Saturday, November 01, 2008

Aegan (Tamil film)

I don't think this film even deserves a review leave alone a detailed one.

What is the word for the opposite of substance?
That word would describe this film.

Of course if you like Ajit (the hero) you can manage to enjoy the film and even find him cute. For me, not only has he grown (nice little paunch and all), he has grown on me. I am not an Ajit fan though I do like to keep tabs on him!!

Liked him in this and it was quite interesting to see him attempt comedy of sorts. But then I had DECIDED to sit through the film even before I booked the tickets knowing well enough that it was not really worth watching.

Otherwise, I guess the director (Raju Sundaram I think) or whoever else in charge forgot that we moviegoers have brains. (Or, perhaps HE does not have any?) And the heroine Nayantara wears a bikini top for a blouse and she is a COLLEGE PROFESSOR??? Teaching the students whilst wearing that skimpy piece of underwear masquerading as a blouse? A Sigmund Freud moment, I think. They (director)could have allowed her to wear normal blouses to college and reserved the bikini ones for the dream sequences. (Hrrrumph)

Forgettable music. Think Yuvan Shankar Raja.

Most irritating of late is (especially in the film Seval which I noticed from a clip on TV) bad dubbing. The heroine especially is not Tamil, does not know Tamil and does not even lip synch properly. ARGH. drives me crazy. Slipshod for Rs. 120/-!

Coming back to Aegan, this film was more like a bad Hindi film than a bad Tamil one! By that I mean the silly comedy, ridiculous logic, etc. Besides, I seriously think that the days of the larger-than-life hero are numbered.

Thank God the popcorn was outstanding!


King said...

One of my friend who is an ajit fan took me to the movie on 1st day and when we came out, he was almost in tears!

he just said this.. " Thala kovuthuta"

Btw, I just hate that BI*** 9thara.
Happy to hear someone has filed a suite against her for her "Acting" in Aegan! :P

Blogeswari said...

9tara - I wonder how this woman is such a huge hit in Tamizh market. She has one number VELAKKENA MOONJI - permanently

Ajith - can't act, can't dance, no style - yet has a huge fan following.. ennamoo pongappa

"Thank god the popcorn was outstanding" - samosa, pepsi ellam eppadis?

King said...

hehe... TN people like plump heroines ! :P ithula kodumai enna na, she is getting 1 cr+ per movie.. EKSI..

Regards to ajit, he built up his image and all those punch dialogues have helped him.

anyways waitin for varanam aiyaram!

Teesu (very very Indian, very very good) said...

Oh yeahhh, I am waiting for Vaaranam Aaiyaram all right...and EKSI is right;)for aegan.

umm oviya said...

isn't this the main hoon na remake?

Prithivi said...

Yeah i was told by my siginificant other that both movies sucked pretty bad ... kudos to u for sitting thru --- Aegan ....and sadly i am sure i will sit thru it too....

King said...

any1 knows when reservation starts for VA? heard its nov 14th release!!

children's day ku release panranga hope it isnt a childish movie!

Teesu (very very Indian, very very good) said...

At Sathyam Cinemas, I can say with some confidence...Vaaranam Aayiram 14th nov release means tuesday night (nov 11th)after 10 pm, call the theatre. That's MY plan;) Film SEEMS promising.

King said...

Satyam & Inox la pakkurathu bore nga.. Ellam thoongitey paapanga.. enna theatre ambienceyum sound system than nalla irukkum.. Iam planning to catch either in Abirami or Sangam.. Udahyam/Devi ku intha mathiri padam suit agathu, en na anga ellam intha padatha kalaichute paapanga.. :D

King said...

Btw, everyone is welcomed with vethala pakku to my blog! :)