Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Quirks and me

I have been tagged by Umm Oviya ( to reveal five of my quirks...I guess she thought this would be easy for me, which is saying sommething that I am not going to delve into!

Without further ado, here we go on then, to them 'quirkies': -

1. I have to keep my cell phone near me overnight, but afraid of the radiation to the brain cells or whatever(!), I keep it under a pillow near my head so that I can hear it ring & pick it up AND, this way, the pillow I thinnnk, may block the harmful effects and prevent them from reaching my brain. Yes, am serious.
2. I have to check and recheck (perhaps 2-3...4 times MAX!) whether all taps and doors within my vicinity are off/locked respectively before I go out, or, go to bed. Alright alright, it applies to car doors too when am out, though I only 'recheck' it once.
3. Whenever I wake up in the night or before I fall asleep, I have to closely observe people sleeping in my vicinity to ensure that they are breathing 'smoothly'. Oh yes, if I walk into any room with sleeping beings, I have to check if they are breathing normally too!
4. I have to ensure that switches are on or off properly as in firmly ON or firmly OFF because I believe without basis, that any aberrations to this may cause a short circuit which can burn the place down!
5. When I drink from a bottle (like whilst on the road or out), I have to take 4 -- yes, four mouthfuls exactly, each time. It has to be four. Cannot be one. Mayyybe two. This is I understand(!), due to my partiality towards even numbers. Cos you know, don't want to go with the ODD numbers...;)

Geeez. Feel like I have been stripped of some clothing and need to cover up.

Basket case indeed.