Friday, September 12, 2008

Bear Hugs

A bear hug is the best kind of hug.

I don't think I want to be hugged by a bear in real life although a bear hug from a human (wonlee a human I be liking very much;)), is great. We Indians -- oh, ok, we South Indians, tend to underestimate the hug as a gesture and often get embarrassed by them -- regardless of whether we are looking at people hugging or experiencing a hug.

Hugs are great. A hug is a gesture of affection really, and nothing more, nothing less.

I am not referring to the kind of pseudo hugs that are followed by one or two 'Ummm...uahs', which are kisses blown in the air by smacking your lips. Typically, these Ummuahs go with: "Hi, darrrrling" or "Oh, hellllloo sweetheart" and so on. That would be drip drip drip, my pseudo ship.

No, I mean the kind of hug you may give / get when you are meeting and greeting somebody after a long time (at least a month) and you have really missed and / or are REALLY happy to see him or her. The hug should be tight, warm, whole hearted, platonic (thank you) and feel-good. Ahhhh, yes. Such a hug is almost like therapy, I say.

Anyway, so, sometimes we may be a bit shy to hug someone or are put off by the false hugs. But I don't let such hang ups stand in my way these days. I was taught the art of great hugging by a friend from college and must remain thankful to her forever:). Before that, hugs just made me uncomfortable and conscious of onlookers.

Now, I hug like ...a bear. I do pseudos too sometimes(!), but cannot bring myself to Ummmuah anyone;)


umm oviya said...

big hug to you. i like it the hugs too... but only from people i feel very warm towards. and from kids... any random kid on the street can hug and make me feel great.
you should also do the different kinds of hugs... when you are being hugged, when you hug each other, when you hug... etc etc

Shyam said...

"drip drip drip my pseudo ship"? :D That made me laugh. I agree about hugs - as a family we are not prone to hugging adults, are we? Same on amma's side too. Wonly kids are ok. Pete ALWAYS hugs amma hello or goodbye and although she was sorta embarrassed (and VERY surprised) at first, she's used to it now :) She even pats his back! :D

Prithivi said...

totally agree -- hugs are simply awesome -- its a real sign of love and affection -- and lots of fun!!!

Teesu (very very Indian, very very good) said...

Umm O, BEAR hug to you. Not big;)
Shyam, I know how that pat from Chithi to Pete might be:)So cute, but funny.

Anonymous said...

I wish for such a hug now.. anyone?