound. It may be a pang of hunger (insistent ringing of the stomach for food) or a pang of grief (a DWAINNNGK dramatic sound) or just a pang. This last one would be a strong whoosh of feeling-feeling (will take a true Chennai-local to get this) -- an emotional pang, that is.

That's why I like the word pang. It means what is says.


shyam said...

I'm never sure if I like the word "plop" - 99% of the time it brings to mind Western loos at No.2 time! :D (Saari far the imagery!)

umm oviya said...

Pang On Teesu...
and S, yewwwwwwwww.... plop! yes.