Sunday, January 17, 2010

My words on '3 Idiots'

Guess a lot of people would have watched the film '3 Idiots' by now. Still, I just saw it this morning (yes, a morning show on a Sunday no less, just for Aamir Khan, perhaps) and as usual, would like to throw some opinions around. One of the best things about a blog, by the way.

Three college-going guys played by men in their 30s and 40s! Aamir Khan (40+), Madhavan(maybe 40 + or -) and Sharman Joshi (I suppose 30-35) play the 3 idiots. I guess there are more than 3 idiots involved in this whole cinema experience, eh?;)

Anyway, the movie I read, was based on Chetan Bhagat's book 'Five Point Someone'. I hadn't yet gotten around to seeing the film 10 days ago and so, the moment my foot hit Landmark store's book floor, I pounced on it. After all, a researcher and all that...ahem. (Ok, vetti is the right word!) I enjoyed the book but was prepared, after the tug of war between the 3 Idiots Team and Chetan Bhagat, for the many changes to the book's storyline for the film adaptation. And any way, since when has a movie ever been able to equal a book's power in quite the same way?

Some engineering college with these three idiots and the happenings...are entertaining and interesting. Can even be called an eye-opening o better still, a warning for control-freak parents who may have let their own lives go (or not), and clutch hold of their child's life and career with an alarming grip to the point of strangulation. And if not them, then high-intellect professors who lack compassion and/or an open mind.

Aamir Khan, the actor par excellence, disappoints. Yes, yes, it's lovely to see Aamir on screen as usual and all that good stuff and may I say he wears Tshirts of wonderful hues too! But he has this weird, put-on, 'thiru-thiru' look going, together with some head scratching and shoulder-shrugging that makes you really start to believe he IS an idiot. Slightly demented he looks. Must be a wild attempt for a 40+ guy to pass off for 19. be kind, it is not necessary, right?Aamir Khan is Aamir Khan. We don't mind him playing the protagonist in such a wonderful story even is he is being idiotic enough to try and make us accept he is half his age. Fairly small made as such, he looks completely and irrevocably short in this film. Anyway, it was nice to see him hold the fort.

Kareena Kapoor. I cannot bear to say 'Bebo' (Some folks have the 'UGH-est' nicknames.). I admit, I have always been grumpy about her size zero-ness but she acted so well in this film and looks quite wonderful, that I have forgiven her for her 6 miniscule meals and much yoga and other exercises every day.

Madhavan. In some scenes, although his Hindi is quite perfect (and who am I to argue?!), I sort of felt he was speaking in Tamil to someone. Dunno why. But good acting from him as usual and he looks quite nice although without his shirt, he can be allowed to be nothing less than 40 if even that. Take 45... and join a gym quickly I say. Just how far do you think your endearing smile is going to take you? It's already lasted too long. Hmph.

Oh and in this film, you are not going to see girls in skimpy clothes, but guys. Many of them are caught with their pants down (literally and figuratively) in quite a few scenes. You get used to seeing male backsides with various coloured-jetties on them. Big deal, eh?

Sharman Joshi delivers. Nothing more, nothing less. Really good acting all around, really.

Boman Irani suits Hindi films like nothing on earth. He can act up, play it up, play it strict, play it funny and play it lispy as he does here. The lisp on the strict Professor is a nice touch.

Excellent locations and some scenes are truly breathtaking. The dream sequence is thankfully just that even for the actors. The music could truly have been better. Did not haunt or move me one bit although it was not atrocious. Noteworthy is that there is a terrific amount of humour in the film.

The film gives another great message in no uncertain terms lest the audience misses the point: Don't strive for success, strive for excellence...and success will come trotting after. Or that's what I understood!

And then, after al,l it is a Hindi film even if with a great message. So expect the degree of corniness and drama and romance. The lack of fights was nice.

Would recommend you watch it if you haven't already. Thou shalt be entertained and heartened sommme way.

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Deepak G said...

i loved it..v v entertaining movy..but the tussle between bhagat n the 3 idiots was tat bhagat and his readers (like me) felt anguished tat with so many scenes lifted off from the book he was not given proper credit...did u see his name? i missed it when i saw the first time it came in the end credits...n tat palli adivayutu color kareena has only 4 xprssns which she has been tossin arnd from 10 yrs or so