Saturday, December 13, 2008


Public Relations...
What must it be like to have to smile all the time? To be polite always and observe all ps and qs allll the time?

I am all for smiles -- folks who smile 'with their eyes' and whole face (!) really appeal to me. But I cannot begin to imagine what it must be like for people in the PR line...oh not so much the HOT SHOT areas of PR. I am not referring to the creme-de-la-creme PROs. Those don't have it quite so tough. They don't have to be polite when they feel like throwing things. I am talking about the PROs of 'ordinary' companies. I have met a few and just watching them putting on a bright and cheery front sometimes gets to me.

How do I know that it is a front? Well, I sometimes like to watch people as they talk to me and make mental notes about some things;)

I think this post was prompted by a recent PRO I met whose smile did not reach her eyes and her cheery tone seemed an effort for her. Felt a bit bad. For her.

Still, I'm sure most PROs suit their roles -- outgoing, thoughtful, hard working with a sharp memory. Speaking of hard working, as far as i can tell, being in PR is really HARD work! Keeping odd hours, meeting weird people, remembering seemingly unimportant stuff, talkign when you don't feel like and of cos, smiling when you feel like baring your teeth and growling!

Imagine having to be NICE all the time. Me, I like my grumpy, cantankerous, moody or irritable (do they all mean the same?!) moments too much. They are must haves -- only now and then of course! I need 'me' time. Being in PR means you have to be on your guard a LOT and on your best behaviour. With all that smiling, I am sure amajor pain for PROs is aching cheek muscles!

So, I guess PR is not an option for me.;)


Blogeswari said...

Forget PROs - I often wonder how most of my colleagues manage to do PR-giris with the CEOs, CPOs, CAOs, CTOs and the likes...

ava mundam-nu tittinaalum sirichinde vangikardu - then go back and vazhinjax.. quite a few of them at work -

shyam said...

PROs have to be nice to people they dont like, and be convincing about it - I couldnt do that, takes toooooooo much energy :)