Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thicken it.


Is something else.

I gather the word busines comes from being very busy!! A business sure makes one busy. I have, for better or worse, so very recently, entered the world of business. If only in a very small way...but still, business is business.;)

One of the first things I have picked up in just a few months, is that one needs to be thick-skinned to do business of any kind. If you dare to start your own thing, you have to grow those extra layers of skin. No other go.

Especially if you are the 'non-business' type (as I'm sure I was hitherto considered to be), people will look you up and down...and then some. They will gaze shrewdly at you and make some remark or the other. The remarks from such folk may often be encouraging, but not always ring true. Words of caution on the other hand, almost always ring true, but seldom come ...unless from someone very close.

So, mostly, a 'green' businessman/woman must endure many a discouraging word or lack of support and take it in his or her stride.

Therefore, I have thickened my skin as much as I can(!) and am trying to steer well away from 'over-sensitive' as I usually might be accused of being. Not that it all doesn't bother me, but I am TRYING to shrug it off and concentrate on the many, many tasks at hand.

I'm making a serious attempt to focus on being practical.

After all, if I fail, I would be neither the first, nor the last. And if I succeed...well then too, I will be one of the many. So, this brings me back to a memorable lesson I had in school about tennis star Chris Evert who, I understand, was being interviewed for her 'grace-under-pressure' or some such thing. She was heard quoting Rudyard Kipling:"If you can meet both Triumph and Disaster, and treat those two imposters the same..."

I made it a point to understand the depth of these words even then, and I do so admire the meaning even more now.

Yes, business is...something else.


Deepak G said...

all the best n best of luck...tho i hope tat business doesnt make u so busy to stay away from blogging

Deepak G said...

er busy m'am...happy women's day said...

nicely said !