Wednesday, June 18, 2008


May as well say am a copycat. Nyooo problemo.


I think: too much about some things that don't deserve so much thinking.

I know: that my thinking is at least a bit impractical.

I want: to grow old looking and feeling GOOD.

I have: more body weight than I care to have.

I wish: I had more will power.

I miss: my childhood.

I fear: losing loved ones.

I feel: bad for the orphaned, old and lonely.

I smell: usually bad before a bath and good after.

I search: for misplaced bills mostly.

I wonder: who will read all this.

I regret: having regained much of the weight I lost.

I love: being in love.

I ache: in weird places at weird times...(eeks. too honest?;))

I care: too much about those who don't really matter sometimes.

I am not: a rule breaker.

I believe: in love, in music and in the fact that a healthy low fat diet combined with exercise is the ONLY good way to lose weight. (HMPH.)

I dance: a GREAT DEAL less than I want to.

I sing: these days better than I ever did before.

I cry : at movies very easily.

I don’t always : get my pedicures done.

I fight : sleep some days for no good reason.

I write: for deadlines that I have now come to dislike.

I win: when others lose to me.

I lose: quite easily, as history as shown.

I never: sleep at night without brushing my teeth.

I always: pray to God before I sleep.

I confuse: too easily for my liking.

I listen: to most people who want me to.

I can usually be found: if someone really wants to find me.

I am scared: of many things.

I need: a lot of love (high maintenance;)

I am happy about: my school and college life.

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umm oviya said...

i could hear you say some of those things...