Monday, September 08, 2008

Pommanaati (Tamil word)


I am sure there is something seriously wrong with this word. I love my mother tongue Tamil or Thamizh to be precise, but this word I strongly object to. It means woman -- general, just 'woman', but I sure cringe every time I hear it.

It is the sound of it being pronounced that sounds ugh. Somehow, even though it just means woman, it sounds like an insult. 'Pombalai' sounds better although am sure it came from 'Penn Pillai' -- quite charming then.

I am sure there are more words I dislike but for now, it has to be just pommanaati.


Blogeswari said...

May be 'coz it rhymes with Kammanaati?

Extra-Ordinarily Ordinary said...

strange that it rhymes with Kamanaati or in Kamal Terms, Kammi Naati!! :D

umm oviya said...

pommanati from pondati... which is from penn jaadi? also what about this pasanga means boys... i thought it meant kids. yeah don't care for that word. though like to use kamanaati

shyam said...

I dont like pombalai either... but frankly (and dont look down on me) I dont find tamil particularly pleasant on the tongue or the ear. Just seems like a harsh language. It's not a musical language.

umm oviya said...

no, shyam. written tamil is beautiful. it's not musical, but it is 'poetical' if that's a word. it's Madras tamil that is awful. if you listen to those from madurai and coimbatore it's so much more beautiful.