Saturday, November 22, 2008

Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata

Even if you don't like the piano or Richard Clayderman, do listen to this piece. Else, you can just look it up on google or youtube. Soul stirring composition. But don't listen to it if you are in the mood for 'Appadi Podu' Dappaan Koothu numbers or Western pop/hip hop/heavy metal. That would be an insult to this great composer. The best mood for it would be unhurried or with at leat a willingness to close your eyes for two minutes.

Me, I can drop whatever I am doing to listen to this gorgeous piece.


Ok, so many people know that this Bollywood film is about two guys pretending to be gay in order to share a beautiful apartment in Miami with a beautiful gal. John Abraham and Abhishek Bachchan with Priyanka Chopra. Sounds like a winning love triangle. Then in comes the droll faced Bobby Deol (seriously, huccome he is the still-hot Dharmendra's son?) -- supposedly straight and suave.

Most of the film makes fun of gays and their supposed body language and behaviours. I can't say I care too much really, about making so much fun of the gay community. But it has to be said that the very hot and happening John Abraham and truly attractive Abhishek Bachchan have 'gaily' done a good job of it. They are funny and do look good together! Abhishek has been clever by not taking off his shirt as John Abraham in this film was wont to doing. Why compete 'out of area'?;) There are many slapstick moments and in true Bollywood style, many unbelievable moments too. If you really have time to spare and don't mind watching a time pass movie that is essentially a spoof on homosexual men, you can watch this.

There are some quite-funny moments in the film though what irritated and disturbed me was the behaviour of the crowd watching the film at Sathyam cinemas. They laughed at so many unfunny things and it was shocking to note the number of young guys (teenagers) who were watching this film and laughing raucously. Something about it really bothered me. There were moments during the film when, as I was watching it in all seriousness, there would be laughter erupting further along the hall and I was like 'What THE?"

Personally, I felt the guys and Priyanka did a good job with the acting while Bobby Dobby Deol disappointed big time. There were simply too many silly moments in the film and happy as usual was I that I had 2 cartons of popcorn -- one salted and one caramel, to munch through this no-brainer.

Having gone ten minutes late (that is what you get for waiting for 'thozhis'), I missed the 'item number' with Shilpa Shetty. All things considered, I have no issues about that.

BUT, it was sweet to see real, platonic, 'buddy-buddy' man-woman friendship-love in Dostana. That was perhaps the best part.