Sunday, October 19, 2008

Two worlds and foodie thoughts.

The two worlds I refer to are food and fitness.

These two worlds go together IFF the food is healthy and by healthy, I mean low fat and perhaps taste-free! But my current experience of these two worlds under one roof happens as I try to 'frequent' a gym located in a posh office building with a Food Court almost adjacent to it. The options for food in that food court are by Planet Yumm and yum the choices certainly are...Noodle House (Chinese), KFC (Fried Chicken, basically), Palimar (Indian vegetarian), Qwiky's (coffee and snacks place), Sam's Kitchen (biryanis, etc.), Pathankot (Parathas), Pizza Corner and as a saving grace, Subway. I am not even sure if this is the right list nor am I sure whether there are more eateries inside the Food Court, because, I have not yet set foot in it! This is not to say I don't gaze longingly at it or kick myself for not throwing caution to the winds (as I am prone to doing often!) and just GET it out of my system, eating at this food court.

It's not as if I don't eat out. But, this proximity kills me what with the gym being situated right next door to the Food Court and all. Got me thinking I need to blog about it and feel less GRR.

Both these worlds are good. Here's what stares me in the face all the time...

1. Good facilities at the gym, good options at the Food Court.

2. You can buzz in and out of the gym anytime including during odd hours, you can do the same at the Food Court.

3. You can enjoy the ambience at the gym, and so also at the Food Court!

4. You can experience some of the best equipment at the gym, you can savour some of the best delicacies at the Food Court.

5. You can get aches and pains after visiting the gym, and so also after the Food Court.

6. You can pour out the stuff at the gym, you can pour in the stuff at the Food Court.


6. You can burn calories at the gym and earn calories at the Fooc Court.

Ok, ok, it goes downhill from there I know. THIS is why I have steered clear of it. The thought of burning all those calories and then 'earning' them back a mere stone's throw away is too much for even me to bear. So, this is what I have decided...when I finally cave in to my deep, dark desire that haunts me during every gym visit, I will strut in to the Food Court, pack up some food and leave with it...Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Yes, so THEN, when the calorie-earning begins, I will be far away from the gym and it will be like I have visited any other eatery. Hah.

It's a different matter that the end result will not change. Not relevant to this post, you see.

Until then, everyday, I think to myself...Soooo near and yet soooo far.


umm oviya said...

you can live without one, but can't without the other. so you know what's more important!

shyam said...

I second V! :)