Friday, March 12, 2010

Women's Day

I am not on board with Women's Day, Mother's Day, Father's day...and certainly 'off-board' where Valentine's day is concerned.

I just don't get it.

This whole hyping business is crazy. Yet people lap it all up. Not enough to do, eh?

I received quite a few 'Happy Women's Day' messages. Found them irksome and flatly refused to respond to a single one. Anyway, does one day of celebration cut it? It's like a tasty snack thrown in the air that I have leap up and catch! For all the doormat moments, for all that is sacrificed, for all the pain, suffering, putting-down...really. Is it enough? Yes/No? Just a token? Hmph.

And besides, who has to organise these celebrations? Women ...for women.

Downtrodden women aside, how about just treating both sexes the same. Why do women want to be treated special? Aren't we special? Don't we KNOW we are special? In a boring man's world, we rock! Also, if it were a women's world, then it would definitely be quite a boring world too. Why do you think there are two sexes anyway? Both are a real pair(!), that's why. The proof is there for all to see.

In a women-oppressed area like you-know-where-all, is where a Women's Day celebration is most meaningful. Not in fab-gab bustling cities...

Not deluding myself or anything but we are or have become dependent on the men in our lives simply because we WANT it that way. We want men around. Today, this is the truth. For the educated woman anyways. All this empowerment etc. is very nice to hear and talk about, but basically, the whole 'celebrate women's day' concept surely came from a great need to measure up to a man in terms of opportunity, freedom and what not.

So, here's an idea...

Why don't women on women's day feel strong enough to celebrate the men who have truly done women proud, stood up or stood by them through thick and thin, high and low? The man who honestly looks up to his womenfolk, the man who would do anything for his woman, the man who believes in equal opportunity for women...the man who does not expect something from a woman JUST because she is a woman...? (Even like cooking a a three-course meal at the end of a long day for instance). The man who can't understand why a woman should be expected to do that which is not of a man.

These men really need to be felicitated on women's day. Invite me to that party! ;)

Ranting on,
My 'umble opinion: Men sure will add colour to the sorry PINK spectacle (why are women so obviously PINK?Can't we get some fab colours out there, women? Cliched should be out for starters, for a women's day celebration!). Women falling all over themselves and others to give and receive 'awards', gathering in large crowds for Page 3 evenings and being fussed over themselves BY themselves. So tacky nowadays, I tell you.

And why say 'woman achiever'? That itself sounds like it's a surprise that a woman has achieved something.


And don't even get me started on Valentine's Day. Whazzat?


Shyam said...

Invite ME to that party too! That would be worth attending... because I suspect there would be not that many men being felicitated :(

sittingathome said...

whatever you say, thatever you say very well

Kamini said...

Bravo! Very well said, I agree with you. Yes, Valentine's Day is the worst! All nothing but excuses to buy more stuff. What a herd mentality we have!