Monday, April 05, 2010

Songs and people

I associate certain songs with certain people (no specific order!). Whenever I listen to any of the numbers, the associated character springs to mind...

1. Mama (Phil Collins) - Laurinda, schoolfriend, who used to enjoy the song with me and laugh when phil Collins laughed!

2. Mukesh songs - Kumar, cuz, who sings them with aplomb.

3. Another Day in Paradise - Suresh, friend, who sang a memorable solo of it once.

4. Jaane oh Kaise (Hemant Kumar) and so many old, old Hindi songs, really- My Dad (late), who sang a lot, listened as well as taught me some.

5. All songs of a mixed Hindi tape with fun duet songs of the 60s - Hema (who by the way, is hogging the tape many thousands of miles away even as I blog. Hmph.). We used to listen to this tape at Drive-in almost every Sunday evening for a long time, with parents.

6. Sri Rama Chandra Kripalo Bhajamana and few more - Sarasi Athai (late) Taught them to me.

7. Kurai Ondrum Illai - Geetha Manni (older sis-in-law & current music teacher)

8. Om Siva Om (Film: Naan kadavul) - Kannan (other half). Was obsessed with it for a long time until I also started enjoying it.

9. Hard to say I'm Sorry - Anita, friend because of some fight we had some time and this song played by accident. She always looks meaningfully at me when this song comes on!

10. Four Letter Word, Kim ilde I think: Bonny, friend. Used to listen to that mixed hits tape together.

11. Omaria - Nsu, friend. We listened, sang it, and sang it some more until heartily sick of it.

12. The Beatles (some songs) - Usha, friend. Listening together was a pleasure.

13. Moon over Burban Street - Sanju, old friend. He taught me a lot about appreciating western music and a FUN guy.

12. Papa, papa, kadhai kelu - Blogeswari, friend. Did a HILARIOUS version once during college band practices.

13. Aajare - Anu / Radi, cuz. Sang it beautifully many times.

14. Mere Mehboob - Shyam, cuz ;) Cos she would cringe and make other funny faces heh heh, rest is a family secret!

15. Unnai kaanadha kannum kannalla - Mom, sings it well and used to enjoy it so i also grew to love the song.

16. Ennavaley - My brother-in-law SK. Loves this number.

17. Unnai Arindhaal, nee unnai arindhaal - My other BIL Raja. Used to sing it often in passing.

18. Yenna solli yennai chollu(Tenali) - Skandha, nephew, who loved it as a child.

19. Ye Tara, woh tara, har Tara -- No guesses!

20. Y Viva Espagna - My school gang. I have performed this number for them!

Think there are more, but that's it for now;)

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