Sunday, November 16, 2008


I have now decided that cooking may not be for me. I lack the interest to get into the kitchen except of course to eat. However, it is true that I make some dishes that turn out well or even better than most people's (Ahem -- a leak in modesty!).

The 'some dishes' I refer too are (don't hold your breath): -
1. Aloo kari (potatoes as a dry, vegetable side dish)
2. Yam -- masala fried yam
3. Curd rice (!! -- It's a dish, ok?)
4. Stir fried vegetables in gravy -- Chinese style(although have not made this is 2 years)
5. Vendakka Poriyal (lady's finger dry veg side dish)
6. Colocasia (Arbi-yam) as a dry veg side dish
7. Paneer Pulao
8. Raitha with onions, tomatoes, green chillies and cucumber.
9. Rasam
10. Onion, tomato, garlics in a masala.(!)
11. Aloo mutter gravy
12. Kadai Paneer -- my version.

This pitiable list has my best, giving evidence of my poor achievements in the field of cooking over the last 12 years. The good thing when it comes to cooking is that I have more knowledge than I use! But, not in the mood means not in the mood. I cannot bring myself to cook well unless my heart and soul is in it. Like for instance, if I am cooking for friends I KNOW are looking forward to my cooking. Else, perhaps, if I am hungry, the food will turn out fine. Otherwise, I actually want to abandon my efforts midway.

But I cannot bear average tasting food. So, when I am not in the mood, I just don't cook. Period. Will adopt this tactic as far as possible. Once impossible, I again hopefully to report that I am an enthusiastic cook.