Monday, September 08, 2008

Pee in my pants!

Umm no, don't get scared. This is not actually about the pee in my pants, nor is it about me peeing in my pants (well, maybe a little about that!), because that is another story, he he. No, stories -- plural.;)

What I want to say is that I miss the pee in my pants. Er no, I don't want to suffer from incontinence or any other such embarrassing health issue, nor do I want to be in a situation where I am so scared I pee...but I want to laugh so hard that a little pee will make its way out.

For a really satisfying laugh, something has to tickle you. For a really hearty laugh, the laugh has to last. I want both obviously.I honestly think it's been a long time. I do of course laugh from time to time but not quite that way.

Oh, and when such a laugh happens, it is most enjoyable if it comes on in the company of your best crazies -- friends or friendly relatives(!). During such a laugh, you will laugh so hard you cannot stop, with belly shaking, eyes watering, stomach aching, a lot of noise making, looking at each other and shaking your heads, which will keep triggering off more such bouts and then finally for the grand finale, some pee will escape and you will think "uh-oh, I have peed in my pants and I had better stop now...". This thought itself can make you laugh even more a;though you will now be guarded (more pee = wet spot and all that). Sadly then, like all good things, the laugh too will come to an end.

Now that it's been such a long time, I really won't care if I do laugh and the grand finale happens.


Shyam said...

I know what you mean about a really good laugh :) It can ONLY happen with sisters (cousins included) or your best pals... very rarely with other relatives or strangers. I will not admit to any pee in the pants, though! :D

Teesu (very very Indian, very very good) said...

No neeeeeed to admit it, shyam:)

Blogeswari said...

Oh ya, last Friday we were so... bored at work (Asusual) and I decided to do some man-hunt for this dear friend from Mumbai...

Logged on to and laughed and laughed and laughed till we were rolling on the floors, looking at the photos! hilarious man!

(no pee-ing in pants though!)

umm oviya said...

oh, organise a party when i'm down and call only the non-sulky friends. and throw in some weird acquaintances to play butt

umm oviya said...

and, sob! sob! this is a very sensitive subject for me at the moment. it's worth to pee in your pants for a laugh. but a cough, and a puke?
sob, sob again.