Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Aayirathil Oruvan -- PAYBACK TIME!

This movie was said to be a fantasy adventure among other things like touching upon the ancient, Chola dynasty.

I went to see it because of a) Karthi (an actor who proved himself in his very first film -- the very rustic Paruthiveeran), b) Because of the hype that it is a never-before Tamil film sort of bullshit and c)The plot seemed to revolve around a guy and 2 girls without the obvious idiotic, mushy, love triangle. I would have thought that when a film of Karthi's came out, I would rush to see it but for some extremely smart reason, I was dragging my feet until a friend actually booked the tickets.

This movie does not really deserve a post because:
  • The story was not well-relayed if indeed there was one.
  • The makers were trying to achieve something beyond normal expectations but took themselves over-seriously and SERIOUSLY sodhappifyd (messed up) things.
  • The gore in this film is of such enormity that after a while, it becomes 'normal'.
  • There are too many sickening scenes but as in the above point, one becomes numb after a few such. I shall refrain from describing them since they are WAY below my blog's standards. Deepest basement so far ever seen.
  • The dubbing is SHOCKING! String desire to smack Reema Sen's mouth. Learn Tamil, idiot!
  • The completely unacceptable way of treating women in today's day and age that is met with not enough attitude from the women (otherwise despicted here as overly-sassy)
  • The film clearly had a budget and making time it simply did not deserve!
  • The movie revealed that the maker is dark -- he has a VERY dark side to him that needs help.
  • I not only want my one hundred and twenty rupees back, I want to claim damages for my time. If big theatres show films, there ought to be a standard. This is BAD.
  • Many firsts in Tamil Cinema it seems, but most of the firsts should be corrected to 'Firsts and Lasts!'
  • Too much boldness and aroused outrage in me. I like my Thamizh Tamil films. Miss them now after this...*sniff*
Then why am I writing about it? Well, where else can I rant?

Besides, lots was dung. Giving logic a miss like nobody's business. I detested that silly cursing and swearing the two women indulged in. Nope, not how I like my Tamil films...er, would not even tolerate it in English films!

The music was quite good. Different and interesting.

Karthi -- My only solace (since am forced to search for one) was his acting never mind the sicko-ness depicted. Why he chose this movie is beyond me. To be honest, there were some parts that came out well, but, in between the beheading, raping, shooting and killing, these were just scenes you watched dumbly with a slight stir of interest for this guy's sake. HMPH.

Andrea -- delivered I suppose. What I don't know.

Reema Sen -- Her acting has improved tremendously no doubt. But her poor lip movements irked big time. SERIOUS ERROR casting her in the role then.

Parthibhan -- yeah, yeah, ok, the guy can act. Could have chosen a better film is all I have to say.

The director Selvaraghavan...needs help. If you have the misfortune of watching this film, you will get it.

The chilling words 'Thodarum' (Will be continued) at the end are still creeping me out.

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Anonymous said...

that bad huh? first bad review i've heard. that selvaraghavan is creepy. weird films, obsession with sethu-girls as heroine. married one too... and his bro is really yuck. but i'll try to watch cos of karthi.