Monday, November 10, 2008

The Bike Folks

Hey people, if you are transporting kids from one place to another by motorbike, please check if the kid behind you with his or her arms around your midriff is asleep or awake. I don't know/care how you will accomplish this, but since kids are more likely to get into DEEP sleep quickly, it is imperative that you know what the child behind you is doing. I cannot bear to think of the possible consequences...

I saw a girl of around 12 hanging on to her dad on the bike whilst riding on the pillion. She was either quite asleep or very sleepy indeed and the man was clueless, zooming through the traffic.

No helmets for anyone of course.

Certainly, there is a God out there blessing many.


JJ said...

Yeah parents are so careless in india!! :(
In india no one really knows the value of life!


Shyam said...

So true! It's easier for kids to fall off esply if their feet dont reach the footrests - or if they're sitting sideways! Scary scary scary.

umm oviya said...

oh please King... in India, in India! Give me a break. Parents are not intentionally careless. Anywhere! And in India parents are really paranoid of known dangers. What they don't know they need to be made aware of.
Yes this is scary. Maybe a general campaign on using a harness to bind child to the rider could help.
I have so often stopped people on the road to point this out... that's the best one can do, in the lack of anything better.
But to say Indian parents are careless... that's BULLSHIT!
Sorry Teesu, I know your blog, and I should control my temper, just bugged me that's all.

Teesu (very very Indian, very very good) said...

Well, King, it SEEMS sometimes that parents in India are careless but not true as not just in India. Careless parents are careless parents the world over. Certainly as Umm O says, awareness is key. Above all as Shyam says, scary, scary, scary. IDEALLY, there ought to be more pre-requisites to parenthood than bilological abilities (like sperms and eggs)! I live in Chennai so feel free to talk about what I see, that's all. Like a frog in the well perhaps;)

King said...

Iam not sure abt outside world, but in india most of the fathers are very careless, (may be coz its the women who go through the pain of 10 months?) and one more observation i made is it happnens more when they have more than 1 kid!