Monday, September 24, 2007


'Just like that' I felt like updating my blog!

Went for an EESHA YOGA presentation of sorts last night -- to celebrate that Guru's 25 years of eesha yoga -- when, in his opinion, he became one with the universe. (Or did he say earth? or galaxy?). I would ideally have skipped it had I known that it was such a big do with the Chief Minister and his daughter attending the programme. SNORE is what they made me do. Intentions might have been good. But pompousness never goes down well with me and the speeches they gave were tolerated only because I was surrounded by friends and I busied myself minding a toddler (from a stranger-family)who was sucking on her hairclip thereby giving me the creeps and I pounced on the father on whose lap she was sitting "watch what she is doing!". You know, it's amazing how people will listen to you when you use a certain TONE. It has to be authoritative, know-it-all and brisk.

Anyway, people rambled on about tree planting which is always GREAT (tree planting, not rambling ESPECIALLY by speech-givers) and i am all for it. Just not interested in 4 different versions of it in one go.

The speech by THE GURU was interesting, couple of anecdotes -- very enjoyable and the meaning of yoga was made clear. Yoga by the way means 'union'. Then, there was this mass meditation for God-knows-how-many-minutes. The beauty of the 'meditation' was that it was punctuated by (our eyes were supposed to be closed and the focus on a spot between the eyebrows with face slightly up-tilted) the Guru suddenly singing in a slightly creepy way. Not to be outdone, some of the youth in the audience timed their screeching / howling VERY well during the pauses in the Guru's singing. I had to laugh. Come on, life's little pleasures and besides, the Guru did start off saying women were to laugh more (and more loudly!!) and men ought to shed more 'tears of tenderness'. Then came on the drumming and tribal-like music. VERY VERY good music i must say. But my eyes could not remain closed for long in this mass meditation. Felt uneasy and bored. So, that attempt at meditation was not great.

Therefore, i need to meditate. Now. Alone. But I call it sleep;)

Note: I don't intend to cause anyone any insult nor am I belittling the merits of yoga and meditation. I am fully aware that I have a great need for both. But...later; I am just not 'there' right now. Yes, that also happens to be my formidable sister's favourite phrase: I am just not 'there' right now.:)

As the popular song went "...But I still have n't found what I'm looking for..." (Thanks U2!)