Saturday, October 11, 2008

Life's all about ultimatums

Ultimatums follow us from babyhood to 'deathhood'!

If you don't eat your food, you can't play with your favourite toy.
If you don't drink your milk, you cannot watch your favourite TV show.
If you don't finish your homework, you cannot chat with your friend over the phone.
If you don't come out of your room when guests come, you will not have a room.
If you don't study well and get good grades, you will not get that birthday present.
If you don't come back home by 10 pm, you are grounded for a month.
If you don't get a job soon, people will label you a loafer.
If you don't get married soon, people will label you a spinster / bachelor. (Now, why does 'bachelor' sound so much more cool than 'spinster?' Or is there a better word these days?)
If you don't have a baby soon, you have a problem.
If you don't admit your child into a 'good' school, you are a careless parent.
If you don't get your 'kids' married early, you are not a responsible parent.
If you don't babysit your grandchildren, you are not a good grandparent.

If you...
then you...

Where does it end?

Oh, and there are more...
If you don't exercise and diet, you may get some terrible disease.
If you drink and smoke, you will die young.

Now, don't even think that you can do good for the sake of doing good. Noooo. You have to do it so you are not perceived as BAD. Cool, no?

Observation: If you are given an ultimatum...the job will be done!

Inference1: Adi Odhai udhavaraa maadhiri annan thambi udhava maatanga. (Whacks and kicks help shape a person better than even your own siblings' support!(??)
Inference2: We are not just God fearing, we are MUCH fearing. Or are they branches of the same tree?
Inference 3: If you want someone to 'be good', you have to threaten him BE good...or else.
Inference 4: Nobody is free from ultimatums...???

If I don't make another inference...

nothing will happen. Therefore, I will NOT make it.



Prithivi said...

Good One Totally agree --- Fear is what rulez our world today --- fear in one form or the other...
PS: ethuku SPINSTER when it can just easily be bachelorette... just a suggestion...

umm oviya said...

if you don't blog more often, you don't have enough ideas.
if you don't chat more often with me, then you will be in my bad books.
if you don't find time for me when i am down, then you will be harassed.

nsu said...

This one should make it to some magazine or daily. Teesu. very well written, expressed, said indeed!! superlative writing. Jothi Swaroop will be proud.