Thursday, August 02, 2007

Back to the future!

Got back to the gym yesterday. After 3 months, I discovered, my various and abundant body parts are still functioning well. But my enthusiasm had waned. Probably the old poster that said " I might as well exercise. I am in a bad mood anyway" has taken the front seat. Bad mood caused by weight gain of course. The fault is mine of course. Which makes my bad mood worse of course. This is the reason I don't think too much these days...about anything!!;)

So half-heartedly, I went through the aerobics routine yesterday and today find that my belly has identified the outer adipose wall which constitutes my biggest ache. Wish I had considered exercise as normal as brushing my teeth, bathing... and you know other 'needful' activities from when I was very young. But as it is, I find everything is an effort -- moving and shaking and all that!

Still, I have gone back to some routine for workouts however sad my attitude is. I relished my workout today cos the woman on the efx (crosstrainer) next to mine was cribbing about another guy in the gym - a tall, weirdo who apparently does annoying things like switching channels constantly on the TV monitors and also moving weirdly to the music. This kind of entertainment is enough to take my mind off the workout at hand and the number of calories required to be burned.:)

There are some good stories from the gym that I can share here...not great stuff but it all strives to keep my interest alive. Weirdos from the same planet. Ahaaaa. I will write about one guy, whose name is Babber (actually it is another name but I want the name to be silliier than it is cos HE is definitely an ass).

Good, good. Looking forward to next post then...It's gonna be a bigtime crib, I tell you!