Thursday, April 01, 2010

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This post had me thinking much more than I thought I would...

1. Indebted to somebody for life.

My friend P. She took me under her wing and supported my no-baby-yet cause some years ago. She prepared my household (including cook-appointment!) and gave me innumerable tips before the baby came. Because I was superstitious about not preparing for a newborn before baby's safe birth, she got all the nappies stitched and washed / ironed in advance and handed them over to me once I got back home ...and delivered a whole stock of baby goods including wonderful hand-me-downs from her two daughters.

2. Say ‘Sorry’ to someone.
Among other things(!), am so sorry about being part of a self-righteous lot in 9th standard in school who, without (am sure) understanding the whole situation, 'told tales' to the teachers about a classmate in connection with some boy and she was expelled! Am still woolly about the details. or perhaps, it's more comfortable to be so. Her name's Vidhyalakhsmi. Am just sure, the issue was worth turning a blind eye to instead of taking a moralistic high road! It wasn't even a major moral issue I think...:(

3. Say ‘Thank you’ to someone.
To a wonderful, grand gentleman -- a maritime lawyer and ex-master Mariner Captain A.K. B. who met me, wrote me a much-cherished letter of encouragement and spent hours of his time over many Saturday mornings teaching me the basics of ships and shipping. A 'Thank you' cannot cut it. It's much more...I still turn to him for words of wisdom even if not connected with shipping.

4. A gesture from someone that left me speechless.
At an inappropriate moment, with some oldies watching...a very sober occasion...this guy, a then somewhat friend (now ex-friend) gave me a kiss on my cheek. I had nothing to say. One of the few moments in my life when I was rendered speechless!

Whew. Started this post this morning and it took me all day to think of a speechless moment!!

5. My most cherished possession:
My mobile phone. Very ordinary, nothing fancy, but I get desperate if I can't find it. And, my tiny gold ear-rings which have rivets on them. Not because they are gold, but because my sister gave them to me.

6. A special memory that brings a smile to my face every time I think about it:
My solos -- no, perhaps my first solo flight! All alone and frankly don't think I was fit to fly, but there I was ...flying high and then low and then too high and too low...taking off, going around the airport and landing... three times. That was a first solo moment. I sang 'Dum Maro Dum' on my second round and 'Hare Krishna Hare Ram' saw me almost missing my runway. That took care of my jaunty singing!

But here I am...



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u got a girl fired! aiyo!...

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