Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Be Punctual! Or at least, TRY.

I recently had to meet somebody for an interview about...this and that. First of all, this person postponed the meeting by an hour -- we were supposed to meet at 2 but at 1.30 I get the message that it would have to be an hour later. First bit of irritation.

Once I got to the meeting point, this person kept me waiting one hour and during that hour, I had to call the person twice or thrice to figure out what was happening. Finally, I just said "If you are not here in ten minutes, I am leaving." I meant it. Needless to say, this worked. Adi odhai udhavuraamaadhiri annan thambi udhava maataanga.

This person had the cheek to tell me soon after late arrival, that celebrities always kept people waiting and that people 'here' anyway don't have a sense of time. I coldly informed THE PERSON that I have had no such problems with celebrities, OR with any others because everybody's time is precious and most people know it.

Well, despite all this, it's a different matter that the interview went on smoothly after all.

The thing is, this is something that has ALWAYS bothered me -- when people are not conscious of other people's time, and not even at least TRYING to be punctual, etc. Sometimes, when even the intention is missing, it's VERY annoying.


umm oviya said...

who was this?

Ramyah said...

We are on the same boat. It's annoys me endlessly when people has no sense of time.Punctuality is the most important quality one needs in life and almost everyone lacks that quality