Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Poem from a long ago

I wrote this poem at work when I was a shipping executive and the stars in my eyes over a period of time merely became the lights from that colourless office which shone bright...
This job that i don't enjoy

The Dream:

Am in a job I thought I would like
And one that would appeal to my psyche.
I thought it would take me places literally and figuratively,
And would enhance my potential positively.
I thought I would do some extensive travel...
The mysteries of shipping I wuld unravel.
From Trainee to President I would rise
Albeit for the success I would pay the price!
Perhaps a few enemies I would make,
And a lot of stress in life i would have to take.

But in the end, I would make it to the top
And be someone to reckon with -- a true daughter of my Pop!

The Reality:

Am in a job that I now actually dislike
And that does some serious damage to my psche.
It has taken me absolutely nowehere
And has chased my high spirits away to...I don't know where!
It has led me to suffer severe stagnation,
And has begun to leave little hope of any salvation.
I have visited places only on a personal level;
More towards home and hobbies my mind has begun to swivel!
From Trainee to Officer I have progressed-
Though in my 'personal achievements' I have sadly regressed,
I am feeling very much a failure nowadays...
I may be hard on myself now ... maybe it is just a phase.
Few real friends have been made, some acquaintances gained-
Career-wise, dithering away uselessly -- about this, am pained.

Sure I could be making a mountain out of a molehill,
But that is because I have a lot of time here at work to kill!