Tuesday, December 16, 2008


December in Chennai is generally very busy. It sometimes feel like the whole year inches along (although time flies as usual) and then suddenly, come December and the year seems to be hurtling along at full speed towards the next year. Can't hang on to anything. It's like quick, quick, quick and another year is all over!

Or it just me?

Also, December is perhaps the coolest month (or least warm!) in Chennai and so it seems short and sweet perhaps. Whatever the reason, December is fifth gear -- fast lane! Music season, NRI visits (ahem) - friends, relatives and so on. Socialising, eating out, Christmas hols for the kids...wow.

I love December be it at home or anywhere else in the world! A very happening month!



shyam said...

Not so much December love coz of all the relentless xmas adverts and music everywhere... but re time flying, I'm right there with you. Believe me, it isnt just you!

Blogeswari said...

Oh I love December... especially the week between Christmas and New year!

This year that week is gonna be extra special.. you know why :)

Teesu (very very Indian, very very good) said...

Certainly hope so, Blogeswari:)