Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Phirrrrrrrrr Mile Sur Mera Tumhara. Grrrrr.

The words 'Mile Sur Mera Tumhara' used to make me jump up and approach the TV beside which I would remain with a lump in my throat for the next six minutes or so, until the video came to an end.

After twenty years perhaps, these same words were mentioned again a couple of days ago, except they had the prefix 'Phir'. Eh? Oh, I see, they were remaking it. Ok. Hmph. If you must, I thought.

I had no inclination to even check it out. I am a firm believer of not-trying-to-recreate-great-things. The re-creation is most likely to fall flat, disappoint and leave you feeling it's worthless and worst, the original suffers because of it. You may end up not even being to enjoy the original because of the bad copy. So, I did not check Phir Mile...out.

This must-not-REcreate motto of mine applies even to day-today stuff like:
1. Great evenings -- romantic or otherwise
2. Great holidays
3. Great moments with beloved folks
4. Great fun enjoyed at say, a great concert...and so on.

And so, I was mumbling about these things and went below surface with my head under the sand, when someone ....dug me out and poked me, I like to think. That is, my immensely talented and resourceful friend, who sent me an email about it. I was pulled into this 'Phir Mile' business like the tides on Marina Beach often pull swimming, carefree teenagers to the life beyond(or death, I morbidly mean) . Idiots, by the way, who are continuously warned about the dangers of venturing too far into the sea. Common sense should be a subject in itself in schools now. Is it?

Back to the back.

Anyway, I checked out the old Mile Sur... my enjoyment of it marred by a sense of foreboding. For, sure enough, on Blogeswari's link was also found Phir Mile Sur... Ridiculous lack of creativity in the title itself I say. Remaking (or even remixing) means you gotto follow some rules like:
1. DO stray away from the trodden path
2. Visit path now and then since you dared to copy it
3. Incorporate some pieces from the path since yours isn't an original and you are announcing it so aloud
4. Improve it, or at least, keep things trendy
5. Don't get confused
6. Don't bullshit
7. Originality must be present in abundance
8. Don't try to act 'doubly smart', as a lecturer of mine once threatened a classmate in college.


I was transported to gleedom when I read parts of 's comments on the subject. He was also included in Blogeswari's link although I do read his blog now and then. Especially loved his take-offs on the way the instrument playing-notes are not in sync with the music, Salman Khan's cut-baniyan (ROFL) and Shah Rukh Khan's 'Mitwaa' posture. Oh and his take offs on Shahid Kapoor, Ehsaan of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy! Only a keen eye like Krishashok's could spot the really unplugged guitar and Sonu Nigam's likeness to himself, or NOT, I mean;). Also, the after-thought inclusion of sportspeople hehe heh. Astute guy, that Krishashok. At this point I want to say that I suspect Krishashok is an IITian or something equally highly-intellectual. A whizman whose posts I am not ashamed to admit, I don't usually fully get ...simply because of his seemingly terribly all-round personality and deft approach to techno-musico-intellecto views and writings that soar like a victorious Batman right over my head.

My mention of the above blog ensures I don't have to waste my energies on Phir Mile Sur...which I found far too obsessed with Bollywood as India perhaps, SADLY, is. Hey! I also get pre-occupied with entertainment be it Hollywood or Bollywood or Tamil cinema (am with Kamal Haasan on this one and refuse to call Tamil cinema 'Kollywood'. (UGH.), but this stupid.

And I would also like to come out and say that I sincerely and truly detest those Bollywood nicknames like SRK (aaaaamaaa.), KJo (what on India was he doing in this Phir Mile...), Akki (pakki!), Lolo (Ek thapad lo!), Bebo (want to smear some jelly-pastry-like thing nicely somewhere)...and not the least, Sallu! Ullu indeed.

Kissing Bollywood's behind bigtime is Phir Mile Sur Mera Tumhara.

Mile Sur Mera Tumhara (old) = lump in throat despite any level of corniness.
Phir Mile Sur Mera Tumhara= lump on head caused by slapping own forehead.

RIP the magic of Mile Sur...


Shyam said...

Amusing post as always, Tees :) Your comments to the Bollywood star nicknames made me grin - but WHO is KJo? Stupid asses all.

PS. I wasnt even remotely tempted to watch Phir mile... and after this post I'm even less tempted!

Prashant Mehta said...

The best part about bad movies and videos is that they make good reviews! Your post is not only informative but also hilarious. However, i take PMS as a new advertising model. Where the Bollywood celebs advertise in between a few seconds of the PMS video. PMS is awesome!

Teesu (very very Indian, very very good) said...

Shyam, watch it...yam petra inbam...and KJo is Karan Johar I think;)

Suresh said...

Nostalgia is a funny thing! The original Mile Sur was a good idea with some good music that sort of grew on you. But I found the execution cheesy even back then...but I guess in comparison to the current version, the original seems, well, original! :-)