Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ten Secrets

Ten secrets about me (copied idea from my dear cuz's blog).
1. When I was around 4 years old or just over, I developed a major crush on MGR after watching him relieve a lion of it's pain (thorn in the paw) in 'Vettaikaaran'. So much so that I wrote feverishly on the walls of my home ..."MGR MGR MGR MGR" punctuated by the odd "Latha" who used to be his then heroine.
2. I wanted to become a vet until I realised I would have to treat pigs and cows too. (I had seen a vet put his entire forearm into the womb of a cow to remove the placenta after the calf's birth -- at least I think that's what he was doing!)
3. I was my older sister's 'fan' until I turned a teenager. I am not sure if fan is the right word. She was my master!
4. I was mortally afraid of my father until I turned around ten or eleven even though he never ever beat me even once! I was just shit scared of him. My mother did a good job of "Appa kitta sollatuma?"(Shall I tell dad?)
5. I am still a bit scared of my mother! (Though it does n't look that way)
6. Although I always wanted to fly, once I started learning, I was actually quite scared of the whole thing. Only through sheer will power did I get through my PPL course. But was not scared after the intial hours in the sky.
7. I am horribly afraid of natural disasters -- earthquake, tsunami, volcano eruptions, storms and even rain! I am paranoid too!
8. I am afraid of the dark.
9. I have once lied blatantly to a policeman once and pulled a fast and smooth one on him. He stopped me in my car once on Mount Road after midnight and asked for my license. I knew I did n't have it with me in the car (though I had/have a valid one) but I said "Sure, sir, RIGHHHT here" and leaned over to the dashboard. I was so convincing and dramatic that he quickly waved me off without checking!
10. I once stole (I was 8)my classmate's ruler from her and NEVER gave it back. I felt bad later but still did n't own up. Later that same year, I also stole a fountain pen. When i later discovered my then best friend crying and hunting for her new pen, I panicked, dropped it down somewhere and then pretended to 'find it' and pounced on it and triumphantly handed it back to her. I never stole anything after that!

How are my secrets?;)


umm oviya said...

what about your fixation for checking taps and locks? oh, but that's no secret! the whole world knows about it.

umm oviya said...

and MGR? Reallyyyyyyy?

shyam said...

I second V - MGR? REALLLY? :)

Older sister's "slave" :)

I empathise with No 8. I'm like that also wunly.

And in return for Secret No 10, here's one from me - I stole a bangle from VTI on a dare. I never wore it but I also never gave it to anybody.

Nice post, Teesu! said...

coooool - i knew most of them though he he - what were u not scared of ????