Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Chennai Roads

What prompted my previous post is actually this one...which I did n't write first.

The roads in Chennai as we know, are far from perfection. A couple of days ago, whilst driving, I thought to myself that I should crib about the state of Chennai's roads in my blog -- the potholes, the pits, the sudden speedbreakers, the general unevenness, the spectacular patchwork and more.

Then, yesterday as I was driving on Velachery Road, I noticed that some road 'pit-bumps' were patched up and the road on both sides looked kind of decent. Done overnight, probably. I was impressed and heartened.

Today, I realise that it was done overnight all because Kalaignar (Chief Minister of Tamilnadu) would be driving on Velachery Road today for ...whatever.

Angry is what I got...and that's when I imagined a scenario that may be prevailing today, my imagination helped quite a bit by films like Indian and Anniyan, which I really loved.

That made me think that those in charge of this nation -- be it in bits and pieces or the whole country, need to come CLEAN. Power means serve the nation or some people. Otherwise, do 'your people' a favour and ...'make like a tree and leave'! I wanted to actually say 'and...get lost', but then I always wanted to use the above words;)


King said...

hey there is another way of gettin work done in TN.. ppl should should Kalaignar/Stalin to their area for some function to praise them ( dr pattam tharom sonna nichiyam varuvaanga ;)) then automatically all areas will have gud roads!

Shyam said...

actually that sounds like a good idea! :D