Friday, October 01, 2010

Ada Bosse...


Heard it wasn't good. Heard it was a bore. It LOOKED somewhat different (from trailers) and seemed rather casual and funny. So, went for it.

The usual high as I pull into Sathyam cinemas' parking lot. I really appreciate that theatre. They know movie-lovers and have really gone after their hearts.

This film has Arya and Nayantara in the lead, but only after watching it did I realise that it has Arya, Nayantara AND Santhanam (comedian) in the lead! The film begins in a chirpy, simple gathering this is going to be Arya's way of distinguishing himself from the usual stressed-out crowd of filmmakers -- you see, he is also the film's producer with his company 'The Show People'. Good job.


Carefree guy still pursuing a degree with many an arrear meets lecturer on bus whilst enroute to exam hall to write his arrears...and falls in love. Fate has his older brother marrying lecturer's older sis soon after. When guy wants to marry lecturer, his bhabi/manni/anni says no, get 'useful' first. So guy leaves home and starts business with his best friend. Somehow makes it work...almost. Then, lecturer's Dad gets mad, guy's progress notwithstanding, cos guy's best friend has publicly insulted him (the lecturer's Dad)under the influence of alcohol. How guy gets past his girl's Dad's anger is the end.

Arya, the hero

Usually...Casually in character

Arya is an averagely hot 'guy'. Moderately good body for a hero, pretty good for 'just' a guy, casual, good looks with the rugged, half or un-shaven look suiting him, and an actually-not-strong-enough voice for Tamil cinema. Still, overall, he is attractive in his own way.

In the film, he delivers comfortably as the happy-go-lucky Bhaskaran alias Boss. Boss is casual and funny from the word go. And 'go' is how the film starts. Arya has managed to stay the hero despite giving a heavy role to comedy-actor Santhanam who plays his best friend. Arya also has a knack of casually stepping into his characters I feel (noticed this across films), so this was a treat in spite of his close-to-dumb expressions. They were quite cute actually and so very believable -- guy next door types. His character too seems real and many can identify with his viewpoints like neither appreciating advice nor advisors! 'He is like that only' describes Baskaran's character well.


Usually...I refer to her as SMUG MUG.

Nayanthara was a nice, fresh face when she first started. Then she became sloppy, flabby whatever. (Who am I to talk, eh;)) Then she ....PSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSST!supposedly had some liposuction thing or whatever and became svelte, and thereafter terribly sought-after. THEN, she acquired what I gleefully refer to as the smug-mug. Annoyingly highly made-up face, a smug smile always in place and so on. Idle thoughts included a temptation to smack the smug mug. Pretty face alright. Hidden behind the mug. So, I was going to see BEB because... I like Arya, looked forward to Santhanam's bits, and IN SPITE of SMUG MUG.
Pleasant surprise.

She has not only acted well, she is nice looking except for some frightening closeups which, frankly, noone over the age of 23 is able to carry off these days. Her quick, hidden smiles and humourous twitching and affectionate looks are very well done. Happy with smug mug, I say.


Modern Day Koundamani, Youngsters' Delight.

Santhanam is simply brilliant. His timing, his dialogue delivery and the on screen rapport between Arya and Santhanam is something to talk about. As two friends, they have made the phrase 'Nannben Da' a part of Tamil cinema's popular-dialogues-in-history list. Loved it.

Music and Dance

It was fine. Suitable. 'Ada Bosse' is cute, the steps are generally funny throughout all songs, and the costumes, good, actually.

The film:

Could have been better TECHNICALLY and scriptically I suppose, but how I laughed. It was a wonderful thing to see a movie so carefree, so upbeat, so conversational and casual. This film had no tension; it aimed to relax, destress and let you guffaw at the Boss' and his friend Nallathambi's antics. The narration was just right. The end could have been better but by then you are in such a great mood, you happily accept that all good things have to come to an end, so who cares how!

I laughed so much I coughed and coughed! Actually felt like giving Arya and Santhanam a big hug in appreciation. *sigh* maybe some day :D

The supporting actors are ALL very good. Noteworthy that.

But this film is just timepass, feel-good, and NOT for those uptight or overly-critical or non-Tamil speaking sorts. It's not for those who look high and low for faults, gab endlessly about scripts, locations, cinematography, costumes yand all. Not for those in pursuit of sophistication. BEB surpasses all that. But you need to KNOW and love Tamil, Tamil cinema and have a sense of humour -- oh, that's very very important, to love this film.

Ah, then, enough said about me, eh? ;)


Sunday, September 05, 2010

Naan Mahan Alla

My favourite well-fed hero Karthi(!) takes charge here. The movie begins with some chilling music (great background score from Yuvan Shankar Raja -- Really good.).

Then, the story is about a happy-go-lucky guy who generally takes his family for granted and has a good time in life. He falls in love with some random girl (PYT -- Pretty Young Thing for non-MJ fans;)-- Kajal Agarwal)in a playful way and through games young ones play, gets her to fall for him too.

Some generally cute and entertaining romantic scenes later, the story unfolds that: Karthi's father in the film(seems like a REALLY nice dad to have) is witness to what was to be a a mere girl-running-away from home with boyfriend and boyfriend's gang of friends. The father is a call taxi driver. Thereafter, the gruesome killing of that girl and her boyfriend by his so-called friends leads to Karthi's father being a key witness to the horrible murders, and therefore a hot target for the gang of college-going, drug-abusing youths. Appalling, I tell you. I only saw this flick for Karthi the actor.

It's not a bad film at all except it could have been better taken. Loopholes galore and good guy winning against all odds a tad annoying although in this case, the villains are too villainous for words. Might as well have the hero beating the daylights outta them!

After a planned killing of Karthi's father, Karthi realises what life is all about. The scene and song of his father's funeral is very well taken. Cried my eyes out, thank you, and Karthi acts magnificently in some scenes such as these. His character name: Jeeva bugs me. Why oh why is Kollydamnwood obsessed with names like Jeeva, Raja and so on? Can't they have better names? Tamil cinema and the audiences deserve better. *sniff*

Didn't find the romance scenes toooo great. In fact liked the comedy played between Karthi, his friends and family MUCH more. Very every-day stuff and nice.

Ok, so dad gone, Karthi's eyes are opened and so his arms are flexed. Nice fights. I can't believe I just said that! I usually tune fights out. One dishoom is equal to another. After a long time, we find an interesting fight sequence and captivating turn of events during the final part of the film.

The bad boys got what they deserve which is always, ALWAYS nice to know/see. I choose to take the following morals of this film's story and highlight them:-

1. If you're a girl, don't run away from home with your boyfriend. Possible gang rape, throat slitting and body-cutting makes it so NOT worth it or ANY romance for that matter. No guy is worth it. BELIEVE me. May as well talk/beg/fight it out with your parents who are not likely to resort to murder...oh, honour killing chilling stories aside. (SERIOUSLY weird world this is getting to be!)

2. If you are the boy who is getting his friends' help in taking a girl out of her home, try not to make out with your girlfriend with your friends in the next room. It's disgusting and in this case, tempted them to finish you and your girlfriend off after having their ways with her. SICK.

3. If you are going to kill one person, you are likely to kill more (unless you killed one in self defense in the first place. So, please don't kill anyone!!

4. If you kill or maim others, you are not likely to come to any good end. None of us is immortal. We are all going to die. Why ensure it WILL be badly? Karma type thing.

5. Peer pressure. Stay strong and don't succumb to peer pressure. Today it's that glass of wine or a fad diet*. Tomorrow, it could be anything else.

6. Try not to stay pampered by parents. It makes life all that much more difficult when they go away...and parents, try not to be TOO giving. (This is only meant for such GREAT parents. Not for some of those who really need not have bothered reproducing -- a separate post for you soon, dearies!)

7. Don't talk on the mobile whilst riding your mobike. True, nothing happened to the actors HERE because film shooting environments are safe;), but something may well happen to YOU.

8. Don't forget to observe things and people around you.

Okay okay, I KNOW. This is just a movie. But everyone is so pre-occupied with films and actors' ishtyles all over the place that we may as well decide to learn some lessons outta them. The whole youth scene in this film freaked me out.

I kind of thought this movie would be like Death Wish. Well, maybe it IS about revenge but Death Wish is MUCH better seen from the revenge and lessons-of-life angles.

Karthi carried this film through. Cannot say enough how happy I am that here is an actor / hero who has not succumbed to grazing on carrots and cucumbers in a quest for a concave stomach (read six yucky pack) and puny frame. Keep eating well (The fad diet mention in point no.5 above is for you:D), Karthi. Don't turn metrosexual. Stay man!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Censoring needs censoring!

I have a bone to pick with the censor board. I admit it may not be their fault alone that it often does not look like they know what they are doing... but they DO get to take a call and often, seem to take the wrong ones!

Looking at fairly recent releases where the censor board's failed me big time (by me, I mean the common man -- um, ok, the commonwoman)...


Sura for example, has a few scenes dedicated to the topic of suicide. Worse, it has a scene that is explicit on the different ways of committing suicide. This film, with an 'U' certification! Are they MAD? ( a little voice inside my head suggests the BAD word C-word: Corruption!Hmmm. Could it be?)

Once, when I asked the booking guy at the cinemas whether I could bring a child in to one of actor Vijay's films, he almost chortled and said: "M'am, for Vijay-movies, you don't even have to ask. Kids are always there." Sounds finer than it is.

How DARE the censor board allow this to happen? This suicide thing was supposed to be comedy -- romance as well as Vadivelu's comical bits, which we all know, draws far more attention than even mere drama! Bad enough we have ONLY skimpily-dressed actresses these OTHER inappropriate stuff too! Do we want our kids to know all about suicide? Or is it that our society is now warped-enough that our kids 'anyway' know all about it and so, it's better to joke about it in the open? A lose-lose situation, people.


I really like Vikram in Tamil cinema, OK? But he had given an interview prior to the release of Kandhaswamy and spoken about HOW great the film was for family-viewing and HOW much kids would enjoy watching it.

Really? The film had too much of Shriya Saran's too-little wardrobe. Too much of her pushing herself on to Vikram (in the film I mean;)), and all of it tastelessly done! It got me shuddering to think of what 'family-viewing' must mean these days!


This film had an uncertain U/A certification. Apparently the A was added just because the heroine wore a too-revealing (I mean some 2 degrees more than 'normal') blouse. Hah. BLOUSE, it seems. 'Innerwear' paraded as outwear is more appropriate. Still, in these 'If-you-have-it, flaunt-it' times, what does one expect, eh? And how abou that 30-lakh prostitute (or some other equally-ridiculous figure) on a multi-purpose van dancing to the tunes of the lecherous villain? That's a kid-ok scene is it?

Well my point here is, if the censor board is ONLY going to take note of less or more clothes and overlook much else which youngsters OUGHT to be prevented from watching, why do you need a BOARD for it? One guy can just sit up and say 'less', 'more', 'none'(!!) and do the needful...

And it's not as if the common man has common sense. For an U/A certification, he will bring his kids, his nephews and his nieces -- perhaps even some neighbours' kids for an U/A certified film. In Singam too, I noticed this boy (couldn't have been more than 6) watching a suicide scene unblinkingly, standing in the aisle.

You know what, when I started this post, I was picking a bone with the censor folk. Now, I think it's the parents I am getting to too.

Honestly, blood and gore seems a better option than too few clothes for NO good reason, tasteless coming-on of actors to actresses and vice versa, and suicide methods!

Is there a way out?

Note: Actress Shriya in this pic seems dressed for winter(!) compared to EVERY other outfit she sports in the film. Ugh.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Suriya or Surya is 'Singam' (Another animal title!) - Teesutalkie / movie review

I was so excited at the prospect of watching Suriya in Singam. What added the 'so' in that first sentence is that I saw him at the hotel Park around the time he was shooting for this film -- in this 'getup', and he looked oh-so-handsome. My I announce that he has the most gorgeous eyes I have ever seen on a man and that I grudge him for keeping his eyes downcast so I couldn't check them out in person when I came to within 3 feet of him at the Park's weird entrance!;)

The film Singam had the usual cliches -- one roaring lion image appearing often enough instead of Suriya's face, etc. Proper MTR masala types. BY branding the masala, I meant good quality!

The comedy scenes were comforting thanks to Vivek. However, one or two scenes seemed more Vadivelu' s style than Vivek's. That kind of humour whereas, I normally associate Vivek's style with a cleverer tone overall.

Prakash Raj as the proverbial villain amazes me with HOW consistent he is in his mannerisms and style of talking. He delivers alright, but is it really so hard to find other actors who could do the trick just for the sake of variety? Just because this guy makes a 'good villain' is hardly enough reason to allow him to repeat himself in EVERY film esp in a negative role.

Anushka, the tall heroine I was SURE (after Vijay's Vettaikaran) would never be paired with shorter actors, is the heroine for Suriya here. Tall and rather big made, she wore revealing outfits (and I mean a little more revealing than 'normal') that earned the film the U/A certification rather than just 'U'.

Now, I have a bone to pick with the censor board about their general approach to censoring, but that's for another post.

Her expressions aren't bad but she does not really suit Suriya although director Hari has done a cool job of make-believe in this area.

Suriya. Well, he is a cool actor who, I do think could have won himself a National award or two for his acting in many a scene over many a film in the past say, 5-6 years...but he hasn't. This actor has some expressions down pat. Like the embarrassed one(THE best in the industry), the disappointed one, the angry one, the sarcastic one and the 'I-am-a-wonderful-son' one. Thing is, as I said, he has simply bee-you-ti-ful eyes, but they are also very expressive. So expressive in fact, that he gives himself away in some scenes like the one when confronted with Prakash Raj whose face comes to within one foot of himself. The guy's eyes smile and it makes you think he has a tough time keeping a straight face.

Alright, alright, you have to be Suriya-crazy to notice these things. Am not QUITE there yet. Who am I kidding, eh?Oh, and the veg puff at Sathyam cinemas this time, was bad.

Now, why on earth did they give Suriya so many gayish, girlie and METROSEXUAL moves in the songs, I want to know. Irritating.

The songs are not great. Between being distracted by Anushka's outlandish-for-tamil-cinema-height and appreciating Suriya's high-energy, the frivolous song scenes pass.

The movie is also not boring, thanks to director Hari who ONLY needs to watch out for repeating himself. The films Saamy and Aaru were wonderful and refreshing albeit masalas. Somehow, Singam is not THAT much so.

I say watch the movie for Suriya. Nothing else is compelling enough in the film.

Teesu talkie?

I was just going to write a movie review when I suddenly got a feeling that my blog seems to be more about tags and reviews than my own, you know, 'teesutalk'.

Bothers me a bit. But I have to admit, social networking sites take up quite a bit of energy and sharing and so, teesutalk moves to the background. Feeling bad about that. After all, I have plenty to talk about, rave, fondly remember, rant, announce, etc.

Besides, have taken up a small venture and taking up a business on any scale uses up a lot of energy!

After all this blah-blah, my mind is on my next 2-3 posts and they are all about Tamil cinema and a 'self-taken tag'.

What the heck, may as well indulge. Teesu's JUST-talk is just about these now, then.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sura - Shark or Dolphin...or both?

Yummma! Yupppa! Podhum daa...

With these words, I left the cinema hall after watching Vijay's latest and 50th milestone movie in his film career: SURA. Sura means Shark. I agree. Quite as vicious a film as a shark is said to be.

Vijay's opening in the film came as a Dolphin-like stroke supposedly in the ocean. Didn't know sharks did that! Maybe sura also means dolphin. Ok, I can give them that.

What I cannot give this film & story, is ANY ounce of appreciation. Vijay is a fisherman, it seems. Pooh. Credibility goes downhill from here! Even Vadivelu's comedy was ...stupid. Only one scene was really funny -- the one with Vadivelu and Venniraadai Moorthy, but teh former spoiled it by repeating the funny act 5-6 times in succession!! Really poor.

Vijay. Couldn't he have given some amount of interest to the script he signed for his 50th film?? Disappointing. Boring dialogues but brilliant dancing! That's one thing he always has going for him. Also, he looked healthier in this film than he has in a long time. He just needs another Gillie now and then...and then, he can pull on with more Kuruvis and Vettaikaarans but God forbid he comes out with more Villus & Suras.

Tamannah. Really, the girl's OK. Forced to act like a bimbo but am sure I want to thank her for her correct lip-syncing, which is more than I can say for the villain. Aha. The Villain in Sura I THINK is the hero from the family-drama nice-Tamil-film-hit 'Aha' that released in...I think 1996-1997. Poor guy. Poor lip syncing / dubbing.

The story & presentation is best described as 'thoo-thoo-thuppaaki'. Stupid-O-Stupid.

It seems Ilayadhalapathi (what does it mean?) Vijay's movies have slumped into the following super-boring format:

  • Talk of the hero (Vijay), followed by a 'Vijay-opening' scene.

  • Song for some made-up victory celebration.

  • Some drama usually involving the mother who dotes on son(Vijay) and is the epitome of...home-making / mommying.

  • Villain-entry followed by a small triumph from Vijay's side over one of the villain's assistants / small-fry.

  • Heroine entry and the weaving of a romance-plot that thins with every film.

  • Song: Vijay and heroine. Show-off time for Vijay!

  • Some fights, more songs, ill-placed comedy scenes and ...a challenge!

  • INTERVAL (habbah!)

  • More drama, comedy, fights, songs, fights, fights and fight till the end.

  • Vijay wins any fight in the end never mind the number of villains or anything.

  • Subham

Sura is best described as a SHARK ATTACK! Stay outta theatres, people. I didn't. That's ONLY because a friend and I like to watch Vijay films even if JUST for the heck of it and not mention that fab vegetable puffs and popcorn (salt AND caramel) at Sathyam cinemas.

Psssst! BURRRP. The film's bad.

Five compliments I have received...

Tag from my tag-guru cuz:

1. 'You have beautiful eyes.'
Get this occasionally.

2. 'You are very intelligent.'
This quite tickles me. I know am CERTAINLY not intelligent enough to be called so.

3. 'You are multi-talented.'
Feel it's just a wonderful way some friends have, of telling me I am a fancy jack-of-all trades. Could be, could be.

4. 'You are a good organizer.'
I try, I try...and I certainly could / ought to be better!

5. 'You write well.'
Honestly, MILES to go before I sleep...miles to go...

am so grateful for the above:-)

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Was warned a bit about it.

Finally went to watch it mostly for the hero Karthi. For the ill-informed, Karthi is an erstwhile assistant of Mani Rathnam's and younger bro of Suriya and the younger son of actor Shivakumar. A few-films-old actor who's pretty good at it. The story, if one has to find one in this film, has this disinterested, supposedly-job-hunting guy being pepped up for an interview by his sister and friends. The first few scenes had cliched dialogues -- a kind of banter between friends that didn't quite cut it. Then, the hero catches sight of, and falls hook, line and sinker for the heroine Tamannah somewhere. This girl by the way, does better Tamil lip-syncing than most other Hindi actresses. Somehow, he ends up driving her as a 'driver' from Bangalore to Mumbai whilst being chased by two separate gangs - one's after him and one's after her. A make-believe story that comes nowehere close to being believable. Pure acting for the sake of acting in the film.

First of all, the dubbing. The actors, especially Karthi's sister in the film grates on your Tamizh-loving n Tamizh-speaking nerves with her idiotic rendering of dialogues. Even Milind Soman does a better job.

Milind Soman is one villain. A lean, mean, bloody machine. Nothing more, nothing less. The other villain is some 200+ kilo guy who is overflowing out of a jeep. Speaking of villains, there are too many. WHY would one hero beat up some 30 villains single-handedly every half an hour in the film and still be the last man standing, is beyond me. Especially in today's world of supposedly well-informed and brainy audiences.

Tamannah. Is Ok. Not too glam, not too simple. Not great at acting, but not bad either. Pleasing enough without IN YOUR face beauty like Ash Rai Bachchan or in-your-face villy-face like Shriya.

But the heroine ditching the hero once her job was done ...and him still in love with her after realising it ...(well, the audience realised it, dunno if HE did!) ...and THEN getting royally hit by a steel rod some dozen painfully absurd. Then, he wheels around from half-deaddom and attacks all his attackers! Smooth!


The music was OK, nothing earth shattering, with some surprisingly pleasing steps by the stocky hero. Ahhh. Must dwell on stocky. The guy's not really PLUMP, but quite healthy with the required basic shoulder muscles and leg-lifting, for some good villain-kicking and all. What a refreshing change from the puny souls who are the metrosexual actors of today! Welcome, Karthi. Please don't lose weight!! Some of us like our men healthy and well-fed.

Finally, because the film had to end somewhere, Tamannah hugs Karthi. A *sniff sniff* into handkerchief moment. Those three hundred and fifty bucks I will never see again. Waaah.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Innocent or Guilty...for fun

Tag from

Rules Go Like This:
RULE 1- You can only say Guilty or Innocent.
RULE 2- You are not allowed to explain anything unless someone messages you and asks!
RULE 3- Copy and paste this into your notes, delete my answers, type in your answers and tag to your friends to answer this.

Asked someone to marry you? Innocent
Ever kissed someone of the same sex? Innocent
Danced on a table in a bar? Innocent
Ever told a lie? Guilty
Had feelings for someone whom you can’t have? Guilty
Kissed a picture? Guilty
Slept in until 5 PM? Guilty
Fallen asleep at work/school? Guilty
Held a snake? Guilty
Been suspended from school? Innocent
Worked at a fast food restaurant? Innocent
Stolen from a store? Innocent
Been fired from a job? Innocent
Done something you regret? Guilty
Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? Innocent
Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Guilty
Kissed in the rain? Innocent
Sat on a roof top? Innocent
Kissed someone you shouldn’t? Innocent
Sang in the shower? Guilty
Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? Innocent
Shaved your head? Innocent
Had a boxing membership? Innocent
Made a girlfriend cry? Guilty
Been in a band? Guilty
Shot a gun? Innocent
Donated Blood? Innocent
Eaten alligator meat? Innocent
Eaten cheesecake? Guilty
Still love someone you shouldn’t? Innocent
Have/had a tattoo? Innocent
Liked someone, but will never tell who? Guilty
Been too honest? Guilty
Ruined a surprise? Innocent
Ate in a restaurant and got so bloated that you couldn’t walk afterward? Guilty
Erased someone from your friends list? Guilty
Dressed in a woman’s clothes (if you’re a guy) or man’s clothes (if you’re a girl)? Guilty
Joined a pageant? Guilty
Been told that you’re handsome or beautiful by someone who totally meant what they said? Guilty
Had communication with your ex? Innocent
Got totally drunk on the night before exam? Innocent
Got totally angry that you cried so hard? Guilty.

Monday, April 12, 2010


The following words appear a LOT in several gushy-mushy forwards:-

Life is short, Break the rules, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably, And never regret anything that made you smile.

Dance like nobody's watching...

ANNOYING, isn't it? Preachy and sugary at once. Grr.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Songs and people

I associate certain songs with certain people (no specific order!). Whenever I listen to any of the numbers, the associated character springs to mind...

1. Mama (Phil Collins) - Laurinda, schoolfriend, who used to enjoy the song with me and laugh when phil Collins laughed!

2. Mukesh songs - Kumar, cuz, who sings them with aplomb.

3. Another Day in Paradise - Suresh, friend, who sang a memorable solo of it once.

4. Jaane oh Kaise (Hemant Kumar) and so many old, old Hindi songs, really- My Dad (late), who sang a lot, listened as well as taught me some.

5. All songs of a mixed Hindi tape with fun duet songs of the 60s - Hema (who by the way, is hogging the tape many thousands of miles away even as I blog. Hmph.). We used to listen to this tape at Drive-in almost every Sunday evening for a long time, with parents.

6. Sri Rama Chandra Kripalo Bhajamana and few more - Sarasi Athai (late) Taught them to me.

7. Kurai Ondrum Illai - Geetha Manni (older sis-in-law & current music teacher)

8. Om Siva Om (Film: Naan kadavul) - Kannan (other half). Was obsessed with it for a long time until I also started enjoying it.

9. Hard to say I'm Sorry - Anita, friend because of some fight we had some time and this song played by accident. She always looks meaningfully at me when this song comes on!

10. Four Letter Word, Kim ilde I think: Bonny, friend. Used to listen to that mixed hits tape together.

11. Omaria - Nsu, friend. We listened, sang it, and sang it some more until heartily sick of it.

12. The Beatles (some songs) - Usha, friend. Listening together was a pleasure.

13. Moon over Burban Street - Sanju, old friend. He taught me a lot about appreciating western music and a FUN guy.

12. Papa, papa, kadhai kelu - Blogeswari, friend. Did a HILARIOUS version once during college band practices.

13. Aajare - Anu / Radi, cuz. Sang it beautifully many times.

14. Mere Mehboob - Shyam, cuz ;) Cos she would cringe and make other funny faces heh heh, rest is a family secret!

15. Unnai kaanadha kannum kannalla - Mom, sings it well and used to enjoy it so i also grew to love the song.

16. Ennavaley - My brother-in-law SK. Loves this number.

17. Unnai Arindhaal, nee unnai arindhaal - My other BIL Raja. Used to sing it often in passing.

18. Yenna solli yennai chollu(Tenali) - Skandha, nephew, who loved it as a child.

19. Ye Tara, woh tara, har Tara -- No guesses!

20. Y Viva Espagna - My school gang. I have performed this number for them!

Think there are more, but that's it for now;)

Thursday, April 01, 2010

6 point Me;)

Tagging from

This post had me thinking much more than I thought I would...

1. Indebted to somebody for life.

My friend P. She took me under her wing and supported my no-baby-yet cause some years ago. She prepared my household (including cook-appointment!) and gave me innumerable tips before the baby came. Because I was superstitious about not preparing for a newborn before baby's safe birth, she got all the nappies stitched and washed / ironed in advance and handed them over to me once I got back home ...and delivered a whole stock of baby goods including wonderful hand-me-downs from her two daughters.

2. Say ‘Sorry’ to someone.
Among other things(!), am so sorry about being part of a self-righteous lot in 9th standard in school who, without (am sure) understanding the whole situation, 'told tales' to the teachers about a classmate in connection with some boy and she was expelled! Am still woolly about the details. or perhaps, it's more comfortable to be so. Her name's Vidhyalakhsmi. Am just sure, the issue was worth turning a blind eye to instead of taking a moralistic high road! It wasn't even a major moral issue I think...:(

3. Say ‘Thank you’ to someone.
To a wonderful, grand gentleman -- a maritime lawyer and ex-master Mariner Captain A.K. B. who met me, wrote me a much-cherished letter of encouragement and spent hours of his time over many Saturday mornings teaching me the basics of ships and shipping. A 'Thank you' cannot cut it. It's much more...I still turn to him for words of wisdom even if not connected with shipping.

4. A gesture from someone that left me speechless.
At an inappropriate moment, with some oldies watching...a very sober occasion...this guy, a then somewhat friend (now ex-friend) gave me a kiss on my cheek. I had nothing to say. One of the few moments in my life when I was rendered speechless!

Whew. Started this post this morning and it took me all day to think of a speechless moment!!

5. My most cherished possession:
My mobile phone. Very ordinary, nothing fancy, but I get desperate if I can't find it. And, my tiny gold ear-rings which have rivets on them. Not because they are gold, but because my sister gave them to me.

6. A special memory that brings a smile to my face every time I think about it:
My solos -- no, perhaps my first solo flight! All alone and frankly don't think I was fit to fly, but there I was ...flying high and then low and then too high and too low...taking off, going around the airport and landing... three times. That was a first solo moment. I sang 'Dum Maro Dum' on my second round and 'Hare Krishna Hare Ram' saw me almost missing my runway. That took care of my jaunty singing!

But here I am...


Friday, March 12, 2010

Women's Day

I am not on board with Women's Day, Mother's Day, Father's day...and certainly 'off-board' where Valentine's day is concerned.

I just don't get it.

This whole hyping business is crazy. Yet people lap it all up. Not enough to do, eh?

I received quite a few 'Happy Women's Day' messages. Found them irksome and flatly refused to respond to a single one. Anyway, does one day of celebration cut it? It's like a tasty snack thrown in the air that I have leap up and catch! For all the doormat moments, for all that is sacrificed, for all the pain, suffering, putting-down...really. Is it enough? Yes/No? Just a token? Hmph.

And besides, who has to organise these celebrations? Women ...for women.

Downtrodden women aside, how about just treating both sexes the same. Why do women want to be treated special? Aren't we special? Don't we KNOW we are special? In a boring man's world, we rock! Also, if it were a women's world, then it would definitely be quite a boring world too. Why do you think there are two sexes anyway? Both are a real pair(!), that's why. The proof is there for all to see.

In a women-oppressed area like you-know-where-all, is where a Women's Day celebration is most meaningful. Not in fab-gab bustling cities...

Not deluding myself or anything but we are or have become dependent on the men in our lives simply because we WANT it that way. We want men around. Today, this is the truth. For the educated woman anyways. All this empowerment etc. is very nice to hear and talk about, but basically, the whole 'celebrate women's day' concept surely came from a great need to measure up to a man in terms of opportunity, freedom and what not.

So, here's an idea...

Why don't women on women's day feel strong enough to celebrate the men who have truly done women proud, stood up or stood by them through thick and thin, high and low? The man who honestly looks up to his womenfolk, the man who would do anything for his woman, the man who believes in equal opportunity for women...the man who does not expect something from a woman JUST because she is a woman...? (Even like cooking a a three-course meal at the end of a long day for instance). The man who can't understand why a woman should be expected to do that which is not of a man.

These men really need to be felicitated on women's day. Invite me to that party! ;)

Ranting on,
My 'umble opinion: Men sure will add colour to the sorry PINK spectacle (why are women so obviously PINK?Can't we get some fab colours out there, women? Cliched should be out for starters, for a women's day celebration!). Women falling all over themselves and others to give and receive 'awards', gathering in large crowds for Page 3 evenings and being fussed over themselves BY themselves. So tacky nowadays, I tell you.

And why say 'woman achiever'? That itself sounds like it's a surprise that a woman has achieved something.


And don't even get me started on Valentine's Day. Whazzat?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thicken it.


Is something else.

I gather the word busines comes from being very busy!! A business sure makes one busy. I have, for better or worse, so very recently, entered the world of business. If only in a very small way...but still, business is business.;)

One of the first things I have picked up in just a few months, is that one needs to be thick-skinned to do business of any kind. If you dare to start your own thing, you have to grow those extra layers of skin. No other go.

Especially if you are the 'non-business' type (as I'm sure I was hitherto considered to be), people will look you up and down...and then some. They will gaze shrewdly at you and make some remark or the other. The remarks from such folk may often be encouraging, but not always ring true. Words of caution on the other hand, almost always ring true, but seldom come ...unless from someone very close.

So, mostly, a 'green' businessman/woman must endure many a discouraging word or lack of support and take it in his or her stride.

Therefore, I have thickened my skin as much as I can(!) and am trying to steer well away from 'over-sensitive' as I usually might be accused of being. Not that it all doesn't bother me, but I am TRYING to shrug it off and concentrate on the many, many tasks at hand.

I'm making a serious attempt to focus on being practical.

After all, if I fail, I would be neither the first, nor the last. And if I succeed...well then too, I will be one of the many. So, this brings me back to a memorable lesson I had in school about tennis star Chris Evert who, I understand, was being interviewed for her 'grace-under-pressure' or some such thing. She was heard quoting Rudyard Kipling:"If you can meet both Triumph and Disaster, and treat those two imposters the same..."

I made it a point to understand the depth of these words even then, and I do so admire the meaning even more now.

Yes, business is...something else.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Mirror Mirror on the wall, tell me why?

At the gym I go to and perhaps in many a gym, there are many people who peer endlessly into the mirror.

Did I say peer? I meant pose.

Did I say pose? I meant obsess.

It's a treat for me to watch them flex their ugly, hairy arms, or worse, lift arms overhead whilst on the cross-trainer, or turn head left and right to get both cheeks in view whilst on treadmill, and so on.

I have become expert at recognising mere body-builders and distinguishing them from anguished folks who critically examine themselves all the time in order to check out every last bit of adipose tissue!

I have also become expert at figuring out who is a film actor and so on. The film actors who work out invariably do weird things like:
  • sighing deeply and loudly
  • making inappropriate noises while lifting weights
  • sitting around on other equipment for no reason
  • gazing endlessly at own reflection in front of the mirror
  • watching various TV channels that show drama of some sort with a crazed, lolling expression
  • assuming 'publicly inappropriate' postures whilst working out

And all this useless expertise gained whilst burning calories...HMMMM.

The gym IS a fun place to exercise, I say.

Drinking and Driving

Grey area? Depends on what and how much you drink?

Taboo topic? Makes you uncomfortable?

Consuming alcohol and then driving. People do it all the time. Yet the lorry and cab drivers -- poor souls (moneywise) are the ones who get into trouble the maximum. The others do get into trouble IF they are caught. Else, they think it's OK.

It is shocking if you stop and think about it.

Am completely non-judgemental about the drinking and being merry of course, but driving after? That's often not up for comment. I know people personally, who do drink and drive. They think they can handle it.

Can they? Is it really worth it? That's all I ask.

If they stopped for a minute to consider what will happen if they were to hit someone or something (even an animal) and worse, injure, maim or kill the soul when you have had 1,2,3 drinks and taken the car out...?? Ok, so MAYBE you won't get caught and the poor sould can be written off with a hit-and-run stamp. But are YOU OK to live with yourself after that? Really?

If they say yes, they are real sickos.

If not, maybe they could think about it and plan for the next time they drink -- hire a car or have a teetotaller drive. Bars and pubs do give some importance to designated drivers but no matter, it makes no sense if people roam around saying 'It's OK, I can handle it'.

The truth is, you cannot estimate how potent your drink is, because there are too many variable factors that control your body's and mind's functioning. Often, these, which you really cannot recognise properly, will decide how big an impact the alcohol will have on you for the day. So, it's safe to say that it is a big risk.

Worse, arguments about it being only beer, or only wine, or only one or two drinks, etc. It's rubbish. Alcohol lowers inhibitions. This means it can cause you to not be in control or be controlled. However you understand it.

I do realise there are people who drink and drive because they think they can and are terribly confident about themselves. But it just takes one slip to change your life...and sadly it may change others' lives for the worse.

Absolutely 'decent' people do it. So-called literate, educated, classy, rich, famous, successful, young, old, middle-aged confidence supremos, etc. do it.

What will it take to change this is what I am wondering...

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Aayirathil Oruvan -- PAYBACK TIME!

This movie was said to be a fantasy adventure among other things like touching upon the ancient, Chola dynasty.

I went to see it because of a) Karthi (an actor who proved himself in his very first film -- the very rustic Paruthiveeran), b) Because of the hype that it is a never-before Tamil film sort of bullshit and c)The plot seemed to revolve around a guy and 2 girls without the obvious idiotic, mushy, love triangle. I would have thought that when a film of Karthi's came out, I would rush to see it but for some extremely smart reason, I was dragging my feet until a friend actually booked the tickets.

This movie does not really deserve a post because:
  • The story was not well-relayed if indeed there was one.
  • The makers were trying to achieve something beyond normal expectations but took themselves over-seriously and SERIOUSLY sodhappifyd (messed up) things.
  • The gore in this film is of such enormity that after a while, it becomes 'normal'.
  • There are too many sickening scenes but as in the above point, one becomes numb after a few such. I shall refrain from describing them since they are WAY below my blog's standards. Deepest basement so far ever seen.
  • The dubbing is SHOCKING! String desire to smack Reema Sen's mouth. Learn Tamil, idiot!
  • The completely unacceptable way of treating women in today's day and age that is met with not enough attitude from the women (otherwise despicted here as overly-sassy)
  • The film clearly had a budget and making time it simply did not deserve!
  • The movie revealed that the maker is dark -- he has a VERY dark side to him that needs help.
  • I not only want my one hundred and twenty rupees back, I want to claim damages for my time. If big theatres show films, there ought to be a standard. This is BAD.
  • Many firsts in Tamil Cinema it seems, but most of the firsts should be corrected to 'Firsts and Lasts!'
  • Too much boldness and aroused outrage in me. I like my Thamizh Tamil films. Miss them now after this...*sniff*
Then why am I writing about it? Well, where else can I rant?

Besides, lots was dung. Giving logic a miss like nobody's business. I detested that silly cursing and swearing the two women indulged in. Nope, not how I like my Tamil, would not even tolerate it in English films!

The music was quite good. Different and interesting.

Karthi -- My only solace (since am forced to search for one) was his acting never mind the sicko-ness depicted. Why he chose this movie is beyond me. To be honest, there were some parts that came out well, but, in between the beheading, raping, shooting and killing, these were just scenes you watched dumbly with a slight stir of interest for this guy's sake. HMPH.

Andrea -- delivered I suppose. What I don't know.

Reema Sen -- Her acting has improved tremendously no doubt. But her poor lip movements irked big time. SERIOUS ERROR casting her in the role then.

Parthibhan -- yeah, yeah, ok, the guy can act. Could have chosen a better film is all I have to say.

The director Selvaraghavan...needs help. If you have the misfortune of watching this film, you will get it.

The chilling words 'Thodarum' (Will be continued) at the end are still creeping me out.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Phirrrrrrrrr Mile Sur Mera Tumhara. Grrrrr.

The words 'Mile Sur Mera Tumhara' used to make me jump up and approach the TV beside which I would remain with a lump in my throat for the next six minutes or so, until the video came to an end.

After twenty years perhaps, these same words were mentioned again a couple of days ago, except they had the prefix 'Phir'. Eh? Oh, I see, they were remaking it. Ok. Hmph. If you must, I thought.

I had no inclination to even check it out. I am a firm believer of not-trying-to-recreate-great-things. The re-creation is most likely to fall flat, disappoint and leave you feeling it's worthless and worst, the original suffers because of it. You may end up not even being to enjoy the original because of the bad copy. So, I did not check Phir Mile...out.

This must-not-REcreate motto of mine applies even to day-today stuff like:
1. Great evenings -- romantic or otherwise
2. Great holidays
3. Great moments with beloved folks
4. Great fun enjoyed at say, a great concert...and so on.

And so, I was mumbling about these things and went below surface with my head under the sand, when someone ....dug me out and poked me, I like to think. That is, my immensely talented and resourceful friend, who sent me an email about it. I was pulled into this 'Phir Mile' business like the tides on Marina Beach often pull swimming, carefree teenagers to the life beyond(or death, I morbidly mean) . Idiots, by the way, who are continuously warned about the dangers of venturing too far into the sea. Common sense should be a subject in itself in schools now. Is it?

Back to the back.

Anyway, I checked out the old Mile Sur... my enjoyment of it marred by a sense of foreboding. For, sure enough, on Blogeswari's link was also found Phir Mile Sur... Ridiculous lack of creativity in the title itself I say. Remaking (or even remixing) means you gotto follow some rules like:
1. DO stray away from the trodden path
2. Visit path now and then since you dared to copy it
3. Incorporate some pieces from the path since yours isn't an original and you are announcing it so aloud
4. Improve it, or at least, keep things trendy
5. Don't get confused
6. Don't bullshit
7. Originality must be present in abundance
8. Don't try to act 'doubly smart', as a lecturer of mine once threatened a classmate in college.


I was transported to gleedom when I read parts of 's comments on the subject. He was also included in Blogeswari's link although I do read his blog now and then. Especially loved his take-offs on the way the instrument playing-notes are not in sync with the music, Salman Khan's cut-baniyan (ROFL) and Shah Rukh Khan's 'Mitwaa' posture. Oh and his take offs on Shahid Kapoor, Ehsaan of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy! Only a keen eye like Krishashok's could spot the really unplugged guitar and Sonu Nigam's likeness to himself, or NOT, I mean;). Also, the after-thought inclusion of sportspeople hehe heh. Astute guy, that Krishashok. At this point I want to say that I suspect Krishashok is an IITian or something equally highly-intellectual. A whizman whose posts I am not ashamed to admit, I don't usually fully get ...simply because of his seemingly terribly all-round personality and deft approach to techno-musico-intellecto views and writings that soar like a victorious Batman right over my head.

My mention of the above blog ensures I don't have to waste my energies on Phir Mile Sur...which I found far too obsessed with Bollywood as India perhaps, SADLY, is. Hey! I also get pre-occupied with entertainment be it Hollywood or Bollywood or Tamil cinema (am with Kamal Haasan on this one and refuse to call Tamil cinema 'Kollywood'. (UGH.), but this stupid.

And I would also like to come out and say that I sincerely and truly detest those Bollywood nicknames like SRK (aaaaamaaa.), KJo (what on India was he doing in this Phir Mile...), Akki (pakki!), Lolo (Ek thapad lo!), Bebo (want to smear some jelly-pastry-like thing nicely somewhere)...and not the least, Sallu! Ullu indeed.

Kissing Bollywood's behind bigtime is Phir Mile Sur Mera Tumhara.

Mile Sur Mera Tumhara (old) = lump in throat despite any level of corniness.
Phir Mile Sur Mera Tumhara= lump on head caused by slapping own forehead.

RIP the magic of Mile Sur...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My words on '3 Idiots'

Guess a lot of people would have watched the film '3 Idiots' by now. Still, I just saw it this morning (yes, a morning show on a Sunday no less, just for Aamir Khan, perhaps) and as usual, would like to throw some opinions around. One of the best things about a blog, by the way.

Three college-going guys played by men in their 30s and 40s! Aamir Khan (40+), Madhavan(maybe 40 + or -) and Sharman Joshi (I suppose 30-35) play the 3 idiots. I guess there are more than 3 idiots involved in this whole cinema experience, eh?;)

Anyway, the movie I read, was based on Chetan Bhagat's book 'Five Point Someone'. I hadn't yet gotten around to seeing the film 10 days ago and so, the moment my foot hit Landmark store's book floor, I pounced on it. After all, a researcher and all that...ahem. (Ok, vetti is the right word!) I enjoyed the book but was prepared, after the tug of war between the 3 Idiots Team and Chetan Bhagat, for the many changes to the book's storyline for the film adaptation. And any way, since when has a movie ever been able to equal a book's power in quite the same way?

Some engineering college with these three idiots and the happenings...are entertaining and interesting. Can even be called an eye-opening o better still, a warning for control-freak parents who may have let their own lives go (or not), and clutch hold of their child's life and career with an alarming grip to the point of strangulation. And if not them, then high-intellect professors who lack compassion and/or an open mind.

Aamir Khan, the actor par excellence, disappoints. Yes, yes, it's lovely to see Aamir on screen as usual and all that good stuff and may I say he wears Tshirts of wonderful hues too! But he has this weird, put-on, 'thiru-thiru' look going, together with some head scratching and shoulder-shrugging that makes you really start to believe he IS an idiot. Slightly demented he looks. Must be a wild attempt for a 40+ guy to pass off for 19. be kind, it is not necessary, right?Aamir Khan is Aamir Khan. We don't mind him playing the protagonist in such a wonderful story even is he is being idiotic enough to try and make us accept he is half his age. Fairly small made as such, he looks completely and irrevocably short in this film. Anyway, it was nice to see him hold the fort.

Kareena Kapoor. I cannot bear to say 'Bebo' (Some folks have the 'UGH-est' nicknames.). I admit, I have always been grumpy about her size zero-ness but she acted so well in this film and looks quite wonderful, that I have forgiven her for her 6 miniscule meals and much yoga and other exercises every day.

Madhavan. In some scenes, although his Hindi is quite perfect (and who am I to argue?!), I sort of felt he was speaking in Tamil to someone. Dunno why. But good acting from him as usual and he looks quite nice although without his shirt, he can be allowed to be nothing less than 40 if even that. Take 45... and join a gym quickly I say. Just how far do you think your endearing smile is going to take you? It's already lasted too long. Hmph.

Oh and in this film, you are not going to see girls in skimpy clothes, but guys. Many of them are caught with their pants down (literally and figuratively) in quite a few scenes. You get used to seeing male backsides with various coloured-jetties on them. Big deal, eh?

Sharman Joshi delivers. Nothing more, nothing less. Really good acting all around, really.

Boman Irani suits Hindi films like nothing on earth. He can act up, play it up, play it strict, play it funny and play it lispy as he does here. The lisp on the strict Professor is a nice touch.

Excellent locations and some scenes are truly breathtaking. The dream sequence is thankfully just that even for the actors. The music could truly have been better. Did not haunt or move me one bit although it was not atrocious. Noteworthy is that there is a terrific amount of humour in the film.

The film gives another great message in no uncertain terms lest the audience misses the point: Don't strive for success, strive for excellence...and success will come trotting after. Or that's what I understood!

And then, after al,l it is a Hindi film even if with a great message. So expect the degree of corniness and drama and romance. The lack of fights was nice.

Would recommend you watch it if you haven't already. Thou shalt be entertained and heartened sommme way.

Thursday, January 07, 2010


The 'Whoa' was not for the horse Vijay is riding in my previous post, but for the lengthiness of the rant that is the review.

Tsk tsk tsk.

Teesu is a tad vetti me thinks.


Vijay, The Hunter -- Vettaikaran HMPH!

Vettaikaran Movie review (Only Vijay)

The first movie I ever saw in my LIFE was Vettaikaran. Fascinated, I was four or five when I watched a stealthy MGR circling a wounded lion in the jungle and somehow, instead of claiming his beast, he removes the thorn sticking out of the animal's paw and relieves the lion of its pain. How KIND! I was a goner...for MGR! He was a true hero in my young eyes. (Things change...okay?)

So, I went to today's Vettaikaran movie starring Vijay ('Ilayathalapathy') with faraway thoughts and 'panging' nostalgia.


V for VERY predictable is V for Vijay.

The movie began ...interestingly not with Vijay beating up somebody, but with a very Telugu-mouthed Telugu actor (You know how 'Telugu or Hindi mouths' speak Tamil on screen right? Bit of a money-purse look on their mouths) shooting some bad guy. This Telugu-mouth is a cop and a wonderful, upright, righteous, aggressive encounter specialist at that.

Vijay's intro in the film was...on a horse. For a moment, I was stunned -- were Devar Films back in action? Then, I thought it must have to do with hunting. Vettaikaran and all that. Kings may have hunted on horses, but this looked ridiculous! Anyway, some silly Vijay fightings and savings-of-the-day later, the hero launched into some predictable song. As usual, nepotism puts me off so when Vijay's son (I think it's his son) joins him on screen for the song, it simply...irks. Sidey touch. But perhaps not for the proud papa or a die-hard Vijay fan. Hmph.

After the song and dance about nothing, hero has usual scoldy parents with some terribly boring family humour and leaves for Chennai to become a policeman no less, and to be like Telugu-Mouth mentioned above. Soon he predictably sees the love of his life and proceeds with some over-acting jollu and associated emotions and expressions.
Anyway, the romance picture in Vijay's movies is all about girls who wear less and dance more. This one -- Anushka (weird name) is from Tollywood (hate these tags), is nice-looking and (read 'BUT') is TALL. Anyway you look at it, Tamil cnema ain't the place for her unless far-fetchedly, Tamil movie viewing moves to taller heroines with much-shorter heroes who save them from various artificial elements. Heck, even in supposedly far-ahead Hollywood this has not happened. So, sigh, but bye-bye Anushka even though we DO appreciate the correct Tamil mouthing of dialogues. Really, we do. It's just that Kamal, Surya, Vikram and company cannot bear to look up to you. Am not being mean, it's true. Besides I LIKE Kamal, Vikram and Suriya. Vijay just about managed cos he is taller than the others.

One new angle here is the girl-friend he has (er, no, not Anushka. Apparently *yuck*, she is his 'angel' *Barf*). Platonic and nice relationship and in fact SHE is the one he saves from the bad guys as a GOOD friend-bordering-on-brother...whatever. (am losing interest in this post already! So YOU are excused)

The songs by Vijay Antony are ...enjoyable. I am very very Tamil, and very very happy-to-be, so that's my excuse for liking the songs. The song 'Karikalai''s female playback singer is great and some 'suuuur', 'burr' and 'gurrr' sounds you hear in another song are in fact abbreviated lyrics! Please leave your brains out of this. The song 'Chinna Thamarai' is indeed nice and interesting, with some rap thrown in most incongruously but ...hmmm, quite interestingly. Besides, Vijay startles you with a strong Michael Jackson flavour in this song and looks strangely suddenly-chubby-faced as well! The badly placed wig distracted.

But this is a Vijay film -- so expect to expect strange things...

Dream sequences galore with the strong possibility that the audience may forget to wake up when it is over.

Then the Avengorama story: quickly (!), is that a wannabe cop with inspiration Telugu Mouth comes to Chennai, gets entangled with bad guys and nearly pays dearly for it. Telugu Mouth is actually a badly shattered and blinded encounter supercop who hates life these days. Then hero manages to gain 1,2,3...up on the villain (oh, VERY nice Tamil speaking by Salim Ghouse btw) and his son Chella played by some new, apparently Telugu actor who btw, I have seen work out in my gym and looks every bit the villain he portrays. Hope that look is on purpose! Back to story, the hero loses his best friend who's killed by Salim Ghouse (certainly due to hero's own carelessness, sorry) and avenges this by killing 'Chella'. Salim Ghouse then avenges this by becoming a minister and Vijay then avenges that by ...some twists and turns and Salim's character ends up with a bullet in his pancreas, no less. The bullet might have got his spleen too!

What is Tamil cinema's obsession to have endearing words either spoken by the villain as a refrain or have an endearment as a name for the villain?GRR. And why does this villain seem to say in challenge to Vijay: 'Waada.........WAAAAA!' when in Tamil, it should be 'Vaada.....Vaaaaa!'
Telugu purse-mouth syndrome.

Note: I have absolutely nothing against Telugus but much against Telugu actors badly-mouthing Tamil dialogues in Tamil films, dammit.

Vettaikaran -- The Hunted look in the audience's eyes was indeed caused by this hunter!

His next film should be titled (yes, yes, the big 50th film *snort*) 'YAVM' -- standing for Yet Another Vijay Movie. But then, I suppose I will be watching it after all. Need to be well out of reach of reality sometimes y'know, with some mindless but indeed good dancing thrown in, some gala songs and much masala in the otherwise bland curd rice.

Oh and the script can be by ANYone by the way, as long as it has a generous amount of nonsense and high levels of corniness.