Sunday, May 30, 2010

Five compliments I have received...

Tag from my tag-guru cuz:

1. 'You have beautiful eyes.'
Get this occasionally.

2. 'You are very intelligent.'
This quite tickles me. I know am CERTAINLY not intelligent enough to be called so.

3. 'You are multi-talented.'
Feel it's just a wonderful way some friends have, of telling me I am a fancy jack-of-all trades. Could be, could be.

4. 'You are a good organizer.'
I try, I try...and I certainly could / ought to be better!

5. 'You write well.'
Honestly, MILES to go before I sleep...miles to go...

am so grateful for the above:-)


Anonymous said...

1. very very warm ones
2. yes
3. YES
4. a lil hyper too
5. you do

Shyam said...

1. Suj, you have BEAUTIFUL muttai kannu :) And a beautiful smile, and an infectious laugh.

2. Definitely.

3. MOST definitely1!

4. Again, MOST DEFINITELY! I've seen you in action arranging Kumar-Tanu's reception :)

5. Yessu. Jushtu acceptu. Okayva? Good writing runs in the genes-u.