Thursday, February 04, 2010

Mirror Mirror on the wall, tell me why?

At the gym I go to and perhaps in many a gym, there are many people who peer endlessly into the mirror.

Did I say peer? I meant pose.

Did I say pose? I meant obsess.

It's a treat for me to watch them flex their ugly, hairy arms, or worse, lift arms overhead whilst on the cross-trainer, or turn head left and right to get both cheeks in view whilst on treadmill, and so on.

I have become expert at recognising mere body-builders and distinguishing them from anguished folks who critically examine themselves all the time in order to check out every last bit of adipose tissue!

I have also become expert at figuring out who is a film actor and so on. The film actors who work out invariably do weird things like:
  • sighing deeply and loudly
  • making inappropriate noises while lifting weights
  • sitting around on other equipment for no reason
  • gazing endlessly at own reflection in front of the mirror
  • watching various TV channels that show drama of some sort with a crazed, lolling expression
  • assuming 'publicly inappropriate' postures whilst working out

And all this useless expertise gained whilst burning calories...HMMMM.

The gym IS a fun place to exercise, I say.


Trendsetters said...

sure sounds like a fun place

Anonymous said...


Yay!! First to Comment and my First comment.

I have been following your blog for the last few months. You do a wonderful job. Your posts are simple yet interesting. Keep up the good work.


Deepak G said...

hehe gymbly zuuper

Kamini said...

Interesting gym you go to, with film actors and all!!
Mine has a few aspiring model types, who come heavily made up, reeking of perfumed, and dressed in the latest designer exercise gear, desperately on the look out for some attention from the opposite sex!