Saturday, September 27, 2008


Quite idly only...

Not at all in order of priorities, I wannabe...

1. A music composer
2. A popular writer
3. A fabulous mother
4. A best friend
5. A pianist
6. A good entertainer
7. A good singer
8. An artist (woo hoo even I did not see this coming)
9. A model daughter (in law too;))
10. An aerobics instructor (in my cousin's words, BWAHAHAHAHA, I know)
11. A DJ
12. A pilot (finally, something you cannot laugh at!Yes, a PPL does count;)
13. Streetsmart
14.An excellent cook
15. A kind soul
16. A frequent holidayer;)
17. A strummer (guitar)
18. A modest know-it-all!
19. Less fat (very noncommittal)
20. A party animal...but only sometimes. Not as young these days, you see...


umm oviya said...

i will vouch for Nos 4,6, 14. Muuaaaaaaah!

Blogeswari said...

What do you mean, you wannabe? You already are.. almost everything except

9 1/2 (the second half)- is K reading this?
10 - ummm, am not sure

Teesu (very very Indian, very very good) said...

Thanks you two:) Blogeswari, romba azzzzhhagaa poi sollarai;)Nandri.

Nsu said...

Teesu... these are ALL what you are... tho the model daughter, fabulous mom etc is konjam over.. but what the heck... if we dont tell it like it is who will? Can you beleive you are ALL this -? I am in the envying. Guitar, aeroplane, cook, holiday.... superrrrr...!

Teesu (very very Indian, very very good) said...

oh, yeah, could i have put down taxi taxi?!! thanks. changed now.

Shyam said...

You, madam, ARE all those (although I wasnt aware of you DJing)! Just fishing for compliments, no? :)